Daniel Maguire: Roasted on Twitter Over Bachelor in Paradise Behavior!

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Bachelor in Paradise is full of all sorts of wild characters.

You know that, even if you just read our Bachelor in Paradise Season 4 Episode 6 recap.

Precious, blue-eyed Dean Unglert found himself at the center of a love triangle and, as promised, he's been making an ass of himself.

Fortunately (sort of), Dean's poor choices of words and indecision were tremendously overshadowed by one much-anticipated (and much-feared) appearance in Paradise: Canadian Daniel.

Canadian Daniel is a hot dude and probably used to relying on his attractiveness to skate by, because the things that he says -- the "jokes" that he makes in various attempts to be funny -- don't just fall flat. They are downright offensive.

First and foremost, Daniel referred to women as "scraps." You know, like leftovers, which is just disgusting.

He kept referring to himself (well, his penis) as "Canadian bacon," which is not only cringeworthy but also an unappealing comparison, since nobody has ever actually preferred (literal) Canadian bacon over normal bacon. Also, stop talking about your dick, dude.

Daniel also made a transphobic joke about Caitlyn Jenner (we're really tired of those), asked Cristen about her virgin status (what the hell), and treated Lacey like garbage right up until he offered her a rose.

Well, Twitter took notice and really let Daniel have it. It's clear that, if he wants to stick around, he's going to need to clean up his act. Here are some tweets that really nail down how viewers feel about him:

1. People noticed the "scraps" thing

People noticed the "scraps" thing
Women, in particular, noticed the "scraps" thing.

2. Chrissy Teigen memes for all occasions

Chrissy Teigen memes for all occasions
Where would this world be without Chrissy Teigen? Worse off, for sure

3. Daniel is hot, but ...

Daniel is hot, but ...
Hotness can only take you so far. Especially when you're on a show where everybody's hot. Personality starts to matter.

4. Daniel is full of "scrap"

Daniel is full of "scrap"
Let's hope that Daniel gets a lot nicer in these next episodes or he'll never live this down

5. This analogy might go a little too far

This analogy might go a little too far
We think that they mean a little creepy and not someone-please-call-social-services-creepy.

6. This one is blunt

This one is blunt
Short and simple.

7. The "Canadian bacon" analogy is the Actual Worst

The "Canadian bacon" analogy is the Actual Worst
Daniel's the worst Canadian representation since the day's of Justin Bieber's unapologetic awfulness

8. Lacey can do better

Lacey can do better
You know that it's bad when Lacey's getting roasted just for liking Daniel

9. Someone please stop him

Someone please stop him
Can a producer sit him down, at least? Or another contestant could make a great scene by explaining things.

10. Daniel is a dealbreaker

Daniel is a dealbreaker
Maybe he won't stay on the show for long

11. This one's a little graphic, but ...

This one's a little graphic, but ...
We feel like Daniel's takeaway would be "at least they're thinking of me!" That's not the point, dude.

12. Daniel's losing fans that he didn't have to begin with

Daniel's losing fans that he didn't have to begin with
It's hard to be a reality star when you aren't likable. Well, unless you're Kate Gosselin.

13. Daniel is very cringeworthy

Daniel is very cringeworthy
He needs to reinvent himself. Being memorable isn't worth this.

14. Oh, Daniel. Maybe you'll learn. One day.

Oh, Daniel. Maybe you'll learn. One day.
On the plus side, Deanie Baby's indecisive making-an-ass-of-himself hardly seems memorable compared to Daniel's antics.

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