Kendall Jenner Dubbed "Fashion Icon of the Decade," Twitter Loses Its Mind

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Kendall Jenner has built an impressive career for herself.

Unlike other members of her famous family, she doesn't merely pose in lingerie on Instagram... she actually walks the runway in major fashion shows across the world!

But she's also just 21 years old.

Flash back a decade and she was, well, 11 years old and most certainly not admired for any clothes she wore.

Nevertheless, Kendall will be  honored next month's at New York Fashion Week as part of the Daily Front Row’s 2017 Fashion Media Awards, having been named “Fashion Icon of the Decade.”

And social media users have some thoughts on this...

1. Insulting to Whom?

Insulting to Whom?
To the concept of quality fashion, basically.


And may we add: HAHAHAHAHA.

3. It's Just Simple Math

It's Just Simple Math
Fashion Icon of the Past Few Months instead? Maybe?

4. Looking for a Fashion Icon of the Decade?

Looking for a Fashion Icon of the Decade?
Here she is.

5. We Have a Lot of Feelings Over This

We Have a Lot of Feelings Over This
And not many of them are positive.

6. Which Decade are We Talking About?

Which Decade are We Talking About?
Do we know for certain?

7. IDK.


8. In Her Defense...

In Her Defense...
... that Mickey Mouse she wore at age 12 was very fashion forward.

9. This May Explain What Happened

This May Explain What Happened
All hail/fear Kris Jenner.

10. Need a Few Other Options?

Need a Few Other Options?
These are just off the top of my head.

11. Remember When These Awards Had Value

Remember When These Awards Had Value
Neither do we. But still.

12. Look, Bish

Look, Bish
Let's keep it real, okay?

13. She Does?

She Does?
If you say so, I guess.

14. The Explanation

The Explanation
This was the statement given to The Huffington Post over why Kendall earned this honor: "We’re living in a digital decade and Kendall is the ultimate style influencer. [The] digital generation more than ever turns to social media to learn what’s next and Kendall has 83 million devoted Instagram followers, many of whom emulate her style. Kendall has also captured the hearts of the leading fashion magazines, photographers, and brands. A fashion icon is someone who influences the look of a generation and Kendall has been making a huge impact on their style. It’s noteworthy that fashion bible Vogue has called her the breakout model of her generation and put her on the cover of their September issue in 2016."

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