Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson Wedding Pics: See Their First Kiss... EVER!

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As of late June 2018, Josiah Duggar and Lauren Swanson are husband and wife.

The young couple got married in Arkansas in front of over 1,000 guests, exchanging vows in front of friends, family members and and an officient who knew the twosome well:

Swanson's father!

For the first time, TLC has released images from the couple's wedding, which was especially notable because it featured Josiah and Lauren's first kiss.

As husband and wife? Yes.

But also just their first kiss... period!

Check out the romantic snapshots below...

1. There is the Bride!

There is the Bride!
Here comes the bride? There is the bride! What a lovely image of Josiah and Lauren holding hands at the altar.

2. Lost in Each Other's Eyes

Lost in Each Other's Eyes
Cue the Debbie Gibson, folks! Lauren and Josiah are clearly lost in each other's eyes while getting married in this photo.

3. The Parental Walk

The Parental Walk
Lauren's father walked his daughter down the aisle and then officiated the ceremony. That's pretty darn special, wouldn't you say?

4. Here Come the Tears

Here Come the Tears
The waterworks are underway! Josiah simply could not hold them back while the ceremony got underway.

5. The Vow Recital

The Vow Recital
Josiah breaks out a piece of paper and recites his vows to his soon-to-be-wife here. How very romantic, right?

6. Lauren on the Mic

Lauren on the Mic
When you have over 1,000 people at your wedding, you need a microphone to be heard. She's reciting her romantic vows in this picture.

7. The Bridesmaids

The Bridesmaids
Bridesmaids at the ceremony included Josiah's sisters Jana and Joy Anna, while his brother Joe's wife Kendra also stood up on stage.

8. Their First Kiss!

Their First Kiss!
This wasn't just Josiah and Lauren's first kiss as husband and wife. It was their first kiss... EVER!

9. Getting to First Base

Getting to First Base
"It definitely has been a struggle for both of us. Just waiting... it's like two magnets," Josiah said ahead of the wedding, referring to how badly he wants to stick his tongue in Lauren's mouth.

10. Kiss Close-Up

Kiss Close-Up
Sorry for hammering these home, but what can we say? It doesn't get much bigger for a Duggar than his or her first smooch.

11. Hooray for the Couple!

Hooray for the Couple!
Those in attendance at the wedding were clearly very excited to witness the kiss. Check out their applause here.

12. Hands Held, Glances Exchanged

Hands Held, Glances Exchanged
Just get through it, Dad! I want to kiss him already! I can't wait any longer! Come on now! PLEASE!!!!!

13. Parents in the Crowd

Parents in the Crowd
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar were on hand for the occasion, of course, as they look on wistfully in this revealing snapshot.

14. Husband and Also Wife!

Husband and Also Wife!
The deed is done! The ceremony is over! The kiss has transpired! And the thousand people in attendance can barely hold back their tears.

15. Gathered Around

Gathered Around
All four parents came on stage for a prayer during the ceremony. This is something that often happens during a Duggar family member wedding.

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