Mackenzie Standifer Opens Up: Will She Divorce Ryan Edwards?!

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For the past four months, rumors of Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer getting divorced have been circulating non-stop.

Ryan has given Mackenzie ample reason to leave his ass, and when she took a break from social media earlier this year, many took it as a sign that she had chosen to quietly end her marriage.

Ryan has cheated on Mackenzie; he's been arrested; he's stalked and harassed his ex -- all in the past six months.

Standifer is notoriously shy of the spotlight, so it was widely assumed she had simply chosen to disappear from the spotlight while she and Ryan ironed out the terms of their divorce.

Now, however, she's back on Instagram -- and fans are more than a little surprised by what she's been up to:

1. Standifer By Her Man

Standifer By Her Man
Mackenzie is doing her best to make her marriage work these days. And fans think she's out of her mind for giving Ryan yet another chance.

2. Return of the Mack

Return of the Mack
After a hiatus of several months, Mackenzie returned to Instagram this week. She posted this photo of her and Ryan, seemingly as a means of squashing divorce rumors.

3. Bump Close-Up

Bump Close-Up
Mackenzie also posted this pic of her own baby bump. She captioned the image, "Happiness is HOMEMADE!"

4. Turning It Around

Turning It Around
Needless to say, it looks as though the relationship between Mackenzie and Ryan is actually going quite well. But is it healthy?

5. Mack N Ryan 4-Eva

Mack N Ryan 4-Eva
Seemingly as a way of assuring fans that all is well in her world, Standifer posted this photo earlier this week.

6. High Hopes

High Hopes
"Family," Mackenzie captioned the pic, complete with heart emojis. "It means everything." Certainly sound like she's optimistic about her relationship! But it's important to remember why fans are so skeptical ...

7. Dark Times

Dark Times
The first half of 2018 was not kind to Ryan and Mackenzie. In fact, it's hard to imagine how it could have been worse.

8. The Downward Spiral

The Downward Spiral
In April, Ryan was arrested for a probation violation. It was only then that fans learned he had been on probation for a heroin possession arrest the previous year.

9. A Familiar Pattern

A Familiar Pattern
Early in their relationship, Ryan was caught trying to cheat on Mackenzie with the help of an online dating profile.

10. Repeating the Past

Repeating the Past
Earlier this year, he was busted again. This time, Ryan was caught using a Tinder profile that shaved five years off his age and falsely claimed that he was single.

11. A Frightening Secret

A Frightening Secret
In what may have been the low point of his year from hell, Ryan was briefly not allowed to see his son Bentley, after the boy's mother, Maci Bookout, took legal action to ensure his safety.

12. Maci Takes Charge

Maci Takes Charge
Maci filed for a restraining order against Ryan after revealing that he had threatened to murder her husband, Taylor McKinney.

13. Baby Steps

Baby Steps
The restraining orders for Maci and Taylor still stand, but a judge has lifted the one that prevented Ryan from seeing Bentley.

14. Airing Their Dirty Laundry

Airing Their Dirty Laundry
In a shocking moment that was caught on camera, Ryan basically made it clear that he had no interest in helping her raise their child.

15. What a Guy

What a Guy
Complaining about the work of raising a newborn and the many expenses they would incur, he suggested that they break up for the first several months of the baby's life.

16. Run, Mackenzie!

Run, Mackenzie!
Needless to say, it's not hard to see why so many fans encouraged Mackenzie to dump Ryan immediately.

17. Not Having It

Not Having It
But clearly, Mackenzie has no interest in such advice. Not only is she back with Ryan, she's once again flaunting their relationship on social media.

18. One Important Difference

One Important Difference
So Mackenzie is back on Instagram after several months of laying low. But this time, there's an important difference.

19. Comments Disabled

Comments Disabled
This time around, Mackenzie isn't interested in any feedback from fans. That's probably for the best.

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