Jersey Shore Recap: Let's Talk About Airplane Poop!

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A trio of important subjects took center stage on Thursday night's Season 2 finale of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation?

1. Cancer.

2. A home invasion.

3. The final destination of poop on an airplane after one flushes it down the toilet.

We don't mean to make light of the first two topics listed above; we're just commenting here on the often random nature of Jersey Shore storylines and conversations.

Ready to see how the cast wrapped up the latest season?

Scroll down for a recap!

1. A Broken Home

A Broken Home
A broken INTO home, we should say, as Jen Harley called Ronnie and claimed their house in Las Vegas had been burglarized overnight. She and daughter Ariana were safe, however.

2. What? Why???

What? Why???
"Jen's telling me that somebody broke into the house," Ronnie said during a confessional. "Basically, the guy came in through the back door, and he ransacked the house. She was laying in bed, she heard shuffling, he saw that she moved and just f-cking ran out the house."

3. For Real, Though???

For Real, Though???
Let's just say that Ronnie's friends had some doubts about Jen's story here.

4. What Was Taken?

What Was Taken?
According to Harley, only her phone (which means she called Ron from someone else's phone and not from her blocked phone) and her friend's laptop.

5. We've Got a Sketchy Situation Here, Alleged The Situation

We've Got a Sketchy Situation Here, Alleged The Situation
"This whole situation with Jen is crazy," Mike told the camera. "There is a calamity or crisis once a week, like clockwork. She was moved out of his house. Now, a day later, she's moving back in the house because of this 'home invasion.' If you ask me, it's always an inside job."

6. Think About This, Ron-Ron

Think About This, Ron-Ron
When the fellas tried to bring up to Ronnie the possibility that Harley could be lying, he refused to believe it. "She wouldn't do that with the baby, bro. If there was no baby, then I'd be like, it's probably a made-up [situation]," Ronnie argued.

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