Jen Harley to Jersey Shore Cast: Eff YOU!

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Jen Harley does not get along with Ronnie Ortiz-Magro.

This has been made evident for months now, as the two have gone back and forth on social media and Jen has even spit in Ronnie's face and also dragged him down the street by her car.

But it's not also clear that Jen Harley doesn't get along with Ronnie's close friends.

On the season finale of Jersey Shore, Harley called to say her home was broken into.

However, while Ronnie expressed concern, most of his fellow stars expressed extreme doubt, calling Jen's story into question multiple times on the episode.

Jen has been made aware of their reactions.

And she has something to say about it...

1. Can You Set the Stage for Us?

Can You Set the Stage for Us?
Absolutely. Ronnie received a call from Jen on this finale, as she informed him that the couple's home in Las Vegas was burglarized while she and their daughter, Ariana, were asleep.

2. Really, Though?!?

Really, Though?!?
Ronnie was worried about his girlfriend and child. But his roommates were critical of Jen's allegation.


"I don't buy it. Not for one second," said Pauly D in response to the call and Jen's robbery claim. "Jen is up to no good. Because the last time I talked to Ronnie, he had blocked her and I think she's just doing this to get Ronnie to talk to her."

4. The Situation Agreed

The Situation Agreed
"This is definitely a bit fishy. He had his baby mama blocked. She was moved out of his house. But now, she’s coming up with a whole new development saying there was a home invasion," said The Sitch in a confessional.

5. What Was Taken?

What Was Taken?
Only Jen's phone and a laptop, she said. How convenient, right?

6. What Do You Think, Angelina?

What Do You Think, Angelina?
"She's lying, this girl," Angelina said very simply. "This girl is so vindictive. She's so evil. It's not even funny."

7. Vinny Concurs

Vinny Concurs
“She’s done so many crazy things to you,” Guadagnino said on air. “Why is it impossible for her to lie about this? I think he just conjures stories in his head about her being a trusting person.”

8. Harley Viewed This Footage and These Responses

Harley Viewed This Footage and These Responses
She she has some thoughts!

9. Take It Away, Jen!

Take It Away, Jen!
"I love how everyone wants to talk sh-t on me," she said via Instagram Stories Thursday night, adding: “I did not call Ron expecting it to be broadcasted on tv I didn’t even know he talked about it until now."

10. It Wasn't Even Just Me!

It Wasn't Even Just Me!
Continued Harley in her own defense:"4 of my neighbors got robbed that night I woke up to a man in my house with my Daughter there and my friends 14 year old daughter. I don’t see how this situation has become your entertainment or a reason to call me crazy bc the cast wants to talk s–t about me!!"

11. This HAPPENED, Idiots

This HAPPENED, Idiots
Concluced Harley in her fiery reply: "That situation was very real and I don’t even feel like I should have to even explain to anyone or it’s anyone’s business … so FU to all of you who want to call me a liar and talk s–t over something horriable. That happen to me that’s out of my control."

12. So... Was She Lying?

So... Was She Lying?
We may never know. But Ronnie feels a need to believe in Harley. "At the end of the day, that's still the mother of my child, and I have to make sure she's okay," he said on air. "Because if she's not okay, then my child's not okay."

13. And He's Trying to Look Forward... Positively

And He's Trying to Look Forward... Positively
"I don’t know what’s next in my life,” Ronnie said on the finale. “I just need to start focusing more on the positive things in my life. A lot of sh-t has happened to me. Me and Jen have fought, but at the same time, there’s good things in my life. I have a beautiful daughter, I have wonderful friends and I think once I start focusing on the good, good things will start happening."

14. Up, Down, Up and Down Again

Up, Down, Up and Down Again
Ronnie and Jen have been up and down more often than a really long roller coaster over the past few months. On a recent Jersey Shore episode, Ronnie appeared to cheat on his girlfriend.

15. But He Claims He's Been Loyal...

But He Claims He's Been Loyal...
... and he's since apologized for the appearance of infidelity. "I’ve grown & wouldn’t want to hurt my girlfriend or my daughter, everyone makes mistakes and... I learned from mine,” Ronnie wrote on his Instagram Stories on November 18. “I wouldn’t never put myself in that position again to hurt the two people I love the most in my life."

16. He Then Concluded:

He Then Concluded:
"I want to lead by example for my daughter and how to be a real man and I need to lead how to be a good boyfriend/husband."

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