Farrah Abraham to Bristol Palin: You Can't Handle Teen Mom!

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Bristol Palin was brought on to Teen Mom OG as Farrah Abraham's replacement.

But Abraham would like to now make one thing clear:

No one can replace her!

And everyone wants to be her!

This is basically what the occasional porn star told TMZ when asked about comments Palin recently made, sort of at Farrah's expense.

Abraham tried really hard in the interview to rise above this simmering feud, but she simply couldn't resist getting in a few jabs at Bristol and the other Teen Moms as well.

Scroll down to see what she had to say and then read Bristol's comments that started it all...

1. Don't Get Me Started!

Don't Get Me Started!
Asked by TMZ for her thoughts on Palin complaining that MTV was editing footage to make her look like a Farrah-like villain, Abraham tried to stay above the fray. "She doesn't matter to me nor does Teen Mom" in general, the former star told a cameraman at the airport on Thursday, December 13.

2. Okay, Fine. Now I'm Starting...

Okay, Fine. Now I'm Starting...
"The only thing MTV and Teen Moms use my name for is to get publicity for the show," she continued, trying to emphasize that she has moved on.

3. She's Sort of Moved On

She's Sort of Moved On
We mean, she's STILL employed by MTV and is STILL a reality star. Abraham has signed on for the new season of something called Ex on the Beach.

4. As for Bristol, Though?

As for Bristol, Though?
"Bristol isn't prepared to be on national television or Teen Mom or understand production. That's why she brings my name into it," Abraham told TMZ.

5. And Then She Got Personal:

And Then She Got Personal:
"I'm an amazing mother, I don't know about her," Farrah continued. "She makes the best choices for her life, maybe Teen Mom isn't the best choice."

6. That's Actually Reasonable

That's Actually Reasonable
The way Palin has talked about the show and her portrayal, it sounds as if she was expecting something else entirely. Was she not prepared to have her life and her relationship dramatized by a network that specializes in doing exactly this?

7. They All Just Wanna Be Me!

They All Just Wanna Be Me!
Farrah was on a roll now with TMZ, adding: "I think she wants to be Farrah Abraham... like many of the other women who say they hate me... but they only wish they could have what I have."

8. Wait, What Does She Have Again?

Wait, What Does She Have Again?
Never-ending feuds with Teen Mom cast members and a resume that includes adult Webcam footage? We guess some folks might be jealous of that.

9. In the End, When It Comes to Bristol?

In the End, When It Comes to Bristol?
"I wish her all the best," Farrah did say twice, concluding: "I don't think she's prepared for Teen Mom. I think she should just leave."

10. Here. Watch the Interview for Yourself.

She sort of makes sense at times.

11. Wait, What Did Bristol Say to Start All of This?

Wait, What Did Bristol Say to Start All of This?
Under fire from the Internet for how she has treated ex-husband Dakota Meyer on various episodes, Palin went off on a quality Instagram rant that blamed producers for purposely making her look bad.

12. This Is How It Opened:

This Is How It Opened:
"If I cared what people thought of me, I wouldn’t be here today - let’s be real. I’ve stood strong and held it down for my kids since day one."

13. And Then She Was Off, Folks!

And Then She Was Off, Folks!
"No matter how bad @teenmom tries to portray my “life” ..... my babies, my family, my close friends - they know the TRUTH. I’m a pretty great mom, work my ass off, show up, and hustle everyday to give my kids a pretty great life."

14. Darn You, MTV!

Darn You, MTV!
Continued the mother of three: "@mtv doesn’t want to talk about faith, show work ethic, or juggling three kids alone, they don’t want to show the humble process of starting over after a divorce, building a career, or any real life issues."

15. And Here's the Farrah Part:

And Here's the Farrah Part:
"All they want with my little segment each week is some fake fill-in Farrah Abraham/Jerry Springer BS, and it’s simply not true."

16. I Suck Sometimes, But...

I Suck Sometimes, But...
"Don’t get me wrong - I’ve said some mean things and learned a lot the last several months - but the life I’ve built for my kids is NOT sitting around talking about baby daddy drama."

17. I Never Expected This from a Reality Show!

I Never Expected This from a Reality Show!
Palin concluded her whining as follows: "Every week is a continued disappointment with their inaccuracies and false narratives. I hate getting all emo on you guys but I’ve kept quiet for too long about it. Don’t believe everything you see on TV. "

18. She is Trying to Change

She is Trying to Change
Days after this social media diatribe, Palin was asked about her relationship these days with Meyer and replied: "We have made incredible strides the last several weeks, super grateful, it’s been amazing."

19. Fine, Whatever. Who Cares?

Fine, Whatever. Who Cares?
We are just focused on your relationship with Abraham. Will you two settle your score inside a celebrity boxing ring or what?!?

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