Jenelle Evans: Will She Lose Custody of Kaiser to Nathan Griffith?!

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Things aren't looking so good for Jenelle Evans right now.

And that's for many, many reasons.

But today, let's focus on her custody battle with Nathan Griffith, OK?

Because as it turns out, it's not going well for her.

Like, it's going so not well that there's actually a real chance she could lose Kaiser ...

1. Dude

So Jenelle and Nathan's issues go way, way back -- pretty much all the way back to when they first met.

2. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
They were always awful together, and contrary to her belief, having Kaiser didn't really help things.

3. Yikes

They tried to make it work for a little while, and by "make it work" we mean that they accused each other of domestic violence before breaking up for good in August of 2015.

4. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
A month later, she started dating David Eason, and from what we saw on Teen Mom 2, he wasted no time in being mean to Kaiser.

5. Awww

We all remember when he called the poor kid a "screaming little bitch" in that one episode, and things have only gotten worse since then.

6. What a Turn of Events

What a Turn of Events
In 2017, Nathan's mom, Doris, filed for custody of Kaiser. In the documents she filed, she claimed that David was physically abusing Kaiser, and that the boy had told her as much.

7. No Way

No Way
She also claimed that Jenelle and David neglect all their kids, and that they even send them outside and lock the door.

8. Oh Man

Oh Man
Doris ended up dropping the case, and that was that ... until a year later, when Nathan noticed some suspicious bruising on his son.

9. So Sad

So Sad
Yep, last summer there was a bit of an issue when Nathan refused to give Kaiser back to Jenelle after his visit with him -- a police officer even backed him up and didn't force him to give Kaiser back.

10. Come On, CPS

Come On, CPS
CPS did a quick investigation, and a few days later Kaiser went back home with Jenelle and David.

11. What Next?

What Next?
Things were quiet for a few more months, but then in January of this year, Nathan shared some photos of some bruises on Kaiser's butt. He said that Kaiser had told him that David had hit him with a stick, and that's honestly what the bruises looked like.

12. Gross

David thought it was a good idea to fight back by claiming that Nathan had gotten in trouble when he was 16 for raping a 10-year-old boy. Really, that's what he said.

13. And Now?

And Now?
All that drama died down relatively quickly, and we didn't hear anything else about the matter. But now we know that's because Nathan's been putting more work into his custody case and less into running his mouth on social media.

14. Oh Wow

Oh Wow
Nathan and Jenelle have actually gone to court a few times to attempt mediation, but since that hasn't worked, there's going to be a trial next month.

15. The Details

The Details
Radar Online managed to get a hold of the documents Nathan filed for the trial, and they have some shocking details.

16. Good?

First, as we've heard before, Nathan, who has supervised visitation now, is going for full custody.

17. Fair

One of the reasons why, according to his court documents, is that the “Plaintiff’s spouse is a violent person who is a danger to the minor child."

18. Well ...

Well ...
Another is that, as he claims, “Both Plaintiff and her spouse have drug dependency and substance abuse issues."

19. True

“Plaintiff is frequently in criminal trouble, being arrested in excess of 20 times," he stated, and don't we know it?

20. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
Another thing that Nathan is asking for is for the judge to make it so that David can't have any contact at all with Kaiser -- he wants supervised visitation for Jenelle.

21. Rehab, Please

Rehab, Please
He said that Jenelle “has been to rehab two to three times but upon information and belief has never completed the prescribed treatment.”

22. Oh No

Oh No
He also revealed that not only did Ensley have a positive drug test when she was born, but Kaiser did, too.

23. Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up
“The Defendant has and will continue to provide a home environment and family atmosphere productive to the health, development, and well-being of the minor child," the documents read.

24. And That's That

And That's That
"That it is in the best interest of the minor child that the plaintiff shall be allowed only secondary placement in the form of visitation as it can be mutually agreed upon as to not affect minor child’s school/extracurricular activities.”

25. Looking Forward to It!

Looking Forward to It!
So will all of this be enough to convince a judge that Kaiser would be better of with Nathan? Guess we'll have to wait until next month to see!

26. Of Course

Of Course
In the meantime, David has some things to say about it.

27. Uh ...

Uh ...
He posted a big rant on his Instagram story about it, starting off with this post in which he said that Nathan "doesn't even have a home for Kaiser" and that he was really the one who beat him.

28. Suuuuure

Because Nathan is the one who beat him with a stick, all right? Not David.

29. What?

David then brought up Nathan's own problems, which are definitely relevant. We're not sure what drugs he's supposed to be shooting up, but he has been arrested for domestic violence.

30. Easy, Killer

Easy, Killer
David even says that he's the one who's raised Kaiser, and if that "I AM his life, he depends on ME EVERYDAY!" part didn't send chills up your spine, then who knows what will.

31. Save Kaiser

Save Kaiser
We've said this before, but at this point we have two different parties saying that the other is beating Kaiser, which makes it seem pretty certain that SOMEONE is beating Kaiser. Something clearly needs to happen here for that poor little boy, and let's hope it happens soon.

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