Jenelle Evans: Will She Lose Custody of Kaiser to Nathan Griffith?!

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Things aren't looking so good for Jenelle Evans right now.

And that's for many, many reasons.

But today, let's focus on her custody battle with Nathan Griffith, OK?

Because as it turns out, it's not going well for her.

Like, it's going so not well that there's actually a real chance she could lose Kaiser ...

1. Dude

So Jenelle and Nathan's issues go way, way back -- pretty much all the way back to when they first met.

2. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
They were always awful together, and contrary to her belief, having Kaiser didn't really help things.

3. Yikes

They tried to make it work for a little while, and by "make it work" we mean that they accused each other of domestic violence before breaking up for good in August of 2015.

4. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
A month later, she started dating David Eason, and from what we saw on Teen Mom 2, he wasted no time in being mean to Kaiser.

5. Awww

We all remember when he called the poor kid a "screaming little bitch" in that one episode, and things have only gotten worse since then.

6. What a Turn of Events

What a Turn of Events
In 2017, Nathan's mom, Doris, filed for custody of Kaiser. In the documents she filed, she claimed that David was physically abusing Kaiser, and that the boy had told her as much.

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