Jenelle Evans: Ensley, Maryssa Yanked From Home By CPS Officials [UPDATED DETAILS]

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More bad news for Jennelle Evans today, as it seems that both her daughter and stepdaughter have now been removed from her care.

According to a bombshell report published by The Ashley's Reality Roundup, 2-year-old Ensley and 11-year-old Maryssa have been removed from Jenelle's home by Child Protective Services.

This report comes on the heels of news that Jenelle's 4-year-old son Kaiser was taken by CPS and placed with his father on Friday.

Jenelle has yet to confirm this latest development, but it looks as though local authorities have deemed her home an unsafe environment for children.

Here's everything we know about the situation at this time:

[This post has been updated with the latest information on this increasingly bizarre situation. Continue to watch this space for new information.]

1. Better Days

Better Days
Jenelle's life has been rapidly deteriorating in the weeks since her husband, David Eason, shot and killed the family dog in a fit of rage.

2. RIP, Nugget

RIP, Nugget
Immediately after David murdered her 11-pound Frenchie, it looked as though Jenelle might finally leave her violent husband.

3. Wishful Thinking

Wishful Thinking
Alas, she was quick to forgive him, which left MTV execs with the feeling that they had little choice but to fire Evans from the show that made her famous.

4. Rock Bottom?

Rock Bottom?
From there, the situation continued to get worse, as the investigation into Eason's act of animal cruelty prompted allegations that Jenelle and David had created an unsafe environment for their children.

5. Say Goodbye to Kai

Say Goodbye to Kai
On Friday, CPS instructed Doris Griffith -- mother of Kaiser's father Nathan Griffith -- to pick the boy up from daycare and take him to her home for the foreseeable future.

6. Rare Honesty

Rare Honesty
In an interview with Us Weekly, Jenelle confirmed that Kaiser is currently living with his father and grandmother.

7. Coming Clean

Coming Clean
“Kaiser was taken away Friday without my consent," Evans told the tabloid.

8. Left In the Dark

Left In the Dark
"[He] was taken from his daycare by his grandmother with no notice or call to me," she added.

9. Tne Next Step

Tne Next Step
Not surprisingly, Jenelle and David quickly became concerned that they would lose custody of their Enlsey and Maryssa next.

10. Moving Fast

Moving Fast
“CPS is looking to take Maryssa and Ensley away too,” one insider told Radar Online.

11. Preventative Action

Preventative Action
The same source tells Radar that the couple “picked Ensley up from daycare as soon as they heard.”

12. Stonewalling

Insiders say the Easons initially did everything that they could to prevent CPS from setting foot on their property.

13. What a Guy

What a Guy
“CPS wanted to talk to Jenelle and David, but they both refused to talk to them,” the source told Radar. “David cussed CPS out.”

14. A Shocking Status Update

A Shocking Status Update
On Facebook, Jenelle's sister Ashleigh stated that Ensley has been removed from Jenelle's home, and her current whereabouts are unknown. Obviously, that claim very quickly attracted a LOT of attention.

15. Mixed Messaging

Mixed Messaging
Confusingly, Ashleigh posted a second status confirming that Ensley was removed from Jenelle's home, but then demanded privacy. Both posts have since been deleted.

16. Misinformation

It now appears that the account attributed to Ashleigh was inaccurate. (She claims someone fraudulently posted the information on Facebook using her name.)

17. What Really Happened...

What Really Happened...
According to The Ashley (not Ashleigh), David and Jenelle were instructed to turn their children over to CPS on Tuesday night. Instead, they dropped the kids off at an unknown location. Us Weekly claims they left them at the home of David's mother, Laura Jo Eason, but that has yet to be confirmed.

18. Whereabouts Unknown

Whereabouts Unknown
No one is able to say for sure where Ensley and Maryssa are at the moment, but the fact that they're no longer living with Jenelle and David has been confirmed. Currently, there are no children living on The Land.

19. What's Next?

What's Next?
It seems Jenelle is already making moves in hopes of getting her kids back. The Ashley reports that Evans was spotted at a North Carolina courthouse with her lawyer on Wednesday, reportedly as part of an effort to get the CPS investigation squashed. “Jenelle is meeting with the kids at social services this afternoon. It is supervised visitation. She asked and they are going to allow it," reports Radar Online.

20. Why the Sudden Crackdown?

Why the Sudden Crackdown?
As TM2 fans know, Jenelle and David have been showing signs of negligent and abusive parenting for years, but never before have they encountered such resistance from local authorities.

21. There's a New Sheriff In Town

There's a New Sheriff In Town
Literally. The settlement of a recent election dispute has led to a new sheriff being installed in Columbus County, and it seems his first order of business is addressing the many complaints surrounding his most high-profile residents.

22. Showdown Ahead

Showdown Ahead
On top of everything else, Jenelle recently revealed that she and Nathan are soon to square off in court to decide who will get custody of Kaiser. And it seems she's being a bit naive about what lies ahead.

23. Big-Time Delusions

Big-Time Delusions
For reasons that aren't entirely clear, Jenelle believes Nathan and his mother will allow her to retain primary physical custody of Kaiser -- even though the boy was just removed from her home by CPS.

24. Is She Lying? Or Has She Lost Touch With Reality?

Is She Lying? Or Has She Lost Touch With Reality?
"Surprisingly, me and Nathan have been getting along, so I’m willing to maybe let his visits be unsupervised," Evans told Us Weekly.

25. If You Say So ...

If You Say So ...
"Me and Nathan have been in contact during all of this. He doesn’t want Kaiser taken from me," she added.

26. What to Believe?

What to Believe?
Obviously, Jenelle knows more about the situation than anyone. But she's also one of the most notorious liars in the history of reality TV -- and we're sure that's doubly true now that her back is against the wall.

27. The Truth Will Come Out

The Truth Will Come Out
Whatever the case, it seems that Jenelle and David are running scared, and they'll soon be forced to answer for their shoddy parenting, one way or another.

28. No Dice

No Dice
Even if Nathan is okay with returning to the previous custody arrangement, it seems unlikely that his mother (the real adult in all of this) would consent to any such thing.

29. Safety First

Safety First
And it's possible that it's no longer Barbara's decision to keep Jace away from The Land. TMZ is reporting that she has been ordered to do so by a family court judge.

30. The Babs Factor

The Babs Factor
On top of all that, Barbara Evans is clearly fed up with David, and it seems unlikely that she'll allow Jace to return to The Land unless she's legally forced to.

31. One Rock Bottom After Another

One Rock Bottom After Another
It's hard to believe with how dire her situation is currently, but we think the ever-tumultuous life of Jenelle Evans is soon to get even more stressful.

32. An Escalating Situation

An Escalating Situation
We're sure more information will soon be rolling in, so we will continue to monitor the situation and keep you apprised of any new developments. Stay tuned ...

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