Jenelle Evans to Fans: Gimme Some Money So I Can Destroy David, Dude!

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It's been almost a month since Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason.

When she announced the split, Jenelle informed fans that she planned to stay away from social media for the foreseeable future.

She didn't keep that resolution for very long, however, and Evans is now back to tweeting, Instagramming, and Snapchatting on a daily basis.

The reason, of course, is a simple one -- Jenelle needs money, and since getting a regular job is not really an option for her at this point, fading into irrelevance isn't either.

Evans hasn't started asking for donations yet, but she's savvy enough to know that her fans are her lifeblood, and if they forget about her, then David might just wind up with the upper hand.

Take a look:

1. Hard Times

Hard Times
Jenelle Evans' divorce from David Eason is sure to be a messy one. And in order to come out on top, she may need a little help from her fans.

2. Eliminating Distractions

Eliminating Distractions
When Jenelle first announced her split from David Eason, she revealed that she would be taking a sabbatical from social media.

3. Well, She Tried ...

Well, She Tried ...
Evans gave fans the impression that they wouldn't be hearing from her until after her divorce was finalized, but really, she only stayed away for a few days.

4. Post Happy

Post Happy
To her credit, there were a few weeks when Jenelle posted less often than usual. But now, she's back to full strength and posting like it's going out of style.

5. Snap Dragon

Snap Dragon
In fact, over the weekend, Jenelle posted this selfie and instructed fans to add her on Snapchat.

6. For a Good Cause

For a Good Cause
Of course, Jenelle isn't just posting because she's bored. Although we're sure that's a factor, too ...

7. Remaining Relavant

Remaining Relavant
Jenelle has two good reasons for remaining on social media despite claiming that she wanted to take a break. The first is financial.

8. Jenelle Industries

Jenelle Industries
Evans is a single mother of three with an ugly court battle looming on the horizon. In short, she needs money.

9. A Respectable Effort

A Respectable Effort
Jenelle tried to make a career for herself post-Teen Mom by launching a makeup line. Unfortunately, JE Cosmetics fizzled fast.

10. Crawling Back

Crawling Back
Evans has also been trying to convince Teen Mom 2 producers to give her a second chance, but thus far, that seems like a longshot.

11. Banned From Polite Society

Banned From Polite Society
And after a decade of demonstrating abusive, violent, and bigoted behavior on national TV, Evans would likely have a tough time convincing any employer to give her a chance.

12. So It Goes

So It Goes
And so, if she hopes to stay afloat financially, Jenelle has little choice but to remain in the good graces of Teen Mom 2 fans.

13. Long-Term Strategy

Long-Term Strategy
Not only will this allow her to continue posting sponsored content for cash, when Jenelle reaches the point of setting up a GoFundMe for her legal defense (which she definitely will), she'll have a larger audience for her donation requests.

14. Planning Ahead For Once

Planning Ahead For Once
This may seem calculating, but truth be told, Jenelle's options are limited, and it's kind of nice to see her thinking of the future for a change instead of just indulging in a never-ending string of outbursts.

15. Ready For War

Ready For War
The other reason that Jenelle has returned to social media is damage control.

16. Paranoid For a Reason

Paranoid For a Reason
Over the weekend, Evans posted this tweet, instructing her fans to be wary of "random lies." It might sound like she's being paranoid -- she's not.

17. Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose
David has no career to worry about, so he's been on the offensive against Jenelle from day one.

18. Talking Trash

Talking Trash
Even before Evans announced the divorce, David was laying the groundwork for future shade with posts such as this one.

19. The Maryssa Factor

The Maryssa Factor
David has accused Jenelle of stealing from him, and he's even suggested that Evans contributed to his daughter's unhappiness.

20. Side Note

Side Note
Maryssa is almost certainly much more miserable now that it's just her and her overbearing father on The Land, but that's a conversation for another time.

21. Speaking Out

Speaking Out
And so, Jenelle really doesn't have much choice but to remain on social media in order to monitor David's activity and speak out in her own defense.

22. Remaining Vigilant

Remaining Vigilant
Thus far, she hasn't spoken out against David directly, but by making her presence known online, she's making it clear that she won't take his abuse lying down.

23. Taking Her Lumps

Taking Her Lumps
Jenelle has been harshly criticized by Teen Mom 2 fans over the years, and she fully deserved much, if not most, of that abuse.

24. The Lesser of Two Evils

The Lesser of Two Evils
But David is far worse than Jenelle in just about every way, and so, if Jenelle needs support in her upcoming court battle, she'll likely receive it.

25. A Protective Community

A Protective Community
Jenelle has been observing the behavior of Teen Mom fans long enough to know that they tend to rally around those in need, and while she may not deserve support, she'll certainly need it. And it's a safe bet that the TM2 community will help her however they can.

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