Taylor Swift at the AMAs: Suck on THIS, Scooter!

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The 2019 American Music Awards took place on Sunday night, November 24.

But, really, these could have been referred to as the 2019 American Music Awards Featuring Taylor Swift and her Latest Controversy Instead.

The beloved star made numerous headlines in the days leading up to the event, trashing producer Scooter Braun and his company for allegedly banning her from performing a medley of her greatest hits.

You can read about the scandal HERE.

In the end, Swift did, indeed, take to the stage as the main act at the AMAs, prior to earning this event's Artist of the Decade award.

Scroll down for a rundown of her memorable performance...

1. Speaking Now

Speaking Now
Swift opened the performance with the female-empowerment anthem “The Man," off her latest album, while donning a white button-down shirt with the names of her past albums (except for Lover) written across it.

2. Take This, Scooter?

Take This, Scooter?
Observers belived this garment was a shot hurled at Braun, considering his company just bought all the rights to these six albums.

3. A Female, Empowered

A Female, Empowered
After tearing the white top off, Swift starting by singing “Love Story” in a sparkly golden leotard, brandishing a microphone reading “Lover.” She followed the track with renditions of Red‘s “I Knew You Were Trouble” and 1989‘s “Blank Space.”

4. Who Cheered Her On?

Who Cheered Her On?
Most notably, Swift’s parents -- Andrea and Scott -- adorably sang along to her performance, alongside Swift’s close friend Selena Gomez, who fangirled from the audience throughout.

5. Welcome, Halsey and Camila!

Welcome, Halsey and Camila!
These two pop stars helped keep the party going during Swift's rendition of "Shake It Off," an all-time beloved track.

6. Slowing It Way Down

Slowing It Way Down
Swift proceeded to slow it down to conclude her performance with a beautiful, acoustic rendition of “Lover,” while wearing a long pink cape, playing the track on a grand piano.

7. Is That Misty Copeland?!?

Is That Misty Copeland?!?
Yes. The legendarya ballerina stunned the crowd by showing up to assist Swift on "Lover."

8. What. A. Night.

What. A. Night.
Earlier in the show, Swift broke the record for winning the most American music Awards, beating out Michael Jackson when she was awarded favorite pop/rock album for Lover.

9. And Then Carole King Presented Her with Artist of the Decade

And Then Carole King Presented Her with Artist of the Decade
“You guys, first of all I want to say, that getting to share the stage with Misty Copeland and Craig Hall and Camila Cabello and Halsey, and all those amazing dancers tonight was absolutely, in so many ways, a dream come true,” Swift said to lock off her acceptance speech. “That performance was even more fun than I hoped it would be. Oh, my god.”

10. In Complete Shock

In Complete Shock
"I cannot believe that it’s Carole King, it’s you, who gave me this award. My parents are here tonight and they would listen to Tapestry and all your other records in high school, and then they took those records with them, packed them up in boxes and took them to college with them, and then when they met they and they got their own house, they took those records with them there," Swift continued, as her mom and dad cried in the crowd. "Then, when they had my brother and I, they played those records for us."

11. It's Been Quite a Decade, Huh?

It's Been Quite a Decade, Huh?
Continued Taylor on stage: "I just remember, when I fell in love with music it was right around the time that I realized that how marvelous it was that an artist could transcend so many different phases and changes in people’s lives, so you taught me that’s a possibility."

12. A Show of Appreciation

A Show of Appreciation
“I guess what I’m trying to say is that all any of the artists, or really anyone in this room, wants is to create something that will last. Whatever it is in life," she went on, thanking her supporters. "The fact that this is an award that celebrates a decade of hard work and of art and of fun and of memories, all that matters to me is the memories that I’ve had with you guys, with you the fans over the years."

13. Just... Thank You

Just... Thank You
"Guys, we’ve had fun, incredible, exhilarating times together and may it continue," concluded Swift in this speech. "Thank you for being the reason why I am on this stage. From the very first day of my career until tonight, I love you with all of my heart, thank you for everything. Thank you, AMAs. Thank you. Just, thank you. I’m so lucky to get to do this. Thank you."

14. Oh, And Then Swift Won Artist of the Year

Oh, And Then Swift Won Artist of the Year
“You’re so amazing. Wow, I really don’t have anything articulate to say... just that [the] fact that the last year of my life has had some of the most amazing times and also some of just the hardest things I’ve gone through in my life,” she said while accepting this honor. “Not a lot of them are things that haven’t been public, and I wanted to thank you so much for being the thing that has been a constant in my life.”

15. Concluded the Icon...

Concluded the Icon...
"This industry is really weird. Sometimes people who do what we do feel like, I’m sure some of you feel like this too, with your lives — like, you feel like your stock is up or down, or people like you or they don’t, or you’re feeling bad about yourself. But, the people that hang in there for you are the ones that you will never forget."

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