Jenelle Evans Drops Restraining Order Against David Eason: Are They Still Getting Divorced?

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When Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason back in October, even her most stubborn critics applauded.

Evans drew additional praise when she filed for a restraining order against Eason and got her kids out of harm's way by relocating to Nashville.

Unfortunately, after months of progress, it now looks as though Jenelle might be moving backwards.

According to a new report from Radar Online, Evans has dropped her restraining order against Eason.

The question now is -- did she do so as part of a larger legal strategy, or is she on the verge of forgiving her abusive ex?

Here's everything we know about the situation thus far:

1. Water Under the Bridge?

Water Under the Bridge?
Jenelle Evans has reportedly decided to drop her restraining order against David Eason. The move comes as a huge surprise, as Jenelle had gone to great lengths to obtain the order.

2. Fleeing to Safety

Fleeing to Safety
When she filed for divorce in Nashville, Jenelle submitted evidence of abuse to the court so that Eason would be prohibited from contacting her.

3. A History of Violence

Because so much of Jenelle's life is documented, it wasn't difficult to furnish evidence of David's abusive and violent behavior.

4. The Battle Continues

The Battle Continues
Jenelle had no trouble securing a temporary restraining order when she first left David. But getting the order renewed each time it expired proved to be a bit more challenging.

5. Putting Up a Fight

Putting Up a Fight
The problem is that David has been fighting the order with everything he's got.

6. The Real Reason

The Real Reason
That may seem strange, as he seems to have no desire to get back in touch with Jenelle. But the restraining order comes with additional clauses that David apparently finds intolerable.

7. Ensley in the Middle

Ensley in the Middle
For starters, David is only permitted to see his 2-year-old daughter Ensley during supervised visits. Additionally, those visits must take place in Nashville, several hundred miles from his home in North Carolina.

8. Straight Shooter

Straight Shooter
Of course, what's probably even more upsetting to David is the loss of his beloved guns. Under the terms of the restraining order, David was forced to turn over all his guns, and he was barred from purchasing any new firearms.

9. Victory

And so, David made the trip to Nashville to fight the decision in multiple court hearings. And now, it looks like his efforts have paid off.

10. Unexpected Development

Unexpected Development
According to a new report from Radar Online, Jenelle and David were scheduled to appear in court again on Friday, but the hearing was canceled at the last minute.

11. Legalese

According to a clerk from the Davidson County District Court “there was a notice of voluntary dismissal without prejudice filed by the the petitioner on January 10.”

12. Surprise Twist

Surprise Twist
In other words, Jenelle lifted the order. Now, fans are dying to know what might have motivated her to do so.

13. Off His Leash

Off His Leash
After all, David is still unhinged and heavily armed. Sure, he lives in a different state, but he's unemployed, and he seems to have plenty of time on his hands.

14. A Strategic Decision

A Strategic Decision
At this point, no one knows why Jenelle made her decision, but the most likely explanation is that with divorce and custody battles looming, she decided her resources would be better spent elsewhere.

15. Staying the Course

Staying the Course
Yes, despite rumors to the contrary, it appears that Jenelle is still planning to divorce David. Her petition to end her marriage is still categorized as "pending."

16. Moving On

Moving On
Granted, she could be having second thoughts, and it might take a few days to update in the system if she were to withdraw her divorce decree. But there are several reasons to believe Jenelle is still planning to end her marriage.

17. Savvy Moves

Savvy Moves
Despite the abuse she's endured, the biggest reason to believe Jenelle is done with David is the fact that she's struggling to rebuild her reputation and career, and she knows neither would recover if she were to get back together with Eason.

18. Desperate Times

Desperate Times
Those who are closest to Jenelle say her money is drying up, and she's desperate to win back her job on Teen Mom 2.

19. Longshot

The odds are against her no matter what, but Jenelle's smart enough to know that MTV will NEVER re-hire her if she gets back together with David.

20. The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid
As for David, he's been attempting to rehab his image, as well. And his eldest daughter has become a prop in his comeback charade.

21. What a Turnaround

What a Turnaround
Just a few months ago, David and 11-year-old Maryssa were not on speaking terms, and he declared that he doesn't care if he loses custody of her.

22. We're Not Buying It

We're Not Buying It
These days, Maryssa is the star of David's Instagram page, as he plays the doting dad by posting constant photos.

23. Maryssa and Her Goose

Maryssa and Her Goose
David posted this photo of Maryssa holding a goose she raised. Several commenters pointed out that he appears to be passing off an old photo as a recent one.

24. Busted!

"Yeah def old pic I live in NC and it’s not that green here in the winter .. spring pic!" wrote one user.

25. A Disaster In the Making

A Disaster In the Making
So David is still a rage-addicted, unhinged compulsive liar, and now he's got his guns back. Someone get Maryssa away from this guy ASAP!

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