Jenelle Evans: SLAMMED By Fans For Neglecting Daughter Ensley

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Jenelle Evans has never exactly been a favorite among Teen Mom 2 fans.

In fact, there are thousands of "Hatter" accounts on Twitter devoted to calling attention to Jenelle's many atrocities.

(The name derives from a Jenelle-defender's botched spelling of "hater.")

Much of the commentary has to do with Evans' parenting practices, which have been called into question not only by Teen Mom 2 viewers by Department of Child and Family Services, whose officers visited Evans' home more than 20 times last year.

Jenelle has been accused of neglecting her eldest son Jace, who's spent the majority of his life in the custody of his controversial grandmother.

There have also been allegations that Jenelle has allowed her husband, David Eason, to abuse her middle child, Kaiser.

And now, many fans believe Jenelle has failed to properly care for her youngest child, 2-year-old Ensley.

Take a look:

1. Mother and Daughter

Mother and Daughter
Jenelle often posts photos that seem designed to give the impression that she's an ideal mother.

2. All For Show?

All For Show?
She's frequently been accused of "Instagram parenting" and using her children as props on social media, despite the fact that she spends as little time with them as possible.

3. She Shed Sh-t

She Shed Sh-t
When Jenelle posts her frequent video tirades, for example, she seems to have endless time on her hands in the middle of the day, and she's usually in the company of David -- which begs the question of who's watching the kids.

4. Big Day

Big Day
Ensley celebrated her second birthday this week, and many took the opportunity to highlight various ways in which Jenelle is allegedly neglecting her daughter.

5. Did Jenelle FORGET?!

Did Jenelle FORGET?!
Some fans have even suggested that Evans spaced on her daughter's birthday (because we all know that when she engages in actual parenting, she never fails to document it on Instagram).

6. Victorious Amber

Victorious Amber
Jenelle's biggest rival of the moment scored some major points with fans by not only celebrating her child's birth but spiking the football on Jenelle.

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