Jenelle Evans: Accused of Child Abuse by Nathan Griffith!

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Another day, another completely horrific story about Jenelle Evans.

Except this time, instead of hearing awful stories about her childhood from her recently released memoir or recapping scenes from Teen Mom 2, we have a brand new story to delve into.

Nathan Griffith, Jenelle Evans Selfie Pic

But be warned: it's pretty hard to stomach.

See, Nathan Griffith, Jenelle's former soulmate and the father of her second son, Kaiser, went on a great big Twitter rant yesterday.

The subject of his rant?

Jenelle, the way she's allegedly trying to keep Kaiser away from him, and also her alleged abuse of Kaiser.

It gets nasty pretty quick, and not just because of Nathan's obscene typos.

"It's pretty pathetic that you are going through so many length to still try to keep me away from my son jenelle," he began.

He also added "I want everyone to know that after trying repeatedly to talk to jenelle she refusing to take any measures trying to coparent Kaiser."

Nathan Griffith With Kaiser

It's not so hard to believe him so far -- Jenelle's current soulmate, David Eason, seems to have a big issue with Nathan, and he also seems incapable of understanding that Jenelle shares a child with him and therefore needs to speak with him.

But Nathan went on to tweet that "Every time we get Kaiser he is rather sick, has finger like marks on he's back petrified when you mention David's name."

"I ask Jenelle about all of this and every time I mention something she denies it then two days later calls me back screaming and accusing the same thing I ask her about."

These are some pretty nasty accusations, but Nathan's not done yet -- not by a long shot.

He also said that sweet little Kaiser used to love being around water, but now he's "petrified of it," and when Nathan asked him why, he said he fell off of Jenelle and David's boat.

He's also in a tough situation because while he's worried about his son, he also has "such intense charges" against him that would probably make it impossible for him to get custody right now.

Nathan Griffith Mugshot

You remember, all that stuff about him choking his ex-girlfriend.

On top of all this, Nathan also said that Jenelle recently called his mother to inform her that she planned on calling CPS, "saying we beat him."

"This is the sick and twisted extent this girl goes to try and ruin me," he wrote. "She knows the only thing that gets to me is my son."

But he assured his followers that he does take photos of the alleged marks on Kaiser every time he sees him, so he has evidence.

And now we're coming to the screenshot part of the conversation!

In a text message exchange Nathan claims he had with Jenelle -- who's apparently listed as "SheDevil" in his phone -- he brought up his suspicions of abuse.

Nathan n' Jenelle

He told her that if she cared about Kaiser, "you wouldn't let that man speak the way he does in front of our child and defintely not touch him."

"That man," of course, being David.

Nathan also told her "You have no motherly instinct and I'm fearful for that child's life."

Jenelle responded with "Lmfao ok nathan ... I don't go around choking people. Neither does David."

A solid comeback, honestly, but Nathan told her to get ready to go to court for custody once his other cases are settled, because "You'll be losing another child."

Interestingly enough, Jenelle hit back with "I never 'lost' a child, I volunteered becuz I was young actually lol," which goes against her pity party when it comes to Jace's custody situation.

Later, he told her that Kaiser says that David spanks him "all the time," and that he's been recording evidence and gathering witnesses.

Kaiser Griffith Bruise Photo

"Ok and we have a video of Kaiser coming home saying that about you lmao goes both ways," she replied.

In what universe does that statement merit a "lmao"?!

Meanwhile, back in the tweets, Nathan explained to his followers that whenever he takes Kaiser home, "he kicks and screams that he doesn't want to go home."

Jenelle then finally jumped into the fray, tweeting "He doesn't want to get me started. He's posting what he wants u to see. There's a lot more that no one knows but im not violating my order."

And then Nathan finally offered a moment of lightness: he shared a story about how his new girlfriend tried to introduce herself during a drop-off, but Jenelle and David were rude to her.

Because, according to him, "Jenelle doesn't care about getting along with anyone. She hates everything."

Jenelle, meanwhile, claimed that Nathan "hasn't had his mental health checked in years. Off his meds and refuses his daily counseling session with the VA."

She explained that she actually co-parents with Nathan's mother, because his mother is the one in charge of the supervised visits he has with Kaiser.

What a gigantic, depressing mess, right?

Especially when you consider that there's a precious little boy in the middle of all this, and it doesn't seem like he has one single stable figure in his life.

We'd advise Nathan and Jenelle to both get it together, but it just seems impossible at this point.

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