Jenelle Evans Responds to Rumors She Gave David Eason a Black Eye

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Another day, another absolutely batsh-t Jenelle Evans rumor.

We're seeing a bit of a change of pace this time around, as today's story has nothing to do with Jenelle's alleged mistreatment of her children and everything to do with her alleged mistreatment of her husband, David Eason.

There's a debate to be had over whether or not it's possible to mistreat David, as dude pretty much deserves every bad thing that happens to him.

But for now, we'll keep the discussion to David's (alleged) black eye and Jenelle's bonkers explanation of how it happened.

Take a look:

1. The Dueling Easons

The Dueling Easons
As you probably know, there's been plenty of violence over the course of the Easons' marriage.

2. The Call

One of the ugliest altercations ended with David drunkenly fleeing the property in his truck while Jenelle called 911 and reported that Eason had broken her collarbone.

3. Hard to Forget

Hard to Forget
Jenelle later dismissed the incident and explained to fans that it was simply a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

4. A Repeated Pattern

A Repeated Pattern
But it wasn't the first allegation of violence in the Easons' marriage -- nor would it be the last.

5. Every Small Town Has That One Family ...

Every Small Town Has That One Family ...
In fact, the authorities have paid MANY visits to the Eason home.

6. Happy Household

Happy Household
Dozens of calls and incidents have resulted in David and Jenelle being visited by the police, the Secret Service, and CPS (more than 20 times!!!) all in the past 12 months.

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