Jenelle Evans Responds to Rumors She Gave David Eason a Black Eye

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Another day, another absolutely batsh-t Jenelle Evans rumor.

We're seeing a bit of a change of pace this time around, as today's story has nothing to do with Jenelle's alleged mistreatment of her children and everything to do with her alleged mistreatment of her husband, David Eason.

There's a debate to be had over whether or not it's possible to mistreat David, as dude pretty much deserves every bad thing that happens to him.

But for now, we'll keep the discussion to David's (alleged) black eye and Jenelle's bonkers explanation of how it happened.

Take a look:

1. The Dueling Easons

The Dueling Easons
As you probably know, there's been plenty of violence over the course of the Easons' marriage.

2. The Call

One of the ugliest altercations ended with David drunkenly fleeing the property in his truck while Jenelle called 911 and reported that Eason had broken her collarbone.

3. Hard to Forget

Hard to Forget
Jenelle later dismissed the incident and explained to fans that it was simply a "drunk and dramatic misunderstanding."

4. A Repeated Pattern

A Repeated Pattern
But it wasn't the first allegation of violence in the Easons' marriage -- nor would it be the last.

5. Every Small Town Has That One Family ...

Every Small Town Has That One Family ...
In fact, the authorities have paid MANY visits to the Eason home.

6. Happy Household

Happy Household
Dozens of calls and incidents have resulted in David and Jenelle being visited by the police, the Secret Service, and CPS (more than 20 times!!!) all in the past 12 months.

7. Results at Last

Results at Last
The Easons always seemed to avoid consequences, but eventually, the law caught up with them.

8. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
After David shot and killed the family dog in April, authorities investigated and determined that "The Land" was not a suitable place for children to live.

9. Safer Places

Safer Places
Jenelle and David lost custody of the three children that were living with them at the time, all of whom were placed with relatives.

10. A Permanent Arrangement?

A Permanent Arrangement?
That was over a month ago, and at this point, Jenelle and David still do not have custody of any of their children.

11. Keeping Up Appearances

Through it all, Jenelle has continued posting videos and photos from when the kids still lived with her and David.

12. The Objective

The Objective
It's unclear what Jenelle's intentions are in doing so, but it seems she hopes to distract from her troubles and maybe convince some fans that she's regained custody.

13. Backfire

Unfortunately, like so much of what Jenelle does these days, the latest round of photo had the opposite of the intended effect.

14. Battle Wound

Battle Wound
Fans were quick to pick up on what appeared to be a bruise under David's eye in this pic.

15. The Excuse

The Excuse
Naturally, Jenelle was quick with an excuse and chalked the bruise up to vitiligo, a pigment disorder that afflicts David.

16. "Raising Awareness"

"Raising Awareness"
Jenelle has been quick to clap back at anyone whom she believes is "bullying" David, but as many have pointed out, her excuse doesn't stand up to scrutiny.

17. Not How That Works

Not How That Works
"It’s not funny. It’s called vitiligo," Jenelle wrote in a since-deleted tweet. "He has dark patches of his pigment that gets tan in the summer."

18. Jenelle Is Angry (As Always)

Jenelle Is Angry (As Always)
Jenelle appears to have spent much of Thursday and Friday tweeting and deleting responses to fans who called her explanation into question.

19. The Mom Who Cried Wolf

The Mom Who Cried Wolf
We don't know enough about vitiligo to know if she's telling the truth -- but we know enough about Jenelle to know she's usually lying.

20. In Other News

In Other News
According to TMZ, Jenelle is currently in D.C., where she's supposedly taking further meetings pertaining to the launch of her cosmetics line.

21. The Truth

The Truth
Now, on THAT topic, we can speak knowledgeably -- Jenelle's makeup line will be a colossal failure if it ever comes out at all. You heard it here first!

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