Jenelle Evans Responds to Pregnancy Rumor with Four Candid Words

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We hope you are sitting down, dear readers.

We hope you are not operating any heavy machinery right now.

We hope you did not just take a drink of any beverage because, if you did so, you will likely spit it out all over your computer screen upon reading the following statement:

Jenelle Evans may be pregnant with her fourth child.

G-d help us all.

This is what some fans believe after seeing a photo of Jenelle and violent husband David Eason at a wedding a few days ago.

Is the rumor true?

It's at least strong enough to have prompted a response from Jenelle herself.

Scroll down for the latest update on Jenelle's womb...

1. Jenelle Has Three Kids

Jenelle Has Three Kids
Only two are actually under her supervision, but they are: 10-year old Jace, who lives with his grandmother; four-year old Ensley; and two-year old Kaiser.

2. There's Also Maryssa

There's Also Maryssa
She's 11 years old and she's Eason's daughter from a previous relationship and she lives with the couple.

3. The Kids are Cute

The Kids are Cute
This photo makes the family almost look functional, too. HOWEVER...

4. ... We All Know the Truth

... We All Know the Truth
Which is that Jenelle and David lost custody of these kids for about two months after Eason murdered the family dog and authorities deemed their household a dangerous environment in which to raise kids.

5. Fast Forward to This Week...

Fast Forward to This Week...
... and the frightening possibility that Jenelle and David may become parents again.

6. What Prompted Such Scary Chatter?

What Prompted Such Scary Chatter?
The photo you are staring at right now. Many Instagram followers looked at it and believed they saw a baby bump.

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