13 TV Shows Canceled Way Too Soon

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Saying goodbye to a TV show is tough -- especially when they end too soon. 

In most cases, the show is canceled because of ratings. 

But that isn't always the case. 

These 13 shows ended way too soon and deserved more time to bring the narrative to a close. 

1. The Secret Circle - The CW

The Secret Circle - The CW
The Secret Circle was canceled in its prime. The plot was intriguing, and it was backed up by a solid cast. It was let go after just one season, but that didn't stop fans from campaigning to save it.

2. Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix
This comedy series starred Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant as a realtor couple whose lives were rocked when one of them became a zombie. It was hilarious, garnered rave reviews, yet Netflix canceled it after three seasons with no conclusion.

3. Angel - The WB

Angel - The WB
Angel lasted five seasons, but it deserves a place on this list because the fifth season finale effectively wiped the slate clean, and set up a war between our heroes and the villains of Wolfram & Hart. The war could have served as the final season.

4. Hannibal - NBC

Hannibal - NBC
This brilliant drama series was saddled with low ratings and terrible timeslots from the get-go. It wasn't a good fit for broadcast, but NBC could have at least tried to act like they cared about it.

5. Jericho - CBS

Jericho - CBS
CBS pulled the plug on high-concept drama, Jericho after one season. Thanks to relentless campaigning from fans, it was revived for a second season. However, it was canceled after that.

6. The Tomorrow People - The CW

The Tomorrow People - The CW
This show sucked for the first half of its first and only season. But just before the series concluded, it got good. There was a solid plot in there that was coming to fruition.

7. Freaks and Geeks - NBC

Freaks and Geeks - NBC
NBC canceled this teen drama after just one season. It tackled a lot of issues that resonated with teenagers, so it deserved more time to shine.

8. Bunheads - ABC Family

Bunheads was a great series from the people who brought us Gilmore Girls, but ABC Family canceled the series -- six months after the season was over. Not cool.

9. Pushing Daisies - ABC

Pushing Daisies - ABC
Pushing Daisies was affected by the Writers Guild of America strike, but ABC gave it another shot and it failed to capture the initial ratings glory and was canceled for good after two seasons.

10. The OA - Netflix

The OA - Netflix
The OA was a confusing mystery drama on Netflix, but it was also very intriguing thanks to the wonderful world conjured up by the creators. However, Netflix swung the ax after just two seasons.

11. Firefly - FOX

Firefly - FOX
This Joss Whedon space-set drama was given the chop after one season. It was great from start to finish.

12. Forever - ABC

Forever - ABC
This show starred Ioann Gruffudd as a man who kept coming back to life. He was immortal. It was a hit with audiences, but ABC didn't like that the audience was older than 49 and canceled it.

13. The Passage - FOX

The Passage - FOX
The Passage was a solid thriller that focused on a virus that was turning everyone into vampires. It was canceled after one season, despite having strong ratings and decent reviews.

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