Kailyn Lowry Goes OFF on David Eason: He's a Child-Abusing Psychopath!

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We think it's safe to say Kailyn Lowry is not mincing words.

The Teen Mom 2 star shared her opinion of former castmate David Eason last night, and it appears she shares most viewers' low opinion of Jenelle Evans' controversial husband.

As you're probably aware, Eason was fired way back in February of 2018, but he continues to insert himself in the lives of the current cast by endlessly stirring the pot on social media.

Eason's latest tirade was directed at Kail and addressed the topic of her alleged romance with Leah Messer.

Lowry has never been a fan of Hillbilly Dave's, but she's never teed off on him with quite such vigor before.

Take a look:

1. Bitter Foes

Bitter Foes
Kail and David have never seen eye-to-eye, largely because of her longstanding feud with his wife, Jenelle Evans.

2. Butting In

Butting In
As he does with pretty much all things, David felt the need to get involved and make Jenelle and Kailyn's feud all about him.

3. What a Guy

What a Guy
David often attacks Kail's appearance, in particular, her weight.

4. Stay Classy

Stay Classy
"MTV crew told me the only thing they are scared of is Kails stank ass breath and body odor," he said earlier this year, amid rumors that production staff was afraid to film on his property.

5. Worse and Worse

Worse and Worse
Recently, David has added a new item to his repertoire of insults by focusing on rumors about Kail's alleged involvement with Leah.

6. Here We Go ...

Here We Go ...
Earlier this week, David posted an Instagram story that consisted of video footage of a photo of the castmates. "Ahhh, I'm gonna eat you," he said while zooming in on Kailyn.

7. Yep, He Went There

Yep, He Went There
Zooming in on Leah, he said, "Ah, you already did last night, remember?!"

8. The Clapback

The Clapback
As you can see, Kail responded in epic fashion when she finally caught wind of David's disgusting insult.

9. The Set-Up

The Set-Up
"My best friend just told me what David recently said about me & Leah," she tweeted.

10. The Death Blow

The Death Blow
"I could be called worse. For example: unemployed, child abuser, murderer, psychopath, etc. #yikes," she added.

11. Mic Drop

Mic Drop
Leah was quick to express her approval of Kail's handling of the situation.

12. Unexpected Outcome

Unexpected Outcome
Despite the predictions of many TM2 fans who have been observing her behavior for years, Jenelle has yet to respond to Kail's tweet.

13. But Why?

But Why?
It could be that she knows she's been beaten. But that would indicate a level of self-awareness we've never before seen in Jenelle.

14. Smart Move

Smart Move
What's more likely is that Jenelle is gearing up for the launch of her cosmetics line and is knows she can't avoid any bad press at the moment.

15. Off Schedule

Off Schedule
Evans has already missed the online launch date of September 1. No explanation has been offered for why products weren't made available on that day, as planned.

16. Big Week

Big Week
But multiple events related to JE Cosmetics are fast approaching. And it seems Jenelle is eager to prove the haters wrong.

17. One Down

One Down
Already, a NYC launch party for the line has been canceled by the owners of the venue, but Evans claims she has another site lined up.

18. Attempting the Impossible

Attempting the Impossible
Evans says that after several years of delayed release dates, her eyebrow kit and other products will be in stores on September 9.

19. Safe Bet

Safe Bet
And if that doesn't happen, you can be sure Jenelle will find some way to blame it all on Kail.

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