Woman Live-Tweets Airline Meet-Cute, Sparks #PlaneBae Controversy

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Twitter has erupted in controversy, folks.

Not over the color of a dress or the sound of a word this time, but over the right to one's privacy while on board an airplane.

Earlier this month, a Twitter user named Rosey Blair was flying to Dallas when she asked a young woman if he would switch seats with her so that she could sit next to her boyfriend.

The woman obliged, moving just one row up, right in front of Blair, and paving the way for a viral meet-cute.

Indeed, Blair proceeded to live-Tweet the interactions and the exchanges between this man and the man who took the window next along her side, sparking an unexpected controversy across social media.

Was Blair just being funny, providing a few chuckles for her followers by chronicling a pretty cool turn of events?

Or was she being way creepy for invading the privacy of these individuals?

Scroll down, learn more and decide for yourself.

1. Here We Do...

Here We Do...
First, Blair explained what had just transpired and what she HOPED would subequently transpire. She got followers ready for what was to come.

2. Total Flirts!

Total Flirts!
It's happening! It's really happening! These fitness buffs hit it off before the plane even took off.

3. Vegetarians Unite!

Vegetarians Unite!
They share the same taste in food and in working out and their arms are SO close to touching. This is true love!

4. Oh, It Is TOTALLY On Now

Oh, It Is TOTALLY On Now
Trust us, fellas: when a woman puts her hair down, she is getting down to business.

5. So. Much. Closer.

So. Much. Closer.
Let me just zoom in here and make a diagram so you fully understand the proximity of arms here. They are very close to each other!

6. We're Gonna Need ALL-CAPS for This

We're Gonna Need ALL-CAPS for This
A protein board, people! They've zoomed past drinks and are already sharing a meal together!

7. We Have Physical Contact!

We Have Physical Contact!
I repeat: we have physical contact! (Yes, one second still counts, okay?!?)


We've got the jist here, but we need more. Do you regret making this decision? Do you want to pursue romance now instead? LET US KNOW, STRANGER!

9. OMFG!

When the flight landed, the flirting did not stop. This is them! This is them walking out together and almost doing so hand-in-hand! EEEK!

10. Umm... This is Very Creepy

Umm... This is Very Creepy
Most of the Internet reacted with glee to this story, but some folks out there pointed out how weird and unacceptable it actually is to just publicize the conversations and interactions of total strangers to the world. Imagine if you were one of the two people whose private chat was suddenly broadcast to all of Twitter.

11. #PlaneBae Identified!

#PlaneBae Identified!
This is the guy. This is the guy now known as Plane Bae: Euan Holden, an ex-Bury Football Club player, Major League Soccer draft pick and brother to Stuart Holden, the ex-U.S. men's national team, U.S. Olympic and World Cup midfielder.

12. I Knew It!

I Knew It!
Plane Bae sounds pretty cool with having been used in this fashion. He also says he knew the woman behind him was basically being a stalker.

13. It's an Honor to be Plane Bae

It's an Honor to be Plane Bae
The debate raging over Twitter in this instance is a far and interesting one. But Plane Bae is just happy some people out there think he's handsome.

14. As for His Brother?

As for His Brother?
"Can’t believe that while I’m covering the biggest event of my career #WorldCup⁠, I've been upstaged by my brother @EuanHolden falling in love on an airplane. #Planebae #HunkyPlaneGuy," Stu Tweeted.

15. But What About Plane...Babe?

But What About Plane...Babe?
Her name is Helen, Bae said on The Today Show, adding: "She's a very, very, very lovely girl. Very attractive, beautiful and has a lot to say for herself and very intelligent."

16. Okay, So... Is This Cool or Creepy?

Okay, So... Is This Cool or Creepy?
Do we just accept this sort of thing as a side effect of the social media age and roll with it? Or are folks right to be pissed that a woman basically filmed total strangers and then turned them into public figures against their will?

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