Jenelle Evans' Son Says What We're All Thinking: Mom, You're a Real Piece of S--t!

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Jenelle Evans doesn't have much competition for the esteemed title of Worst Mother in the History of Reality Television.

And now, it seems even her own offspring agree that Jenelle really doesn't have much business raising children.

The Carolina Hurricane keeps finding new and creative ways to hit rock bottom this season, and viewers are more disgusted by her behavior than ever.

Last week, we learned that CPS has been called to Jenelle's house an astonishing 20 times in less than a year.

And this week, we learned that at 8 years old, her eldest son Jace already recognizes that Jenelle isn't much for this whole "being a parent" thing.

1. Secondary Mother

Secondary Mother
Jace is Jenelle's first child, but since infancy, he's been in the custody of her mother, the infamous Barbara Evans.

2. The Never-Ending Battle

The Never-Ending Battle
Jenelle has made several efforts to regain custody over the years, but after the current season of Teen Mom 2, it seems more certain than ever that Jace will reside with Babs until he leaves for college.

3. A Low Point

A Low Point
Last week, we saw Jenelle receive a visit from her local sheriff. He had been called to the home to perform a wellness check on Jenelle and David's kids, but the couple refused to allow him inside the house.

4. An Ugly Scene

An Ugly Scene
Jenelle stated that it was the twentieth time the authorities had been called to her home in the past year. Viewers noted that more than a dozen prescription bottles were placed where they could be reached by children.

5. The Terrible Twosome

The Terrible Twosome
Fans probably didn't think they could come away with a much lower opinion of Jenelle and David's parenting after last week's episode. Of course, Evans and Eason were quick to prove them wrong...

6. A Tense Stand-Off

A Tense Stand-Off
When Jenelle dropped Jace off after he spent the weekend with her and David, she quickly gave Babs the brush-off. The reason, as it turns out, is that the visit did NOT go smoothly ...

7. Telling It Like It Is

Telling It Like It Is
“I missed you so much,” Jace immediately told Barbara “Mommy was being mean."

8. Cutting Off Contact

Cutting Off Contact
Asked why he didn't call Barbara while he was at Jenelle's, Jace responded that he wasn't allowed to.

9. Going In For the Kill

Going In For the Kill
Jace then laid out his opinion of Evans and Eason in rather blunt fashion, stating: “Mommy and David are pieces of sh-t.”

10. Jace FTW

Jace FTW
Not surprisingly, Jace was widely applauded for his comments on social media.

11. Keeping It Simple

Keeping It Simple
Sometimes some simple applause emojis are sufficient to express enthusiastic praise.

12. Smarter Than His Parents

Smarter Than His Parents
Many fans were quick to point out that Jace is better able to recognize sh-tty behavioral patterns than Jenelle and David will ever be.

13. An Important Point

An Important Point
Jenelle is a victim of abuse, as this viewer reminds us. But that's certainly no excuse for inflicting on others the sort of behavior that clearly left her traumatized.

14. Pre-Emptive PR

Pre-Emptive PR
The day before the episode aired, Jenelle took to Instagram to claim that her youngest son, Kaiser, has decided that David Eason is his "real dad," despite the fact that Nathan Griffith is his biological father.

15. Dragging a Toddler Into It

Dragging a Toddler Into It
Jenelle posted this photo on Instagram, which she claimed was taken a week ago on Father's Day.

16. Gushing About Dave!

Gushing About Dave!
"My kid is one of a kind that’s for sure!" she captioned the photo. "When asked to make a #FathersDay gift the first person he thought of was David. He refused to make another gift for his biological dad.

17. Dad of the Year ... Or the Century?!

Dad of the Year ... Or the Century?!
"The impact my husband has had on my son has been truly remarkable. When others didn’t step up, David did," Jenelle continued. "Sometimes all you do as a parent goes unnoticed until your child comes home with a sweet gift like this one from school.

18. Thanks For the Clarification

Thanks For the Clarification
"The bond between them will forever inseparable no matter what tries to come in-between them. (Kaisers teacher wrote his answers for him)," Evans wrote.

19. Jenelle Thinks We're All Idiots

Jenelle Thinks We're All Idiots
"#FamilyFirst #LatePost," Jenelle added, in order to clarify why she suddenly decided to post this Father's Day pic. We're not buying it. Real piece of sh-t move, if you ask us.

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