Jenelle Evans: Makeup Launch Cancelled! Justice for Nugget Prevails!

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Jenelle Evans has been working on her own makeup brand for a long, long time now.

And let's be honest, nobody thought it was going to go well.

But nobody thought it would go this poorly.

Or, well, maybe they did, since everything else in her life is one big dumpster fire.

Still, this is bad.

Let's explain ...

1. The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth
2019 has not been kind to Jenelle, has it?

2. Well ...

Well ...
But to be fair, that's mostly because Jenelle hasn't been kind to anyone else.

3. Here We Go

Here We Go
We know that you've heard this awful story countless times at this point, but it's extremely relevant, so let's detail how Jenelle destroyed her whole entire life after David killed her dog.

4. Poor Nugget

Poor Nugget
Nugget was a tiny little French bulldog, and back in April, she nipped at Ensley because she wouldn't leave her alone. Instead of taking the time to teach the kid how to interact with animals, David thought the better option would be to throw the dog outside and shoot her with a shotgun.

5. Real Upset, Huh?

Real Upset, Huh?
Jenelle claimed to be devastated by what happened, and she even said she was contemplating divorce, but in less than a week, she was back to gushing about how much she loves David and how strong their relationship is.

6. Enter the Authorities

Enter the Authorities
And not long after that, police got involved, and they alerted CPS to the situation. They removed all the children from the home and placed them with temporary guardians.

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