Jenelle Evans: Makeup Launch Cancelled! Justice for Nugget Prevails!

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Jenelle Evans has been working on her own makeup brand for a long, long time now.

And let's be honest, nobody thought it was going to go well.

But nobody thought it would go this poorly.

Or, well, maybe they did, since everything else in her life is one big dumpster fire.

Still, this is bad.

Let's explain ...

1. The Hard Truth

The Hard Truth
2019 has not been kind to Jenelle, has it?

2. Well ...

Well ...
But to be fair, that's mostly because Jenelle hasn't been kind to anyone else.

3. Here We Go

Here We Go
We know that you've heard this awful story countless times at this point, but it's extremely relevant, so let's detail how Jenelle destroyed her whole entire life after David killed her dog.

4. Poor Nugget

Poor Nugget
Nugget was a tiny little French bulldog, and back in April, she nipped at Ensley because she wouldn't leave her alone. Instead of taking the time to teach the kid how to interact with animals, David thought the better option would be to throw the dog outside and shoot her with a shotgun.

5. Real Upset, Huh?

Real Upset, Huh?
Jenelle claimed to be devastated by what happened, and she even said she was contemplating divorce, but in less than a week, she was back to gushing about how much she loves David and how strong their relationship is.

6. Enter the Authorities

Enter the Authorities
And not long after that, police got involved, and they alerted CPS to the situation. They removed all the children from the home and placed them with temporary guardians.

7. Also This

Also This
That didn't last too long, unfortunately, and the kids were back home by July, but another big thing that happened after Nugget's murder was that MTV announced they'd no longer be filming with Jenelle.

8. Hmmm

So she lost her kids for several weeks -- she could have easily lost them permanently -- and she lost her extremely high-paying job.

9. Justice, Please

Justice, Please
That's how outraged people were about what happened to Nugget.

10. Ugh

Since then, things seem to be dying down a little bit. The custody case is over, the police investigation is closed, and all that's left is for Jenelle to figure out how she's going to support such a large family and a hOmEsTeAd without her sweet MTV gig.

11. Hooray ...

Hooray ...
That's where her cosmetics line comes in, dude!

12. Weird

She's been trying to pump up her brand, J.E. Cosmetics, for a while now, but like everything else in her life, it's not going well.

13. Such a Missed Opportunity

Such a Missed Opportunity
Instead of capitalizing on her ridiculousness and selling, say, hair feathers or some skincare to help you out after doing all them drugs, she's releasing some liquid lipsticks and eyebrow products.

14. A Big Deal?

A Big Deal?
After she lost custody of her kids, she started focusing on her line, and she's been running her mouth a whole lot about how it would launch at New York Fashion Week, meaning that she'd be having a launch party at a venue in New York the same time as fashion week.

15. Uh Oh!

Uh Oh!
That WAS the plan ... not so much anymore.

16. Oh OK

Just earlier this week, Jenelle made a statement to complain about how everyone is still mad about what happened with Nugget -- she said "I have never abused an animal in my life and continued to be an avid animal lover. We now have been raising a little homestead at our house and I have learned a lot the past 6 months. Everyone needs to move on with their lives because we are too."

17. LOL

“No matter what happens…nothing will stop me from launching my new brand,” she added.

18. Such Heroes

Such Heroes
She said that because people really have been trying to stop her -- someone bought her brand's site because she failed to make her payments for it and turned it into Nugget Cosmetics, which is just brilliant, and others have been planning to protest during her launch party.

19. Ha!

Hilariously, the protest is no longer necessary -- because the venue has cancelled the event.

20. Ouch

The launch was supposed to happen at Flirt Beauty Boutique in a few weeks, but they announced yesterday that they've decided against it.

21. Wonderful!

"This event has been cancelled at our venue!" they explained on Instagram. "Our salon was unaware of what her and her husband have done or have been connected to, and in no way, would we support such brutality. We apologize for not doing our research before hand."

22. Love That

Love That
It was a great call, obviously, and they've been getting tons of praise for it, but Jenelle has a different version of how things went down.

23. Suuuuuuure

According to her, the event wasn't cancelled, she just decided to move locations after the details of the launch were leaked.

24. Of Course

Of Course
In her caption, she claimed that the event was not cancelled, and "The launch to the PUBLIC will be 09.19.19 , preorders will begin before that and soon will be announced. The launch party I’ve decided to do is a PRIVATE event."

25. This Girl ...

This Girl ...
"Do not believe the rumors others are posting onto their pages or into the media. No matter what I decide to do or no matter what happens... @jecosmeticsinc will launch to everyone on 09.19.19 and NOTHING will stop us!"

26. Delusion Game Strong

Delusion Game Strong
"On a side note," she added, "how can someone 'cancel' my event when I’m the owner?"

27. Good Grief

Good Grief
They can cancel the event, Jenelle, because they own the venue where the event is taking place and they can do whatever they want and just because you own the brand doesn't mean you own anything and everything ever related to the brand in any way and PLEASE GET SOME SENSE THANKS.

28. Like Talking to a Wall

Like Talking to a Wall
Someone tried to make that obvious point in the comments, that they can cancel an event at their own venue, and she replied with "So that’s it.... guess my event will never happen 😂😂😂😂😂😂 get a life."

29. K

Someone else said that they cancelled the event because they were made aware of her history, and she said "No the location and invite was posted to their page and I decided to change locations then they decided to use that 'excuse' ... I have other locations I’ve been scoping out for weeks. Want to make sure it’s perfect!"

30. Why God Why

Why God Why
Yet another of her followers tried to explain that since it's their venue, they can cancel if they want, and she hit back with "So my event won’t happen then?!!! 🤔 Lmfao."

31. Concerning

Honestly, all of this makes her seem even more unhinged than usual. It's obvious what happened, and her attempts at turning it around sincerely do not make sense. Is ... is she OK? Honestly?

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