Jenelle Evans' Lies Pile Up: David Was Surrounded By Family On His Birthday, Y'all!

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These are lonely times for Jenelle Evans and David Eason.

The Easons lost custody of their kids last month; they've been burning bridges with their other family members for years; and they don't seem to have many friends.

So when David celebrated his birthday over the weekend, we imagine it was something of a solemn occasion.

But Jenelle being Jenelle, she had to unconvincingly lie to her Instagram followers and pretend like she hosted a massive blowout attended by all of Eason's loved ones.

Take a look:


1. Land Lovers

Land Lovers
Jenelle and David raise a LOT of chickens, but fowl aside, their beloved Land is pretty desolate these days.

2. The Facade

Jenelle and David have gone to great lengths to convince the public that all is well, even putting together videos compiled from a time when their kids still lived with them.

3. "A" For Effort

"A" For Effort
Naturally, no one is actually fooled by these videos, but it seems Jenelle and David plan to continue offering an inaccurate version of life on "the homestead."

4. The Latest Ruse

The Latest Ruse
On Monday, Jenelle posted photos from David's birthday celebration, and fans think she intentionally misrepresented the occasion.

5. Birthday Dinner

Birthday Dinner
The day after David's party, Jenelle posted some pics of the seafood boil they enjoyed.

6. It's Always Something With Her

It's Always Something With Her
And surely even Jenelle can't mess up a post about her husband's birthday meal, right?

7. Nice Try

Nice Try
Ha! Of course she can! For one thing, Evans only posted pics of the food. No photos of David's family members, whom she wears were in attendance.

8. The Con Artists

The Con Artists
Yes, Jenelle alluded to David spending time with his family in a since-deleted Facebook post -- and yet, the entire day came and went without a single pic of anyone in his family!

9. Benefit of the Doubt?

Benefit of the Doubt?
With anyone else, we might guess that the family members simply didn't want to appear on camera. But when it's Jenelle you're talking about, the safe bet is that she's lying.

10. Good Point

Good Point
It's tough to imagine that Jenelle and David have a whole lot of family and friends just dying to pay them a visit these days.

11. Best Case Scenario

Best Case Scenario
Of course, even if she's telling the truth, this was still a laughably tone-deaf post on Evans' part.

12. Priorities

After all, her children are all living with relatives after a judge decided that she and David are incapable of providing a safe home environment. Perhaps now is not the time for partying and thirsty social media posts.

13. Hungry For Beef

Hungry For Beef
And as always, Jenelle is still devoting a shocking amount of time to feuding with her followers on social media.

14. Read the Room

Read the Room
Jenelle keeps announcing new projects, and when fans point out that she should really be focused on getting her kids back, she loses it.

15. Voice of Reason

Voice of Reason
Like, it's REALLY a sensitive subject for Evans -- which is a pretty good sign she should just stop talking about in public forums.

16. Sense of Humor?

Sense of Humor?
At least she's able to laugh about how bad she is at social media. But she probably blocked this person immediately afterward.

17. Aspiring Mogul

Aspiring Mogul
To make matters worse, Jenelle is suddenly devoting a lot of time and energy to her cosmetics line, a business venture she seemed to have abandoned years ago.

18. Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Can't Stop, Won't Stop
Even the fact that Jenelle lost her company's website when she failed to keep up on the payments hasn't prevented her from diving back into this ill-fated project.

19. Owned

The site was purchased by an animal rights group in an epic win for the good guys. But Evans continues to pretend everything is going according to plan.

20. The Downward Spiral

As more and more cracks appear in Jenelle's facade, the whole thing is almost painful to watch ... but we just can't look away.

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