90 Day Fiance Before The 90 Days: Meet the Season 3 Stars!!

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90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days is back!

Season 3 premieres on Sunday, August 4.

Viewers will watch seven Americans travel overseas to meet their prospective spouses, some for the very first time.

If things work out, they'll propose and then return to the US to begin the K-1 visa process.

There are two returning stars: Angela Deem and Darcey Silva.

But this season, Darcey has found herself a new international man.

Meet the cast below and then watch the trailer:

1. Angela Deem

Angela Deem
53-year-old Angela is back again and still pursuing her relationship with 29-year-old Michael, who remains in Nigeria. Yes, even though they appeared to break things off at the Tell All last season.

2. This time, she's laying down the law

This time, she's laying down the law
This season, Angela is returning to Nigeria to deliver an ultimatum to Michael: he needs to shape up or he will lose her for good.

3. There may be a twist to her story

There may be a twist to her story
Maybe it won't be addressed (it certainly wasn't last season), but Angela's daughter, Scottie, was arrested for heinous sex crimes against a minor, and has now been convicted. Oddly enough, the arrest happened well before Season 2 aired, leaving some to wonder if TLC didn't bother with a background check.

4. Avery

Avery is 19 years old. When she was 18, she converted from Christianity to Islam -- which her family found controversial, and unfortunately some fans may feel the same way. She joined a Muslim dating site and met 24-year-old Omar ... who is from Syria. The two are meeting up in Lebanon for the very first time.

5. They were thrilled to meet

They were thrilled to meet
Avery notes to the camera that Omar has never held a girl's hand before. But we can see that there's likely to be family drama on both sides in this relationship. Coupled with Avery's youth, this couple won't need any help causing a stir among fans.

6. Benjamin

He's a 33-year-old divorced father with a 5-year-old, and he's from Phoenix, Arizona. He met Akinyi, a 25-year-old woman from Kenya, after not having much luck trying to date in Phoenix. This is the first time that he has left the country, and he's doing it to meet Akinyi and to meet her family.

7. Akinyi's family has to meet him

Akinyi's family has to meet him
Benjamin is the first boyfriend whom she has introduced to her parents. He may also be the first white man to visit her village. And her brother has some concerns.

8. He is, as she says, very protective

He is, as she says, very protective
There's a fine line between patriarchal control issues and familial concern, and it's not clear which side Akinyi's family falls on.

9. As for Benjamin ...

As for Benjamin ...
Good for him for broadening his horizons, of course. But when we think of 90 Day Fiance men who had bad luck dating at home so they start dating a younger woman from another continent, we think of Paul Staehle. No one wants to think of Paul Staehle. We hope that Benjamin is nothing like him.

10. Caesar

Caesar is 46 years old and lives in Jacksonville, North Carolina. He is courting a 28-year-old woman, Maria, from Ukraine. They have been "together" for five years and have not actually met yet.

11. He is so excited to finally meet her

He is so excited to finally meet her
And he should be. He's bought chocolate underwear to romance her. Oh, and he's spent about $40,000 to support Maria over these past few years.

12. Oh dear ...

Oh dear ...
Is this a catfishing scenario? Notably, Maria does not physically appear in the teaser trailer. 90 Day Fiance has done this before (remember when Ricky Reyes looked like he was getting catfished, but HE turned out to be the two-timing villain?), so maybe it's nothing. Or maybe Caesar will get his heart broken in front of an audience of millions.

13. Darcey Silva

Darcey Silva
That's right!! She's back!! Darcey Silva, the 44-year-old mom from Middletown, Connecticut, is once again pulling her overseas dating shenanigans, and the drama is guaranteed.

14. But ... that's not Jesse Meester!

But ... that's not Jesse Meester!
After, by our count, approximately one billion public squabbles, Darcey and Jesse broke up. But Darcey's not done, and she's dating a new man named Tom. Tom is 39 years old and extremely British.

15. Darcey is ... Darcey

Darcey is ... Darcey
It looks like Tom is treating her well ... mostly. He is the first to admit that she is a very emotional person and that he does not find that quality especially attractive. Oh, boy.

16. There's something about Tom ...

There's something about Tom ...
He's TOO British, you know? We can't help wondering if a producer for Sharp or TLC asked him to turn up his general Britishness a few notches to play better on TV. Either way, he's very different from Jesse.

17. Cute photo, right?

Cute photo, right?
About a second before this, Darcey told Tom that she LOVES him. Tom responded with awkward silence.

18. Rebecca

Rebecca is 47 and lives in Canton, Georgia. She is a mother of three, and she also has three failed marriages under her belt. One of them was an international marriage to a man from Morocco, so she knows the spousal visa process.

19. Meet Zied

Meet Zied
Zied is a Tunisian 26-year-old man. Despite various red flags and warnings from her loved ones, Rebecca is ready for love again, and convinced that Zied is the man for her.

20. But IS he?

But IS he?
In the trailer, we see Zied speak very unkindly to her and tell her that she's a bad person. Big yikes.

21. Tim

Tim is a 38-year-old from Charlotte, North Carolina. He met 25-year-old Columbian, Jeniffer, online, and fell head over heels fo rher.

22. It's not a mystery why

It's not a mystery why
Jeniffer is extremely beautiful and has an infectious smile (which is really just a code for saying that she's beautiful again).

23. They meet for the first time

They meet for the first time
Jeniffer is a mother of an 18-month-old, and part of what they both have to figure out is whether Tim will be a good father to her child.

24. That matters

That matters
Jeniffer might be all about Tim, but if he's not good father material, then marrying him is out of the question

25. There is another matter

There is another matter
Tim still has a close friendship with his ex-fiancee, Veronica. Jeniffer has real concerns about whether Tim is actually emotionally prepared to fully move on.

26. And Tim has another worry

And Tim has another worry
Is Jeniffer just TOO beautiful? Apparently, photos and videos don't do her justice, which is saying something. He says that he worries that she's just too far out of his league.

27. Here's the Season 3 trailer

Tune in on August 4 to watch the international drama play out!

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