Anna Duggar Baby Pics: Welcome, Maryella Hope!

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Say whatever you want about Josh Duggar.

Seriously, go right ahead. We're not about to stop you, that's for sure.

But let's all acknowledge the following while we do so:

A baby is a blessing -- and Josh has been blessed six times over along with his poor wife, Anna.

The controversial couple welcomed its sixth baby into the world the day before Thanksigiving, sharing her name and her gender at the time...

... but waiting a short bit before they shared a multitude of baby photos.

Now, however, the Duggars have delivered.

They've posted several photos of Maryella Hope to Instagram and we, in turn, have posted them below.

Click through the precious images now and keep scrolling to learn just hope Josh and Anna arrived at this name for their daughter:

1. Maryella Hope Duggar

Maryella Hope Duggar
Here she is, folks! Anna and Josh Duggar posted this precious photo on their joint Instagram account, writing as a caption: "Maryella Hope arrived one day ahead of Thanksgiving Day 2019 and a great reminder to be grateful for all God has done for us! We are so excited and thankful to God for His special blessing giving us this precious, happy & healthy baby girl!"

2. In Black and In White

In Black and In White
Anna shared a number of photos of little Maryella, including this precious black and white snapshot. We adore the bow!

3. The Perfect Close-Up

The Perfect Close-Up
Talk about a perfect baby photo, right? What an amazing close up of Josh and Anna's sixth child.

4. Excuse Me While I Yawn

Excuse Me While I Yawn
Sure looks like someone is tired, huh? Perhaps she'll give Mommy and Daddy a decent night's sleep soon.

5. And... Stretch!

And... Stretch!
Baby Maryella is here with a huge stretch. We could pretty much watch newborns do this all day, you know?

6. A Full Family Meal

A Full Family Meal
"We are so thankful to God for His grace and for all the blessings He has given to us this past year!" wrote Anna as a caption to this special Thanksgiving Day snapshot. "We are grateful for every moment we get to spend together — and we don’t take them for granted."

7. Bonding with Sissy

Bonding with Sissy
We can only imagine Anna and Josh's immense pride over seeing their young daughter holding their youngest daughter in this photo.

8. What's in a Name, Guys?

What's in a Name, Guys?
Anna and Josh used this gorgeous photo as a way to inform fans of how they arrived at their unique baby name. Ready to learn all about it???

9. Why Maryella Hope Duggar?

Why Maryella Hope Duggar?
"Soon after we found out baby #6 was a girl we began name discussing name ideas and we thought we had it narrowed down," explains Anna on Instagram and Facebook, prior to delving into the specifics...

10. There's Special Meaning Here

There's Special Meaning Here
"When Josh’s grandma passed away we considered the name Mary, but we were hesitant because Grandma (Mary Duggar) was such a special lady and we wanted our daughter’s name to be a reminder of how special Grandma was and carry on her legacy, but without feeling like we were trying to replace her..."

11. Interesting, Right? Go On, Please, Anna...

Interesting, Right? Go On, Please, Anna...
"Soon, our baby name list that we had narrowed down to 3 names had grown to a list of about dozen Mary-hyphenated names. As we continued chatting about names, Josh and I both fell in love with the name Maryella! We chose Hope for her middle name because of the Hope we have because of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

12. Praise the Big Guy

Praise the Big Guy
Continued Anna here: "Jesus is the ultimate demonstration of love and hope. Jesus layed down His sinless life on the cross so we could be forgiven of our sins and one day live with Him in heaven forever when we die. We have Hope because of Christ!"

13. Added the Former Reality Star:

Added the Former Reality Star:
"During Maryella’s pregnancy there were so many unexpected joys, which included several more pregnancy announcements from family members! We also grieved alongside those we love the most, remembering life is fragile and sometimes very short. Even through the grief of the loss of loved ones we know that we have comfort, hope and strength as we look forward to one day being reunited in heaven with Jesus and our loved ones who are waiting for us there!"

14. Concluded the Former Reality Star:

Concluded the Former Reality Star:
'Maryella Hope Duggar is such a blessing and we are so grateful for her!"

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