Jenelle Evans: Kailyn Lowry Is the Worst Mom on TV!

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Here we go again!

Tne feud between Jenelle Evans and Kailyn Lowry never really ends, it just subsides for brief periods of time while the two combatants retire to their respective corners to attend to more pressing matters.

This time around, for Jenelle, it was the pesky matter of losing custody of her children and fighting in court to win them back.

Kail, meanwhile, was on vacation with Chris Lopez, and she seems to be working on the relationship with her controversial ex.

And it appears that Jenelle is among the many who think Kail should keep her distance from Lopez,

In fact, Evans seems to believe Lowry is putting her kids in harm's way by giving Lopez another chance.

Take a look:

1. Best Frenemies

Best Frenemies
There was a time when Jenelle and Kail were as close as two co-stars can be. Needless to say, those days are long gone.

2. Round 2,376

Round 2,376
Kail and Jenelle have locked horns many, many times over the years, and it's hard to pinpoint exactly when their relationship fell apart.

3. Not Good

Not Good
But if we had to pick, we'd say Jenelle burned the bridge for good when she told the world that Kail was pregnant well before Lowry was ready to make the news public.

4. Up In Flames

Evans recently set fire to the friendship in more literal fashion when she torched a peace offering gift that Kail sent her.

5. Bigger Fish to Fry

Bigger Fish to Fry
Jenelle became distracted from her feud with Kail when her children (the ones she still has custody of, that is) were removed from her home by CPS.

6. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
This occurred, you'll recall, after Jenelle's husband shot and killed the family dog.

7. Holding Back

Holding Back
To her credit, Kail dropped a couple shady comments in interviews, but she held off on really going to town on Jenelle.

8. The Slightest Provocation

The Slightest Provocation
But that was enough for Evans, who has apparently decided to join the media in attempting to portray Kail as an unfit mom

9. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
Ever since she was fired from Teen Mom 2, Jenelle's primary source of income has been posting clickbait articles that portray her co-stars in a negative light.

10. A Bit Much

A Bit Much
Her latest is an article that claims Kail's love for Chris Lopez led her to make a "deadly" parenting decision,

11. Major Overstatement

Major Overstatement
Fans who click Jenelle's link are taken to a video in which Lopez can be seen giving a bath to his young son, Lux.

12. Good Advice

Good Advice
“Stop, you gonna burn yourself! You just touched the hot water,” Lopez can be heard saying to the boy to discourage him from playing with the faucet.

13. Confusing Instructions

Confusing Instructions
“No, you not getting out, you just got in Wash yo’ ass," Lopez then tells the child. "No no no, get back in there, wash yo’ ass.”

14. Not Great

Not Great
Needless to say, Lopez might not be the greatest at bathtime, but we hardly think Lux's life was in danger.

15. Relentless

As if that weren't enough, Jenelle then went after Kail's best friend, Leah Messer.

16. Dredging Up the Past

Dredging Up the Past
Jenelle reminded fans that she's not the only member of the Teen Mom franchise to temporarily lose custody of her kids.

17. Different Situation

Different Situation
Of course, Leah lost custody in large part because of substance abuse issues, for which she has since received treatment.

18. Unnecessary

Many felt the tweet was mean-spirited and irrelevant to Jenelle's situation, which it obviously was.

19. Makes Sense

Makes Sense
But we suppose that's appropriate, in a way. After all, there's no more accurate description of Jenelle these days than "mean spirited and irrelevant."

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