Kailyn Lowry to Jenelle Evans: Shut Your Yap Before I WHOMP Your A--!

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The next season of Teen Mom 2 hasn't even started yet, and it's already just filled to the brim with drama, huh?

Things are so good that we're already on pins and needles waiting for the reunion.

With Teen Mom OG, all of the cast members have their own individual drama, and they've been dealing with some pretty heavy stuff -- mental illness, drug addiction, worrisome pregnancies.

But for some reason, the Teen Mom 2 crew just loves getting involved in each other's lives, for better or for worse.

Briana dated Javi, Kailyn's ex-husband, and Kailyn and Leah went on a big vacation together -- both of those things will be featured in the new season.

Another thing that will be featured?

The great big feud between Jenelle and Kailyn.

Let's review how things got so bad between them, and while we're at it, let's see the latest updates on what's shaping up to be a good old-fashioned throwdown!

1. A Long, Long Time Ago

A Long, Long Time Ago
Believe it or not, back when Teen Mom 2 started, Jenelle and Kailyn were friends. Crazy, right? But there's photographic evidence and everything.

2. Friends Become Enemies

Friends Become Enemies
We don't know exactly what happened between them, but we do know that back when Jenelle was getting arrested every other day, Kailyn bailed her out once. It was before they made big money on the show, and Kail really struggled then, so this was a big deal. Jenelle never paid her back, and many people think that was where the feud began.

3. Getting Worse

Getting Worse
A few years went by, and things were fine -- or at least not terrible. But then Kailyn got pregnant with her third child, little Lux, and Jenelle somehow heard about it before Kailyn publicly shared the news.

4. Bad Move

Bad Move
Jenelle tweeted about it, confirming what, at the time, were just rumors. It was low, even for Jenelle, and Kailyn was forced to announce her pregnancy.

5. Keeping It Classy

Keeping It Classy
The pregnancy announcement thing was bad, but things really heated up a few months ago when these ladies began trading insults on Twitter. During the Teen Mom 2 season finale, the episode that featured Jenelle's wedding, Kailyn tweeted "What a sh-t show of a wedding."

6. Yikes

In a totally reasonable move, Jenelle hit back with "At least I didn’t go around telling everyone at the reunion a while back that you wanted divorce Javi to have a 'black baby,' like wow. Classy kail... right to me and my mom’s face lmao why didn’t they show that sh-t show?"

7. Hmmm

It didn't necessarily make sense, because even if that did happen -- big "if" there, by the way -- what does it have anything to do with what Kailyn said?

8. Fair

Next, Leah came on Kailyn's podcast, and during the show, they discussed David Eason and the way he lost his mind at the taping for the New Year's Eve special -- you remember, when he stabbed all those balloons. Leah said that it was inappropriate, which is probably the mildest assessment of what happened.

9. Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle

Jenelle, Jenelle, Jenelle
To that, Jenelle advised them to "stop being so dramatic," which is just so very rich. She also told them "My name or my husbands should never come of if your mouth, but for a podcast and ratings?! Of course. #Fake."

10. Ugh

Right around this same time, Jenelle did a different podcast in which Kailyn's name definitely came out of her mouth. And just when you thought she couldn't get any more hypocritical, she went and made fun of Kailyn for having three kids with three different men. Which is exactly the situation Jenelle herself has going on.

11. Taking the High Road

Taking the High Road
After that, Kailyn said that she wasn't going to waste anymore energy on Jenelle, which was smart. But we know that didn't last for long.

12. Way to Go, David

Way to Go, David
A couple of weeks ago, the feud heated up yet again when David decided to make a comment about Leah's parenting. Yes, really -- the guy who had a restraining order against him that prevented him from seeing his own son decided to come after Leah.

13. ... Why?

... Why?
He commented on that photo above from one of Leah's daughters' cheerleading competitions with “I can’t believe Cory would allow her to wear that much makeup on her face." This was dumb for many reasons.

14. Just Stop, David

Just Stop, David
One, Leah has as much say as Corey does about how much makeup their daughter wears. Two, the makeup is for the stage lights, so of course it looks extreme under normal lights. Three, David doesn't even know Leah, why is he commented on photos of her kids? Four, this is all just so awful.

15. Not Helping

Not Helping
David's comment was uncalled for, but Jenelle made it worse, just like always. She posted a bizarre video on Instagram essentially telling Leah to get over it, which is hilarious coming from the girl who sent cease and desist letters over social media posts. A lot of people also believe she was sending Leah some veiled threats.

16. STFU

Kailyn was quick to defend Leah, tweeting "You literally said i had a baby for ratings on a live podcast... but that’s ok? Get the f-ck outta here DUDE."

17. Too Sensitive

Too Sensitive
After that, Jenelle made ANOTHER video, this one dedicated specifically to Kailyn. "People are too sensitive, aka Kail," she said. "I’m just gonna say it. I think it’s really funny that you always have to butt in on people’s drama. How many times do you have to comment on something if it has to do with me? It’s crazy!"

18. Solid Question

Solid Question
To that, Kailyn simply asked "Is she on drugs?" Because honestly, how else do you explain Jenelle's recent behavior?

19. Neverending Drama

Neverending Drama
Finally, Kailyn made a statement about how "Jenelle creates her own drama and then blames everyone else." She said that whenever the cast is together, she'll have a meltdown or leave the set and then "throw a fit saying we bully her or didn't include her."

20. So Much Beef

So Much Beef
"When they added a fifth girl who has beef with people, Jenelle immediately 'has her back,' which is cool," she continued. "Do that. But then don't turn around when Chelsea, Leah, and I have been close the whole time. Of course we are going to have each other's backs."

21. Think of the Children

Think of the Children
She finished by warning Jenelle that "I'm not going to think twice if you talk about their kids. Keep the kids out of it."

22. Reunion Drama!

Reunion Drama!
Then on her podcast last week, she revealed that the cast is filming the reunion next month, and that "I don't know if they're going to have to separate us. I don't know how Leah and I can sit in the same room as Jenelle."

23. Throwing of Hands

Throwing of Hands
"At this point it's not drama between the cast mates," she explained. "You're talking about our children. At that point, Leah and I probably want to throw hands. But it's not worth it. Just keep her away from us."

24. Grow Up, David

Grow Up, David
To David, Kailyn said "You are a grown man! You're commenting on someone else's children that have nothing to do with you. Do not bring someone's kids into it."

25. A Simple Request

A Simple Request
"Nobody talks about Jenelle and David's kids so why are you talking about our kids?" she added. "Leah's children have nothing to do with David, so David needs to shut the f-ck up."

26. Damn It, David

Damn It, David
And since he is such a stable human being, David got on his Facebook (his Twitter got deleted after his homophobic rant, remember?) and posted this gem about all the "tough guy sh-t" Kailyn's been saying. How embarrassing is this guy?

27. SO Embarrassing

SO Embarrassing
First, the Cheetos comment -- fat jokes, David, really?

28. LOL

And do he and Jenelle even do anything besides talk "tough guy sh-t"? This whole thing started because they decided to go after Leah's daughter, do they really think they have the high ground here?

29. Uh ...

Uh ...
Also, why is he saying anything about Kailyn having plastic surgery when Jenelle had hers done on the show? Is that the "no common sense" he's talking about?

30. Red Flags

Red Flags
And that comment he left on his own post -- he doesn't even know what Kailyn said about him, but he feels comfortable calling her a "piece of sh-t" based solely on the fact that she talked about him. Just ... what?

31. Too Much Drama

Too Much Drama
We sincerely doubt Kailyn and Leah would actually get physical at the reunion, but we don't have nearly as much faith in the Easons. Because honestly, they are kind of terrifying.

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