Duggar Wedding Photos: So Many Nervous Virgins Ready to Take the Plunge!

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The Duggar family does just about everything a little differently from the rest of us.

Most of us know about the courtship rules, but weddings are also no exception.

When a fellow fundie marries into the Duggar clan, the occasion is marked by a massive celebration.

A booze-free celebration, to be sure, but a celebration just the same.

On these wedding days, two (very) young people nervously await the departure of the last guest, at which time, they'll be free (and encouraged) to start making babies.

The Duggar courtship rules do not allow a lot of things.

They especially prohibit premarital sex, but once the vows are exchanged, it is on like you wouldn't believe.

Women in the family often get pregnant on their honeymoons.

So not only are the ceremonies high-pressure affairs, they're even more intense by the fact that they're often attended by HUNDREDS of Duggar friends and well-wishers.

Needless to say, this combination of factors makes for some very interesting photo opportunities. Take a look at some of the most memorable pics through the years:

1. Matriarch Weds Patriarch

Matriarch Weds Patriarch
Duggar weddings are unlike any wedding you've ever experienced. As a result, the most memorable Duggar wedding photos must be seen to be believed!

2. An Unholy Union

An Unholy Union
Obviously, not all Duggar marriages are created equal. Remember Josh and Anna's wedding? Yeah, we blocked it out, too. Probably for the best.

3. A Very Public First Kiss

Next up were Derick Dillard and Jill Duggar. They strictly adhered to the rules of courtship. In fact, this was their first kiss EVER!!!!

4. Lookin' Good

The Dillards have a sense of style, and they delivered some gorgeous wedding photos!

5. Anniversary Throwback

Anniversary Throwback
Here, Jill Duggar plants a kiss here on the face of Derick Dillard on their wedding day. She shared the snapshot in honor of a wedding anniversary.

6. Jill's Wedding Party

7. The Seewalds

Here are Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald in their first wedding photo. So magical.

8. Jessa and Jana

Jessa and Jana
Jana Duggar and Jessa Duggar in a beautiful photo from the latter's 2014 wedding. Gorgeous girls.

9. The 1-Year Mark

The 1-Year Mark
When Jessa and Ben celebrated their first wedding anniversary, they marked the occasion on Instagram by posting this pic.

10. The Vuolos

The Vuolos
Back in 2016, Jinger Duggar married Jeremy Vuolo. Jinger Duggar clearly loves her husband a lot. That's why she shared this wedding photo in honor of Valentine's Day.

11. Another Anniversary Throwback

Another Anniversary Throwback
When Jinger and Jeremy celebrated one year of marriage, they posted this pic, much to the delight of fans.

12. Jinger and Parents

Jinger and Parents
Jinger Duggar gets a kiss from Jim Bob and Michelle on her wedding day.

13. Jinge and Jer

Jinge and Jer
A nice wedding photo of Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo from their 2016 wedding.

14. The Forsyths

The Forsyths
Austin and Joy Forsyth on their wedding day. What a magical photo posted by A-Train on their anniversary.

15. Wedding Joy

Wedding Joy
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth in a beautiful black-and-white photo from their wedding day in May 2017.

16. Father and Mother of the Bride

Father and Mother of the Bride
Joy-Anna Duggar with parents Jim Bob and Michelle on her wedding day.

17. Joy at the Altar

Joy at the Altar
Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth at the altar on their wedding day.

18. Joy and Austin

Joy and Austin
Joy-Anna and Austin Forsyth in a touching moment from the couple's wedding.

19. Joe and Kendra

Joe and Kendra
When Joe Duggar married Kendra Caldwell the whole family was there. Here's one of their gorgeous photos.

20. Kendra's Dress

Kendra's Dress
Kendra Caldwell's wedding dress was gorgeous, to the surprise of no one.

21. The Party

The Party
Naturally, Joe Duggar and Kendra's wedding party was not small. At all! See all the familiar faces?

22. Josiah and Lauren

Josiah and Lauren
Next up were Josiah Duggar and Lauren Caldwell. A glorious photo of Lauren and Josiah on their wedding day.

23. The Happy Couple

The Happy Couple
These two posed for a lot of pics on their big day. And who could blame them? They look so happy!

24. The Big Moment

The Big Moment
"It definitely has been a struggle for both of us. Just waiting... it's like two magnets," Josiah said ahead of the wedding, referring to how badly he wanted to get physical with Lauren.

25. Fan Favorites

Fan Favorites
Josiah and Lauren received a lot of love from fans on their big day. We are SO very happy for these two.

26. John David and Abbie

John David and Abbie
John David Duggar & Abbie Burnett got married after a brief, successful courtship. They celebrated the "anniversary" by posting new wedding photos online.

27. Flying High

Flying High
The happy couple often pays tribute to one another by sharing new wedding photos with fans.

28. Cause For Celebration

Cause For Celebration
John David got married a lot later in life than his siblings, but we think it's safe to say he's glad he waited.

29. Spresading the Joy

Spresading the Joy
Here are John-David Duggar and Abbie Burnett addressing fans not long after tying the knot. We don't think you'll find a happier couple anywhere in Duggardom!

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