Jenelle Evans: It's My Son's Birthday, So All You Haters Can Eff Off!

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Jenelle Evans has a way with words.

We don't mean, necessarily, that she's good with words, but she speaks and writes in a way that tends to capture your attention.

The idea of Jenelle writing anything may seem puzzling, but now that she's been fired from Teen Mom 2, most of what we know about her comes from her social media posts.

And as much as we hate to pay Ms. Evans any compliments -- she sure manages to express her personality through her writing.

Even when she's doing something as simple as celebrating her son's birthday, Jenelle manages to slip in some of the insanity that helped make her famous. 

Take a look:

1. Mother and Son

Mother and Son
Jace Evans has been raised by his grandmother, Barbara Evans, since infancy. But he still visits Jenelle and David Eason on The Land fairly frequently.

2. Outside the Fray

Outside the Fray
Unlike Jenelle's other kids, Jace was not involved in her recent fight to regain custody -- because she never had custody of him in the first place. Still, you can bet he was affected by the drama.

3. The Birthday Boy

The Birthday Boy
Jace celebrates his tenth birthday today, and while he's spent past birthdays with Jenelle and David, it's unclear if he'll be seeing this year.

4. B-Day Shoutout!

B-Day Shoutout!
Jenelle did post a collage of photos in honor of her eldest son, but it doesn't look as though any of the pics are from this week.

5. The Big 1-0

The Big 1-0
"10 YEARS OLD ! #HappyBirthday to this very special boy!" Evans captioned the post. "You’re the best son and best big brother anyone could ask for."

6. #LittleMan

"You might be getting older but you’ll always be my #LittleMan." she continued. "Here’s to another year of getting older! #StopGrowing #TimeFlies".

7. Called Out

Called Out
Jenelle's parenting abilities have rightly been called into question in recent months, and many of her followers called the disgraced reality star out for posturing on Instagram instead of working to become a better mother.

8. No Pics

No Pics
One follower pointed out that Jenelle doesn't seem to have many photos of Jace as a baby.

9. Counterpoint

Jenelle clapped back against that claim, insisting that Jace's infancy is well documented. Sure, but ... who took all those pics? Babs?

10. Thanks, Babs!

Thanks, Babs!
We know this user was probably joking, but seriously -- Jenelle doesn't show nearly enough gratitude to Babs for raising her freakin' kid.

11. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
Some followers will not let Jenelle forget the role she played in the death of her dog Nugget. That's a good thing, and she should be reminded of it at every turn.

12. Shameful

In case you somehow managed to forget, David Eason shot and killed the 11-pound Frenchie with a shotgun, claiming Nugget was a threat to his family's safety.

13. The Worst

The Worst
Jenelle stuck by his side -- even though it meant temporarily losing custody of her kids and getting fired from her job -- and she helped Eason avoid prosecution for animal cruelty.


Jenelle also took some time this week to answer fans' questions on Instagram, and ... this one's gotta be a joke, right?

15. Swamp House

Swamp House
One follower asked about Jenelle's sinking house, and Evans claimed to have signed a non-disclosure agreement that prevents her from discussing the matter.

16. Outright Lie

Outright Lie
One user wanted to know why Jenelle keeps posting a photo of an ultrasound in order to lure her followers into clicking on a link to a tabloid article that she was paid to post. She lied and claimed she never posted anything of the sort.

17. Whatever You Say

Whatever You Say
At this point, Jenelle appears to have deleted the ultrasound posts, but it's been less than 24 hours since she posted this equally shameless tease posting to the same article.

18. Whatever Pays the Bills

Whatever Pays the Bills
Neither Jenelle nor David is employed, so we guess if sponsored content keeps food on the table, we encourage her to continue posting it.

19. Mouths to Feed

Mouths to Feed
After all, the courts have returned Jenelle's kids to her, which means she and David are once again responsible for human lives.

20. Another Year

Another Year
So happy birthday, Jace. And if you're feeling down, just remember that you're officially more than halfway to 18!

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