Paola Mayfield: See Her Stunning Post-Baby Body Transformation!

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Paola Mayfield and Russ Mayfield are the first to admit that their marriage is less than picture-perfect.

But the same cannot be said for Paola's incredible post-baby body.

Within mere months of giving birth to baby Axel, Pao has radically transformed her figure.

What's more is that she did it all while making her baby her first priority.

Take a look at her epic, tantalizing transformation.

1. Paola and Russ are parents!

Paola and Russ are parents!
In the wee hours of January 1, 2019 -- just minutes after midnight -- Paola gave birth to their rainbow baby, Axel Mayfield.

2. Pao was instantly obsessed

Pao was instantly obsessed
As 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? fans and viewers saw for themselves, it's possible that she was a little TOO obsessed. There's a fine line between being a first-time mom and being off your rocker.

3. But she's a devoted mother

But she's a devoted mother
Even though Paola's first priority is now Axel, as it should be, she has also been making time to work on her post-baby body ... and to keep fans updated on her progress.

4. January 7

January 7
For this photo, taken just one week after she brought Axel into the world, even Russ pitched in by posing with her.

5. January 31

January 31
This is one month after she gave birth, but you can already see the difference that a few weeks make. This isn't a time for working out, but simply for healing.

6. And another glimpse

And another glimpse
Paola has always been incredibly fit, so it's no real surprise that her figure is at or above average despite her extremely recent pregnancy.

7. And can we just point out ...

And can we just point out ...
Paola's bust is out of this world. Pregnancy can and will do that, but it's clearly pushed Pao to new extremes. Good for her.

8. February 26

February 26
Paola is back to exercising, as you can see. It's almost two months postpartum. Already, she's back to an hourglass figure as her tummy continues to flatten and shrink.

9. March 12

March 12
Paola is once again noticeably more slender. It's worth pointing out that her booty has always been spectacular.

10. April 8

April 8
These white fishnets are breathtaking. Some people will never in their lives look this good in an outfit like this, but Pao's pulling it off just three months after giving birth. Incredible.

11. April 12

April 12
This dress is so incredibly form-fitting that it leaves nothing to the imagination. It's clear that April marked a big change for Pao's post-baby bod, because there are a lot of photos of her incredible body.

12. April 15

April 15
Here she is looking stunning in activewear. She's clearly back in her element by this point, even though plenty of people would not be.

13. April 23

April 23
Check out her bikini body! it's not even four months since she gave birth and she's already qualified to be one of the hottest bods on the beach.

14. June 21

June 21
Paola is looking even trimmer here in a short video that she shared on the summer solstice.

15. And another in the same outfit

And another in the same outfit
We have to say that we think that the Fitness Model Little Red Riding Hood look is really working for her. And so is the curve of her caboose!

16. July 22

July 22
Then, in July (on Selena Gomez's birthday, no less), Paola offered up a direct, side-by-side comparison of how her body looks six months after childbirth.

17. And here's a second look

And here's a second look
She looks incredible. It's definitely easier to see how much progress she's made when you have such a direct comparison. She looks great in ALL of her photos, after all.

18. But just a reminder:

But just a reminder:
Axel is her priority! Her post-baby body is extraordinary and, quite frankly, beyond what most people could hope to achieve. But Pao's not going to neglect Axel for her fitness routine.

19. She and Russ have had some struggles

She and Russ have had some struggles
Russ and Pao opened up about how Axel hasn't brought them closer and how the tension and unfriendliness between them seems to be growing, not shrinking.

20. But for now, they're united as parents

But for now, they're united as parents
We hope that they can resolve their differences as easily as Paola has regained her fitness model bod.

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