Jenelle Evans: Is She REALLY Launching a Music Career?!

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If losing a cushy, high-paying gig is anything like losing a loved one, Jenelle Evans is still in the denial stage of her grieving process.

Evans got fired by MTV way back in May, but it doesn't seem like she has any intention of seeking out what most of us would consider a "real job."

In fact, Jenelle's future career prospects all seem to depend on her continued fame and relevance, both of which are now dwindling rapidly.

First, there was Evans' makeup line, JE Cosmetics, which flamed out in astonishing fashion, moving just 150 units in its first two weeks of operation.

Now, like Sonny and Cher before them, it appears that Jenelle and David Eason are planning to enter the music industry as a husband-and-wife duo.

We don't know whether to laugh or cringe ourselves to death in embarrassment,

Take a look:

1. Aspiring Pop Star?

Aspiring Pop Star?
Jenelle Evans appears to have figured out the next stage of her career. Based on her latest Instagram activity, fans are convinced that the former Teen Mom 2 star is planning to enter the music business.

2. Nashville Skyline

Nashville Skyline
Earlier this week, Jenelle and David revealed that they had traveled to Nashville, Tennessee, aka the Country Music Capital of the World.

3. The Trek

The Trek
As longtime Teen Mom 2 fans know, Jenelle claims to have medical problems that prevent her from flying, so the Easons made the 10-hour drive to the Music City with four of their five children in tow.

4. The Easons In Nashville

The Easons In Nashville
Jenelle's been posting photo updates throughout the trip. Most of them show her, David, and the kids exploring various music-related tourist destinations.

5. Seeing the Sights

Seeing the Sights
"Yesterday we took the kids to the #MusicansHallOfFame in #Nashville and the kids had a blast!" Evans captioned one set of pics.

6. A Bonding Experience

A Bonding Experience
"They learned about all different musicians of the past and played in their own band! Glad they have a passion for music," she added.

7. Studio Sessions

Studio Sessions
So did the Easons make the trip just to check out some of Nashville's best-known attractions? Well, not quite ...

8. Wrapping Things Up

Wrapping Things Up
"To wrap up our trip in Nashville we stopped by @lattanzi_lattitude_studio to say hello," Evans wrote on Instagram.

9. The Wall of Fame

The Wall of Fame
"The kids loved the experience and now they all want to play instruments," Evans added, alongside of pic of the Easons all signing a wall dedicated to signatures of artists who recorded in the studio. "Thanks so much for having us and your place is super gorgeous!"

10. The Music Man

The Music Man
The Easons also hung out with musician Ryan Upchurch and his band. "Thanks for hanging out @thetravistidwell ! We had lots of fun. Thanks for also putting up with #MyTribe,"Jenelle captioned this pic.

11. Who?

Upchurch is a rapper and a favorite musician of Eason's, who appears to have introduced Jenelle to his music.

12. Platinum Partners?

Platinum Partners?
So the Easons made what appears to be an impromptu trip to Nashville, where they hung out with musicians and spent time in a studio.

13. Say It Ain't So

Say It Ain't So
Needless, to say, it's not difficult to see how fans might have arrived at the conclusion that the couple is planning to record music together.

14. An Announcement?

An Announcement?
Jenelle seems to have been aware that her pics would fuel speculation -- and she gave her followers something to talk about with her final post from the trip.

15. Laying Down tracks

Laying Down tracks
"Chillin with my man @lattanzi_lattitude_studio," Evans wrote. "We had a blast and Mike was very nice to let the kids play all they wanted! Cant wait to get back and lay a track with Maestro Mike!"

16. David the Drummer

David the Drummer
Eason plays the drums, but this is the first that fans have heard about Jenelle's musical aspirations.

17. On the DL

On the DL
If that's the direction the Easons are going in, it looks as though they're keeping the project semi-secret for the time being.

18. Change of Plans

Change of Plans
Clearly, Jenelle is grasping at straws in an effort to avoid getting a real job. Until recently the plan had been to strike it rich as a cosmetics mogul.

19. She's No Kylie

She's No Kylie
However, those ambitions were quickly thwarted, and not only because of JE Cosmetics' paltry sales.

20. Cutting Ties

Cutting Ties
Following a rumor that the brand's manufacturer, XJ Beauty, had severed its relationship with Jenelle, one consumer emailed the company and received an enlightening response.

21. End of the Road

End of the Road
"After what we saw happening on social media we saw something that our company does not stand for," wrote a representative. "We have already cut the tie/ended the business relationship with JE cosmetics."

22. From Makeup to Music?

From Makeup to Music?
Jenelle's new career path might seem to have come out of nowhere, but she's likely aware that her window of opportunity is narrow, and her options are limited.

23. The Kardashian Plan

The Kardashian Plan
Makeup lines and pop music are two of the more common ways that reality stars have sought to line their pockets over the years, and Jenelle already tried and failed at one of those pursuits.

24. Fingers Crossed

Fingers Crossed
So here's hoping Evans is planning to follow in the footsteps of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian by releasing a pop album.

25. We Deserve It

We Deserve It
After all, it's been sort of a grim year for a lot of folks. The world could use a laugh.

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