Jenelle Evans: Is She FINALLY Fired From Teen Mom 2?!

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For years now, Teen Mom 2 fans have been baffled by the show's decision to continue renewing Jenelle's contract.

There are plenty of ethical reasons to fire Jenelle -- she's a suspected child abuser, known bigot, and all-around terrible person.

And then there are the many practical reasons to let her go, including the fact that Jenelle's husband, David Eason, is making it impossible to film her, and she becomes more and more of a liability by the day.

For reasons that defy explanation, however, Jenelle remains employed.

But as The Ashley's Reality Roundup recently reported, Evans' bosses might soon reach their breaking point.

Take a look:

1. Problem Mom

Problem Mom
Jenelle has always been able to stir up drama and outrage fans. But lately, she's been creating even more unrest than usual.

2. Take Your Pick

Take Your Pick
There are so many Jenelle scandals that could have resulted in her termination or the show's cancelation that many fans disagree on which is the worst.

3. A Real Winner

A Real Winner
Racism, violence, child neglect, telling a Marine she hopes he dies in combat -- you name it, Jenelle is guilty of it.

4. Model Employee

Model Employee
To make matters worse, these days, it's almost impossible for Teen Mom 2 producers to compile enough usable footage of Jenelle to piece together a storyline.

5. The David Dilemma

The David Dilemma
The problem is that Jenelle's husband, David Eason, has been fired from the show, but continues to linger on set and make life hell for the crew.

6. The Last Straw

The Last Straw
Now, The Ashley's Reality Roundup is reporting that MTV execs are fed up with Jenelle, and they made their feelings clear during a very tense phone call last week.

7. Almost Axed

Almost Axed
Jenelle received a phone call from the Vice President of MTV Networks, and many thought it would be the end of her time on TM2.

8. So Close

So Close
“No one has a call with him unless there’s a very big issue!” one production source told The Ashley. “Because she was talking to him, everyone behind the scenes was positive that Jenelle was being fired on Friday."

9. Reunion Drama

Reunion Drama
"That’s what been circulating among the show’s higher and lower producers for weeks, ever since the Reunion,” the insider continued.

10. Thin Ice

Thin Ice
Yes, producers were apparently less than pleased with Jenelle's performance at the recent Reunion, where she was filmed separately from the rest of the girls for safety reasons.

11. Playing It Safe

Playing It Safe
As an added precaution, Jenelle and David were put up in a hotel in Philadelphia and driven into NYC for filming. Yes, the rest of the cast didn't even want to be in the same city as the Easons.

12. Always Obnoxious

Always Obnoxious
David was banned from the set, but insiders say he texted Jenelle constantly during her segment in order to interrupt filming.

13. Still Getting Away With It

Still Getting Away With It
Despite all of that, the MTV execs who spoke with Jenelle on Friday informed her that she'll be given one last chance.

14. Holding Off

Holding Off
But even though Jenelle has yet to be fired, producers are reluctant to continue working with her.

15. On Hold

On Hold
“Jenelle has not been filming for Season 9B like the other girls have,” one source tells The Ashley.

16. The Future

The Future
“She has asked various producers when -- and if -- she will be continuing to film and they have blown her off basically and not given her a straight answer," the insider continues.

17. Not the Brightest Bulb

Not the Brightest Bulb
Despite all of these developments, Jenelle is reportedly in denial about the possibility of being fired and has told friends she doesn't believe the show could continue without her.

18. Deep Denial

Deep Denial
“She also still believes that David will be allowed to start filming again,” the source claims. “This is why Jenelle says David is causing so many problems [for the crew] because he thinks he was wrongly fired and if they just allow him to film, he will stop [being a problem]. She really believes that MTV will give David another chance.”

19. Unbelievable

During the reunion, Jenelle squared off with host Nessa over bigoted comments Evans had made regarding Nessa's boyfriend, Colin Kaepernick. And astonishingly, MTV execs APOLOGIZED to Jenelle!

20. Is This Real Life?

Is This Real Life?
“The people on the call actually apologized to Jenelle for what happened to her at the Reunion with Nessa!” one source tells The Ashley. “They promised Jenelle that nothing like that would happen again.”

21. New Rules

New Rules
Thankfully, it wasn't all kowtowing. Jenelle was informed that if she continues to appear on the show, she'll need to follow some new rules.

22. No More Shade

No More Shade
Basically, Jenelle won't be able to trash talk her producers or castmates on social media anymore. It won't be easy!

23. Crushing Disappointment

Crushing Disappointment
The possibility of Jenelle being fired was apparently a major topic of conversation at the Reunion -- and the fact that she hasn't been canned is a source of great consternation.

24. We Don't Blame Them

We Don't Blame Them
“When the crew and producers found out Jenelle was not let go, many of them were very upset and disappointed,” the source said. “Everyone finally thought they were rid of Jenelle and David and all their chaos for good.”

25. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
Fortunately, there's no way Jenelle will be able to follow all these new rules, so we still have reason to be hopeful!

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