Jenelle Evans: I'm Hotter Than Ever After Dumping David Eason!

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Lots of people have resolved to shed some pounds in the new year, but Jenelle Evans already has a leg up on all them.

After all, she dropped 220 pounds in one day when she kicked her loser husband to the curb.

Yes, it's been over two months since Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason, and it seems Jenelle is loving life in the post-Eason era.

Jenelle is dating some guy Herb Wilkinson; she's started a new life for herself in Nashville, and it seems she's re-focused on her health and physical well-being.

We imagine it's hard to think about working out when you're depressed about sharing a bed with your abusive husband and his shotgun.

Take a look at Jenelle's progress.

1. Nashville Waistline

Nashville Waistline
Jenelle Evans is celebrating some major weight loss. And we're not just talking about the quick 220 she dropped when she kicked David Eason to the curb!

2. Turning Things Around

Turning Things Around
For months now, Jenelle has been telling fans that she's happier and healthier than ever these days.

3. What's Going On Here?

What's Going On Here?
While there's no doubt that her life is easier without David, Jenelle lies the way most people breathe in and out, so a lot of Teen Mom 2 fans have been skeptical about her progress.

4. Posting Proof

Posting Proof
Seemingly as a response against her critics, Jenelle has begun posting full-body pics meant to highlight her recent weight loss

5. Gym Rat

Gym Rat
“Feel like puking,” she captioned this pic, which appears to be a post-workout selfie. “Buttt my body is slowly coming back,”

6. Bathroom Belfie

Bathroom Belfie
Later that same day, Jenelle added this pic to her Instagram Story. The girl loves her filters!

7. Baby Steps

Baby Steps
Jenelle looks about the same as she did the last time she posted pics like this. But we don't know how much weight she might have gained after leaving David, or how long it might have been since the last time she set foot inside a gym,

8. Progress

And regardless of how her body may or may not have changed, the fact that she once again feels confident to post thirst trip pics is actually a very good sign.

9. Total Transformation

Total Transformation
Those who know Evans best say it's not just her body that's been undergoing some significant changes in recent months.

10. Imperfect Circle

Imperfect Circle
The makeup of Jenelle's inner-circle has changed considerably since she left David, as the troubled former reality star has mended fences with former foes such as Nathan Griffith and Barbara Evans.

11. Offering Support

Offering Support
“I know the critics will criticize and I know the … haters will hate, but this is honestly the first time in a while that I’ve seen [Jenelle] make serious and positive changes in her life and thinking,” Griffith tweeted last month.

12. Kind Words

Kind Words
“I’m so proud of the person you’re becoming," Griffith added.

13. Babs Is Back

Babs Is Back
Jenelle has even managed to make amends with Barbara Evans, who has been raising her son Jace since the boy's infancy.

14. A Strained Relationship

A Strained Relationship
Jenelle and Babs had limited contact with one another during the former's relationship with David.

15. Making Peace

Making Peace
They've apparently managed to put those hard feelings behind them, as the mother and daughter spent much of the holiday season together, including this Thanksgiving dinner at the Cracker Barrel.

16. No Easy Feat

No Easy Feat
If Jenelle is managing to lose weight while frequenting chain restaurants, she has our undying respect. But we digress.

17. Ups and Downs

Ups and Downs
Of course, it hasn't been all progress and good news for Jenelle in recent months.

18. Hard Times Ahead

Hard Times Ahead
Evans will soon begin what promises to be a very ugly custody battle against Eason. And it seems the prospect is giving her such bad anxiety that she often struggles to sleep.

19. Split Decision

Split Decision
On top of that, Jenelle has entered a new relationship that has her fanbase deeply divided.

20. Enter Herb

Enter Herb
The guy's name is Herbert Wilkinson, and many fans see the Boston-based 23-year-old as David 2.0.

21. Here We Go Again

Here We Go Again
Like David, Herb has a sketchy past which includes some very recent brushes with the law, as well as some disturbingly bigoted social media rants.

22. What a Guy

He's also in the habit of making videos in which he piles insults on random women. Cool.

23. A Walking Red Flag

A Walking Red Flag
But for Jenelle the biggest red flag might be that he used to be in the habit of hurling vicious insults at her on social media while watching Teen Mom 2.

24. Nice Try

Nice Try
Fans have cautioned Jenelle to proceed slowly with Herb and focus on her kids as much as possible. But since when does Jenelle listen to advice?

25. Keep Plugging Away

Keep Plugging Away
So yeah, she may have made some progress in recent months. But she's still Jenelle, and you can bet she still has a long way to go. Best of luck to the Carolina Hurricane!

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