Jenelle Evans: I'm Depressed Because Everyone Hates Me, Dude!

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Attila the Hun. Genghis Khan. People who are too busy spending their life's savings on scratch-off tickets to notice that you're behind them in line just waiting to pay for your gas.

Is Jenelle Evans as delporable as these monsters?

Short answer: yes. 

Long answer: no, she's actually worse.

That may sound extreme, but was G-Khan ever complicit in the murder of a French bulldog puppy? We think not.

Anyway, it seems Jenelle just learned this week that she's one of the more widely-despised figures on the internet, and it's got her, like, totally bummed out dude.

Check out the gallery below for Jenelle's deep thoughts on the subject:

1. The Moment of Realization

The Moment of Realization
Jenelle Evans is having a hard time. It seems the former Teen Mom 2 star has recently become aware that she's not particularly well-liked on the internet. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

2. Tough Times

Tough Times
How is it possible that Evans is JUST NOW realizing how unpopular she is? Well, lately, it's been one rough patch after another for the Carolina Hurricane, and it seems the events of the past few months have led her to some uncomfortable truths.

3. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
It all started, of course, when Jenelle's husband, David Eason, beat, shot, and killed her french bulldog puppy, Nugget.

4. Evil People

Evil People
It may sound like Jenelle is the victim here, but she actually assisted David in covering up his crimes, even going so far as to tell police that the poor pup had simply run away.

5. Whoops!

David's senseless dog slaughter set off a domino effect. Police never found Nugget's body, but they DID find Jenelle's kids living in deplorable conditions.

6. Justice

You probably know the rest of the story -- the kids were taken away by CPS; Jenelle was fired by MTV; the peasants rejoiced.

7. The Comeback Kid

The Comeback Kid
But after a grueling legal battle that lasted several weeks, Jenelle regained custody of MOST of her children. And while this was going on, she launched a new business venture that she hoped would bring in enough cash to save her from getting a real job ...

8. She's No Kylie

She's No Kylie
That's how we wound up with JE Cosmetics, which Jenelle finally launched last month after a three-year (!!!) development process. And oh, what a disaster it turned out to be ...

9. You Can't Make This Stuff Up

You Can't Make This Stuff Up
First, Jenelle only sold 150 units in her first two weeks of operations (she had paid to have several thousand manufactured). Then the complaints started rolling in ...

10. Yikes

Customers complained that they had found hair and other contaminants in their kits, and they demanded refunds.

11. Lashing Out

Lashing Out
Jenelle responded with one of her signature tantrums -- firing her longtime manager, Johnny Donovan, and threatening to sue her manufacturer.

12. The Bubble Has Burst

The Bubble Has Burst
All this is to say -- you know that protective barrier that surrounded Jenelle and shielded her from criticism when she was rich and famous? Yeah, it's gone now.

13. Jenelle Sad

Jenelle Sad
Evans does a lot of Instagram Q&As these days (she's got a lot of time on her hands!), and in her latest, she admitted that the event of the past few months are beginning to get her down.

14. Ouch

As first reported by The Ashley's Reality Roundup, when a fan asked if Jenelle has any additional business ventures coming down the pike, she replied, “I hope so but IDK cuz everyone hates me,”

15. Welcome to the Pity Party

Welcome to the Pity Party
Another fan asked if Evans is happy now that she got her wish of no longer appearing on television and being free to spend all her time on The Land. This prompted Jenelle to reply:

16. Goth Musings

Goth Musings
“[I’m] very [happy], but still get a lot of hate and wish it would stop. I’m trying to be myself and lay low from now on. Just getting more depressed…”

17. The Quiet Storm

The Quiet Storm
“Everyone in the house notices how quiet I am,” Jenelle later posted, apropos of nothing.

18. David to the Rescue?

David to the Rescue?
“Then everyone just gives me lots of hugs and asks me if I’m OK. David helps out a lot with the kids, cooks for me, says sweet things," she added.

19. Allow Us to Explain ...

Allow Us to Explain ...
Look, the last thing we want is to kick someone when they’re down, so allow us to take this opportunity to remind everyone that we’re (mostly) joking when we compare Jenelle to the bloodthirsty warlords of the ancient world.

20. To Be Fair ...

To Be Fair ...
But we’d also like to point out that it’s not like Jenelle is disliked because she wore white after Labor Day.

21. Just Sayin'

Just Sayin'
The woman stands accused of countless acts of violence, animal abuse, and child neglect.

22. Think About It

Think About It
Even Amber Portwood hasn’t gotten fired from MTV, which should tell you all you need to know about the severity of Jenelle’s crimes.

23. Pro Tip

Pro Tip
All of that said, if Jenelle is truly depressed, then she should take the proper steps to look after her mental health — and it seems that she would benefit tremendously from taking some time off social media.

24. The Bright Side

The Bright Side
But hey, if she does decide to remain eternally online, at least she still has plenty of supporters.

25. Good Times

Good Times
“I appreciate you all sympathizing with me and I forget people really do care about what’s going on in my life and they really care about my emotions,” she wrote yesterday. See? Even G-Khan had friends!

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