Jenelle Evans: I'm Depressed Because Everyone Hates Me, Dude!

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Attila the Hun. Genghis Khan. People who are too busy spending their life's savings on scratch-off tickets to notice that you're behind them in line just waiting to pay for your gas.

Is Jenelle Evans as delporable as these monsters?

Short answer: yes. 

Long answer: no, she's actually worse.

That may sound extreme, but was G-Khan ever complicit in the murder of a French bulldog puppy? We think not.

Anyway, it seems Jenelle just learned this week that she's one of the more widely-despised figures on the internet, and it's got her, like, totally bummed out dude.

Check out the gallery below for Jenelle's deep thoughts on the subject:

1. The Moment of Realization

The Moment of Realization
Jenelle Evans is having a hard time. It seems the former Teen Mom 2 star has recently become aware that she's not particularly well-liked on the internet. Or anywhere else, for that matter.

2. Tough Times

Tough Times
How is it possible that Evans is JUST NOW realizing how unpopular she is? Well, lately, it's been one rough patch after another for the Carolina Hurricane, and it seems the events of the past few months have led her to some uncomfortable truths.

3. The Nugget Incident

The Nugget Incident
It all started, of course, when Jenelle's husband, David Eason, beat, shot, and killed her french bulldog puppy, Nugget.

4. Evil People

Evil People
It may sound like Jenelle is the victim here, but she actually assisted David in covering up his crimes, even going so far as to tell police that the poor pup had simply run away.

5. Whoops!

David's senseless dog slaughter set off a domino effect. Police never found Nugget's body, but they DID find Jenelle's kids living in deplorable conditions.

6. Justice

You probably know the rest of the story -- the kids were taken away by CPS; Jenelle was fired by MTV; the peasants rejoiced.

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