Nathan Griffith: BUSTED For Drunk Driving! Custody Case in Peril??

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Bad news today for Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith - and it might also be some rare good news for his long-suffering ex, Jenelle Evans.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup first reported that Griffith was arrested for driving while impaired in North Carolina on Thursday night.

If he were a first time offender, Nathan probably wouldn't have much to worry about ... but this is Nathan we're talking about here.

Obviously, if you know his history, he's very far from that, and he's also in the midst of a particularly ugly custody battle with Jenelle.

How does she feel about this right about now? Is his misfortune the lucky break she needed in the battle for their young son Kaiser? 

Well, it seems there'll be some cause for celebration on The Land tonight, and not just because of killing pigs or some redneck s--t.

Take a look:

1. Busted

Yes, it's another arrest for another troubled Teen Mom 2 baby daddy, who was once engaged to Jenelle Evans before their relationship went horribly, terribly wrong. And this run-in with the law may have some major repercussions for Nate the Not-So-Great.

2. Nate the Not-So Great

Nate the Not-So Great
According to celebrity news site The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Griffith was picked up by Wake County cops on Thursday. He was allegedly driving while impaired, and dude is still behind bars at press time.

3. Bad Stuff

Bad Stuff
As far as we know, he's currently being held on $10,000 bail. It's not clear what Nathan's financial situation is, but that five-figure sum is not a paltry amount to fork over just to secure your own freedom pending trial.

4. Waiting ... Not the Hardest Part This Time

Waiting ... Not the Hardest Part This Time
According to The Ashley, Griffith may not get sprung until he goes before a judge. He is currently “awaiting trial," and is scheduled to go before a judge on Friday.

5. A Dubious Distinction

A Dubious Distinction
Nate, of course, is best known as the former fiance of Jenelle and the father of her son Kaiser, her second child.

6. Not a Competition, But ...

Not a Competition, But ...
Granted, Nathan doesn't have nearly as many mug shots as Jenelle (who does, in all seriousness?!), but he's got quite a lengthy rap sheet of his own, and that's likely to come back to haunt him to at least some degree here.

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