Nathan Griffith: BUSTED For Drunk Driving! Custody Case in Peril??

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Bad news today for Teen Mom 2's Nathan Griffith - and it might also be some rare good news for his long-suffering ex, Jenelle Evans.

The Ashley's Reality Roundup first reported that Griffith was arrested for driving while impaired in North Carolina on Thursday night.

If he were a first time offender, Nathan probably wouldn't have much to worry about ... but this is Nathan we're talking about here.

Obviously, if you know his history, he's very far from that, and he's also in the midst of a particularly ugly custody battle with Jenelle.

How does she feel about this right about now? Is his misfortune the lucky break she needed in the battle for their young son Kaiser? 

Well, it seems there'll be some cause for celebration on The Land tonight, and not just because of killing pigs or some redneck s--t.

Take a look:

1. Busted

Yes, it's another arrest for another troubled Teen Mom 2 baby daddy, who was once engaged to Jenelle Evans before their relationship went horribly, terribly wrong. And this run-in with the law may have some major repercussions for Nate the Not-So-Great.

2. Nate the Not-So Great

Nate the Not-So Great
According to celebrity news site The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Griffith was picked up by Wake County cops on Thursday. He was allegedly driving while impaired, and dude is still behind bars at press time.

3. Bad Stuff

Bad Stuff
As far as we know, he's currently being held on $10,000 bail. It's not clear what Nathan's financial situation is, but that five-figure sum is not a paltry amount to fork over just to secure your own freedom pending trial.

4. Waiting ... Not the Hardest Part This Time

Waiting ... Not the Hardest Part This Time
According to The Ashley, Griffith may not get sprung until he goes before a judge. He is currently “awaiting trial," and is scheduled to go before a judge on Friday.

5. A Dubious Distinction

A Dubious Distinction
Nate, of course, is best known as the former fiance of Jenelle and the father of her son Kaiser, her second child.

6. Not a Competition, But ...

Not a Competition, But ...
Granted, Nathan doesn't have nearly as many mug shots as Jenelle (who does, in all seriousness?!), but he's got quite a lengthy rap sheet of his own, and that's likely to come back to haunt him to at least some degree here.

7. A Regular at Lock-Up

A Regular at Lock-Up
Griffith has been arrested multiple times, most of them alcohol-related. In 2016, he was picked up for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, impairment and endangering himself and others.

8. This Freakin' Guy

This Freakin' Guy
In 2015, he was arrested for domestic assault. In 2013, he was picked up for DUI ... his second offense at the time.

9. Serious Trouble

Serious Trouble
If you're keeping score at home, Griffith has AT LEAST 3 DUIs. Which means this one could land him in the worst trouble he's been in to date, and that's saying something.

10. What's Next?

What's Next?
It's anyone's guess what will become of this fool when he goes in front of a judge, but you can bet his latest arrest won't help his current custody battle.

11. Tricky Situation

Tricky Situation
If you recall, Griffith was the one who called 911 and requested a welfare check on his son with Jenelle after receiving word that David Eason had shot and killed the family dog, Nugget, earlier this year.

12. The Rest Is History

The Rest Is History
This, of course, led to a CPS investigation, which resulted in Jenelle and David temporarily losing custody of their kids. Griffith was hailed as a hero of sorts, or at least not as big of a f--kup as the Easons, for his role in blowing the whistle on the events that take place on The Land.

13. Kid Can't Catch a Break

Kid Can't Catch a Break
For several weeks in the aftermath of that s--tshow, Kaiser lived with Nathan and his fiancee, but proving that the courts are inclined to return a child to his mother except in the most dire of circumstances, he was eventually placed back with the Easons.

14. Back and Forth

Back and Forth
Of course, the current arrangement is only temporary, and Nathan and Jenelle are set to square off in court again next month. This is where the new charges, if they stick, could come into play.

15. A Tough Spot

A Tough Spot
There was a time when it seemed that things would work out in Nate's favor - he seemed to be stepping up as a father, and Jenelle's life was an utter disaster. Now that doesn't seem to be the case.

16. Keeping Mum

Keeping Mum
Remarkably, and perhaps under the advice of counsel, Jenelle has yet to comment on Nathan's arrest on social media.

17. Finally Some Good News

Finally Some Good News
Of course, this is the break that she's been waiting for - a chance to show the court that while she's got plenty of skeletons in her closet, what's the alternative here? A drunk-driving maniac!

18. Everything's Coming Up Jenelle

Everything's Coming Up Jenelle
It's been a rough few months for Jenelle, what with the loss of her dog, her kids, her job, her cosmetics company, and just about everything else she holds dear.

19. Right Cordial of Him

Right Cordial of Him
Now, Nathan might have just handed her a much-needed win out of nowhere. What a guy. And she said he never did anything for her.

20. Memories

Nathan and Jenelle's relationship was mercifully brief, but the gruesome twosome packed a LOT of drama into their short time together.

21. They Deserve Each Other

They Deserve Each Other
Fights, arrests, wishing death on an active service member ... you name it, Jenelle and Nathan did it.

22. Class Act

Class Act
Actually, that last part was just Jenelle. Remember when she told Nate's brother Noah that she wished he had died on his most recent tour of combat duty in Iraq? Yeah, she's been awful for a very long time, y'all.

23. Open-and-Shut Case?

Open-and-Shut Case?
So now that Nate has another DWI arrest under his belt, it should be pretty easy for Jenelle to obtain full custody, right? Well, not necessarily ...

24. Still a Bad Mom

Still a Bad Mom
Don't forget, it was just a few months ago that Jenelle and David lost custody of ALL of their kids. Currently, only three of five live with them.

25. Putting It In Persoective

Putting It In Persoective
What Nathan did was stupid and dangerous, and he deserves whatever consequences are coming his way. But it's not like he beat, shot, and killed the family dog in front of his kids.

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