Jenelle Evans Leaves Court Without Kids OR David: What Happened?!

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These past few weeks have pretty rough for Jenelle Evans.

Her husband murdered her dog, CPS took all her kids away ... it's been a wild, sad time down in North Carolina.

Since last week, Jenelle's been in court, trying to get her children back, and today was supposed to be the big day -- the day she'd find out whether or not Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa would be coming home.

So what went down?

The Ashley's Reality Roundup has a recap of everything that happened, and well ... 

It's one wild ride.

1. Goodness Gracious

Goodness Gracious
We do not envy Jenelle right now. Or, well, we've never envied her, but lately things have been especially horrific for her.

2. Miss You, Nugget

Miss You, Nugget
For one, her dog got killed. And not only did it get killed, it got beaten before being shot with a shotgun.

3. Ugh

And not only did her dog get beaten and killed, but it happened at the hands of her very own husband, David Eason.

4. Oh No

Oh No
And if that wasn't bad enough, it happened in front of Ensley, Kaiser, and Maryssa.

5. Surprise!

For two, there was such an outrage over what happened to Nugget and how Jenelle so quickly forgave David that she was ultimately fired from Teen Mom 2.

6. Ouch

She reportedly made over $400,000 last season alone, and now she's unemployed, and also darn near unemployable.

7. Um

With three children in the home, child support payments for David's son, the costs of caring for all those poor animals they've been dragging onto their home that also happens to be sinking into the earth ... it's just not a good situation.

8. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
And speaking of bad situations, we have the third reason we're glad we're not in Jenelle's shoes -- all those kids have been taken from her.

9. Not a Good Sign

Not a Good Sign
Yep, after David killed Nugget, police opened an investigation, and from there a detective hollered at CPS and told them it would probably be for the best if Kaiser, Ensley, and Maryssa were removed from Jenelle and David's care.

10. No More Visits

No More Visits
And even though Barbara, Jenelle's mother, has full, permanent custody of Jace, she was told not to allow any visits, either.

11. Saving Kaiser

Saving Kaiser
Kaiser was the first kid to leave the swampy nightmare -- Nathan rescued him by picking him up from preschool while Jenelle and David were unaware of CPS' plan.

12. Weird Move

Weird Move
A few days later, Maryssa and Ensley were sent to stay with Maryssa's maternal grandmother -- Jenelle and David took them before CPS could officially remove them.

13. Little Ensley

Little Ensley
A few days after that, Ensley was moved again, this time into Barbara's home so that she could be with a family member -- she obviously has no ties to Maryssa's mother's mother.

14. Not Having It

Not Having It
After the girls left, Jenelle and David went down to the courthouse to object to it all, and so a judge sat down to decide whether or not the kids should stay at home while police investigate David.

15. Tough Call

Tough Call
They were in court two days last week and two days this week, and it hasn't been pretty.

16. Save the Kids

Save the Kids
The decision has been taking so long to make because it's such a complicated matter, and each child involved has a different set of parents.

17. Of Course

Of Course
It doesn't seem like Jenelle and David have been making things easy, either -- a recent report claims that they tried to get the judge removed from the case because he's biased in favor of CPS, because that's a smart move, right?

18. Dang It, David

Dang It, David
Another report said that when they had a visit with the kids at the courthouse, Maryssa left sobbing and David followed her out and asked why she wouldn't speak to him.

19. Classic David

Classic David
He's been seen threatening photographers while leaving court, and one of those photographers got a shot of a pistol just casually hanging out on the dash of their car during one courtdate.

20. Noooo

Perhaps the saddest piece of gossip in this part of the saga is that Jenelle has allegedly been informed that if she leaves David, she could get the kids back much more easily, since he's the one being investigated, but she's refused.

21. So Sad

So Sad
It's just a mess, OK? It's one great big tragic mess, but thankfully, there's an end in sight.

22. Is It Over?

Is It Over?
Today was supposed to be the last day of court for the Easons -- the day the judge finally decided what to do.

23. So?!

How did things go? Not well.

24. Interesting ...

Interesting ...
The first thing we heard from North Carolina today was from Radar Online -- they shared photos of David leaving the courthouse alone.

25. What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?
The kids weren't with him, obviously, but neither was Jenelle -- an important thing to note, since they've entered and left court together every single time before today.

26. Weird

The site also reported that he seemed upset -- instead of interacting with paparazzi like before, he completely ignored them on his way out.

27. Jenelle?!

So where was his loyal wife?

28. So Sick

So Sick
According to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle left court before David because she was feeling under the weather.

29. No Visit

No Visit
She and David were going to be able to have another visit with the kids after court, but “Jenelle indicated that she would not be able to make the visitation due to illness.”

30. Fair

She could have been telling the truth, as witnesses claimed that she did look "tired, scared and worn out" today.

31. Or Maybe ...

Or Maybe ...
Another possibility is that Jenelle wanted to leave because according to The Ashley, today someone in the family got on the stand and revealed what goes on behind closed doors down on the Eason swamp.

32. Yikes

We don't have any word on what was said -- the judge ordered everyone involved in the case to keep it quiet, remember -- but like, it can't have been good.

33. The Verdict?

The Verdict?
So what ended up happening with the case? Are they getting their kids back?

34. More Waiting

More Waiting
We don't know.

35. Come On

Come On
Apparently the judge wants one more day to make his final ruling ... but because of the long holiday weekend, court isn't back in session until Tuesday.

36. So Far Away

So Far Away
So we have to wait until then to hear whether or not the kids are going back to Jenelle and David.

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