90 Day Fiance Happily Ever After Recap: Pedro Betrays Chantel

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90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? continued with Season 4 through Memorial Weekend.

Last week, we showed you a sneak peek of Larissa confessing something major to Debbie.

Ashley and Jay's drama continues, and Andrei and Elizabeth were frankly almost forgettable this week.

As usual, everyone is worried that Nicole is pouring her heart out to a guy who isn't acting as interested in her.

But Russ finally fessed up to Paola about the secret that he'd been keeping from her.

The biggest news of all was from Pedro, who took an indefinite leave from his marriage, left the country, and visited people who hate his wife.

Look below to see the outrageous things that he did the second that he was away from Chantel.

1. Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro
We HAVE to start with these two. Because while Chantel was breaking the news to The Family Chantel about her husband's month-long, possibly indefinite trip tot he Dominican Republic, Pedro was there ... and going wild.

2. He bought a one-way ticket, folks

He bought a one-way ticket, folks
Some people do that just for better prices (it's counterintuitive, we know, but the airlines will do anything to jack up prices, so sometimes it helps to check ticket costs from multiple angles). But for Pedro, it may signify deeper problems within his marriage.

3. That's not how Nicole sees it

That's not how Nicole sees it
You may remember how Pedro's sister, Nicole, played a major role in the feuding that started a physical brawl at Chantel's family's home last year. Well, she's still causing trouble.

4. She claims that Pedro is "single" tonight

She claims that Pedro is "single" tonight
Couples can give each other "time off" if they want to, but that has to be a mutual decision. Pedro's sister does not get to decide that in front of friends who are happy to see Pedro. And, in particular, in front of a beautiful girl, Coraima, who's had a crush on Pedro for ages.

5. This ... was a mistake

This ... was a mistake
Pedro allows one of his buddies to pull off his wedding ring. Harmless in and of itself? Sure. But the symbolism isn't exactly subtle, and it's not like they don't know that Chantel's going to see all of this. (Real talk: we'd love to believe that the producers set all of this up for The Drama)

6. Pedro had a lot of fun

Pedro had a lot of fun
The bit where they took off his ring, put it in his drink, and got him to chug the drink? He's still cracking up over that. We wonder if Chantel will be as amused when she sees him drink to forget "his problems" -- her.

7. Too much fun, actually

Too much fun, actually
He already knows how angry Chantel is going to be ... and that's before the sexy dancing starts

8. THIS sexy dancing

THIS sexy dancing
Now, we don't blame Coraima for this. She doesn't know Chantel, and we're assuming that all of her knowledge about Pedro's marriage comes from Nicole -- not exactly a reliable source. But Pedro? Pedro knew exactly what he was doing when she was grinding on his junk.

9. He seriously let loose

He seriously let loose
If it were just the grinding, he might have tried to sell Chantel on some story of him sitting down and the Coraima came up and grinded on him. But he's lifting and dipping her. That's ... going to be a fun-to-watch confrontation when he sees Chantel.

10. Colt and Larissa

Colt and Larissa
As we shared in our sneak peek last week, Larissa shared some huge news with her mother-in-law, Debbie.

11. She has two kids in Brazil

She has two kids in Brazil
Colt has known this all along, but this was a huge shock to Debbie.

12. Debbie was unimpressed at first

Debbie was unimpressed at first
Larissa had waited for months and months of living in the same house, until after she'd married Colt, before she told her.

13. Does she not love them?

Does she not love them?
"I miss my children every day. I voice call, video call," Larissa affirms. "But it was really hard leaving my children behind when I move to America."

14. Why leave them behind at all?

Why leave them behind at all?
"I know that it’s hard to understand, ‘Why you don’t bring your children to America, Larissa?’ but you know I just saw Colt twice in my life," Larissa explains. "So I thought to first come here to work with my relationship with Colt and to later decide to bring my children one day."

15. Debbie understood eventually

Debbie understood eventually
And perhaps it made Debbie feel a little good to know that Larissa cared so much about her opinion of her that it took months and months for her to come clean.

16. That said ...

That said ...
"I think Larissa has a lot of secrets,” Debbie expresses. “And now I’m just wondering what else is she hiding."

17. Nicole and Azan

Nicole and Azan
Nicole is still dealing with her family -- and of course she is, because Azan is still in Morocco. Their drama remains long-distance.

18. But not forever

But not forever
On the show, she's planning ot meet up with him in Grenada.

19. But her family still has a ton of questions

But her family still has a ton of questions
They want to know about her wedding plans, but there's more to it than that. What are her plans for putting May through school? After all, she's famously planning on moving to Morocco and taking her little girl with her.

20. They love her, but they're worried

They love her, but they're worried
"I think it’s going to fall apart in the end," Nicole's stepfather predicts. "But, hey, I just hope she doesn’t come back pregnant."

21. Nicole doesn't want to deal with these problems

Nicole doesn't want to deal with these problems
Nicole insists that she doesn't "want to put pressure on Azan" before their big romantic vacation. Weird that she's prioritizing Azan's feelings over those of everyone else, including her own. We know that she and Azan love each other, but so much of her behavior reads as those of a woman afraid of losing Azan. His behavior does not read the same way.

22. Russ and Paola

Russ and Paola
The Mayfields have a bit of interpersonal drama after Russ finally comes clean to Paola about the secret that he's been harboring for multiple episodes

23. Russ got a job offer

Russ got a job offer
That sounds great! Unfortunately, the job offer was for Oklahoma, population ... not even 4 million, across the entire state. Paola really prefers living in Miami.

24. Plus, he kept it a secret

Plus, he kept it a secret
Now, it starts to look like Pao that this whole baby shower thing was more of a ploy to see if he could trick her into enjoying herself in Oklahoma.

25. Paola has real concerns here

Paola has real concerns here
This isn't just about her modeling career or even about her living around her friends. She has a baby on the way, and doesn't want to condemn Axel to being an Oklahoma native.

26. Russ promises to turn down the offer

Russ promises to turn down the offer
This is a relief to Pao, but Russ is clearly harboring bitter feelings over what that job could have meant for him if he'd stayed in Oklahoma.

27. So ... who's right?

So ... who's right?
We wouldn't normally recommend that a human being live in Florida, but Miami is a far cry from, say, Jacksonville. And it sounds like a better alternative (except for the weather) to Oklahoma. That said, Oklahoma City actually has a higher population than Miami. Maybe Pao (and the rest of us) are forgetting that, like all states, OK has urban areas that defy the state's overall reputation.

28. We do, at least, know who wins

We do, at least, know who wins
In recent weeks, Paola and Russ have clearly been living in Florida -- according to the location data shared when they post new pics to Instagram. Maybe Russ got a job in Miami and was able to have his career without living in a landlocked state. We'll find out!

29. Andrei and Elizabeth

Andrei and Elizabeth
Their updates are so brief and uneventful that some sites, we see, didn't even cover what went down. We'll keep it brief.

30. Andrei is just not a nice dude

Andrei is just not a nice dude
Elizabeth and her entire family have bent over backwards to try to soothe his ego -- allowing him to move out of her dad's house even though he can't actually afford to. Meanwhile, Andrei accuses Elizabeth of trying to "terrorize" him with her pregnancy, even though he uses her pregnancy as his excuse for why he doesn't want a full-time job that might keep him away from appointments. Ugh.

31. Ashley and Jay

Ashley and Jay
Ashley's girls weekend continues as she gets some distance from Jay, who by her own admission has been driving her nuts with everything that he does lately.

32. She's having a blast

She's having a blast
However, when Jay finds out that she went out dancing, he flips out on her, calling her to video chat.

33. He wanted to scold her, apparently

He wanted to scold her, apparently
"I don’t really get you," Jay tells Ashley angrily. "Like, you just go places and not tell me?"

34. Jay demands respect, apparently

Jay demands respect, apparently
"I don’t care if it’s a girls’ weekend," Jay ranted. "It’s out of respect to tell me that you’re going out." Respect from whom, dude? Ashley didn't let herself be upset by the angry words of the guy who spent their first days of marriage planning to hook up with a high school senior.

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