Jenelle Evans Fights Mom After Court: Just How Delusional is She?!

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Do you ever just check in on the latest comings and goings of Jenelle and just get totally exhausted?

If not, well ... get ready to experience that phenomenon.

Because yeah, sure, things have been pretty intense in her world lately, but even by those standards, what happened yesterday was just utterly insane.

We've got Jenelle fighting with Barbara, David fighting with Nathan, accusations of child abuse and hard drug use, talk of restraining orders ...

And a great big delusional interview from Jenelle to top it all off.

If all of this sounds like something you'd be interested in -- and trust us, it really is -- then settle in and we'll get going.

1. Some Background Info

Some Background Info
To understand all that happened yesterday, you need to know a couple of things, and one of them is that Jenelle has a very, VERY troubled history with her mother, Barbara.

2. The History

The History
Jenelle and Barbara's problems go all the way back to when she was a child -- she's said that she never felt like her mother offered her the love and care she needed, and their relationship only got worse after Jenelle signed over custody of her youngest son, Jace, when he was an infant.

3. So Many Troubles

So Many Troubles
Barbara has taken good care of Jace, and she does have full, permanent custody of him now, but there were several years there where we saw Jenelle scream and cry and pretty much despise her mom for not just handing the kid back over, even though she was seriously troubled for a long time -- she was getting arrested all the time, in and out of abusive relationships, and dealing with drug problems.

4. Ouch

Since there was so much animosity over Barbara having custody of Jace, it must really be difficult for Jenelle to see her get custody of Ensley, too.

5. Of Course

Of Course
That's the other thing you need to know -- that Barbara currently has custody of Ensley after CPS removed all the kids from Jenelle's home following David's brutal killing of the family's French bulldog, Nugget.

6. Let's Go

Let's Go
So that's where we are now: Jenelle and David don't have custody of any of their kids, they've been having to go to court weekly to keep up with everything and have their supervised visits, and their golden child, Ensley, is with one of their worst enemies at the moment, Barbara. How could this possibly go wrong?!

7. What Happened?

What Happened?
Yesterday, Jenelle and David had to go to court because they're currently working on steps to regain custody. Nathan brought Kaiser, and Barbara brought Ensley -- we're not sure if Jace came or not, but it looked like just the two youngest kids came, probably for a visit.

8. Breaking the Rules

Breaking the Rules
At one point, everyone was able to leave for a lunch break, and Barbara let Jenelle see Ensley in the parking lot. Plenty of paparazzi were around, so what happened next was well-documented.

9. Being Diffcult

Being Diffcult
After a minute or two of Jenelle holding Ensley -- which probably shouldn't have even happened, since we're pretty sure CPS is supposed to supervise every visit -- Barbara wanted to leave so she could take the kid to lunch.

10. Ugh

"I'm right here outside the courthouse, I'm giving my daughter a hug," Jenelle told her. "If you have a problem with it then go get an officer, because obviously she's not scared."

11. Fair?

That part was true -- Ensley was holding onto her mom with her head on her shoulder -- but Barbara's argument was that she only had 30 minutes to leave, get lunch, and be back, so she needed to take Ensley and go. So Jenelle put Ensley down and started walking her to Barb's car.

12. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
One of the photographers told Jenelle that he was happy she was able to "have this moment" with her kid, and she agreed and added a snide remark about how Barbara had blocked her number. Barbara then said that Jenelle being so sweet with Ensley was "only for the cameras."

13. Taking a Turn

Taking a Turn
Jenelle said something quietly to Barbara, and the conversation shifted to a video that Barbara's son, Colin, had posted on social media just before court, while Babs was off taking a shower -- as Jenelle explained it to her, "your son is posting naked pictures of my daughter online."

14. Yikes

To be clear, Colin never posted naked photos of Ensley. He shared a video of her crying, and she was wearing a diaper. It still wasn't great by any means -- she was crying really hard, and Colin was telling her things like "I know you miss your mommy" -- but it wasn't a naked photo.

15. Naturally

Still, Jenelle claimed that she'd been trying to contact CPS about it already, but since she hadn't gotten anywhere with them, she'd moved on to the Department of Social Services.

16. Oh Good

Oh Good
Next, Jenelle explained that she was once again skipping her visit with the kids. This time, the excuses were that Kaiser arrived too early and that Jace had an award ceremony at school (???).

17. Hmmm ...

Hmmm ...
This part is pretty interesting -- Barbara said that she had to miss Jace's ceremony, that she had to leave him at school, and Jenelle told her that their judge was "pretty pissed off" that she wasn't there. Barbara argued that she was only supposed to have been in court for five minutes, and a little later she says she wasn't even supposed to be there at all before someone called and requested she come in, but things have obviously ran a lot longer than that. She also complained that now she has to get another attorney.

18. Why Though?

Why Though?
What could have happened that she has to get another lawyer? From the way she made it sound, it seems like things were supposed to have been wrapped up, but now there are more issues. That's pure speculation, of course, but that's what we're getting from that little bit of conversation.

19. The Plot Thickens

The Plot Thickens
They finally got to Barbara's car, and Nathan was there -- it looked like he was going for lunch with Barbara. Jenelle put Ensley in her carseat, and Barbara told Nathan that she was only doing all of this for the paparazzi, and Jenelle went off.

20. Right

She said that she and David did the same thing during the last court date without any cameras around, and she also suggested that paparazzi get a picture of the side of Barb's car where Jace apparently wrote "please do drugs, they're good for you." We're not sure what she meant there, and neither was Barbara, but Jenelle seemed pretty pleased with her point, and she said that she'd told CPS about that, too.

21. Sick Burn

Sick Burn
"He must have got that from your house, you do drugs," Barbara told her daughter, who replied that she'd just gotten a hair follicle drug test and "I know what's in my system."

22. Um

"Jace is the one telling me you got white bags of stuff at your house," Barb said. Jenelle shrugged it off, then Barbara got upset because it had been almost two minutes at this point and Jenelle was still fiddling with the carseat.

23. The Hypocrisy

The Hypocrisy
Jenelle scolded her for trying to argue in front of Ensley, and can you seriously even imagine? We saw a video of David calling her a piece of sh-t and that he didn't care if she died with a baby babbling in the background, and she's going to get on her high horse about this?

24. Thanks, Babs

Thanks, Babs
Barbara wasn't having it either though -- she told her "Oh my god, like you and David don't argue in front of Ensley. That's why we're in this situation."

25. Too Much

Too Much
Jenelle ignored that, then got upset again that Barbara was talking to Nathan. She told her that Nathan isn't her best friend, and that she's her daughter, and "Come on." Barbara responded by telling her that she'd called the police on her -- because Jenelle called the police about Barbara allegedly locking Ensley in a room.

26. Not Happy

Not Happy
After that, Jenelle walked away, and paparazzi started talking to her. They asked what she would do if the judge asked her to choose between having custody of her kids and staying with David, to which she said "He's not gonna make me choose." Unfortunately, she couldn't say much more than that as her lawyer had avised her to keep quiet.

27. Goodness

Wow, what a load of drama, right? Surely that's the only eventful thing that happened yesterday at court!

28. Hold Up

Hold Up

29. Oh, David ...

Oh, David ...
At another point in the day, Nathan was speaking with a photographer about the case -- the usual vague comments, you know by now -- when they noticed that Jenelle and David had pulled up in their car and started filming them. Because that's normal.

30. Keeping Cool

Keeping Cool
David yelled out "What are you hanging out with the paparazzi for?" Nathan answered that they were just talking, and David cut him off with "Keep talking, that's all you ever do."

31. Ridiculous

Nathan laughed, because what else are you supposed to do with that? David apparently did not appreciate that, because he then flipped Nathan off and drove away.

32. Fair Enough

Fair Enough
"Oh man, I'm actually going to file a restraining order because of that," Nathan told his new photographer friend before going back in the courthouse.

33. MORE?!

So that's definitely enough madness from the Easons today, right? They couldn't have possibly done anything else?

34. Oh Girl ...

Oh Girl ...
Wrong -- Jenelle also did a whole interview about what happened. And it's a pretty insane read.

35. Huh?

“I do feel like my relationship with my mom is destroyed at this point,” Jenelle told Us Weekly last night. “This isn’t a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me.”

36. Beg to Differ

Beg to Differ
Jenelle doesn't have custody of any of her children -- she lost one because she couldn't stop partying back in the day, and the other two because her husband killed her dog and police decided it wasn't safe for him to be around children and she still didn't leave him. She's been arrested around a dozen times for assault, drugs, stuff like that. But despite all of that and everything else we know about Jenelle, she still doesn't think she has major issues. How scary is that?

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