Maryssa Eason's Stepfather Speaks Out: David Eason Has Always Been a Loser!

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It's been three weeks since Jenelle Evans and David Eason lost custody of their kids.

During that time, public opinion of the controversial couple has sunk even lower (which we didn't think was possible), while esteem for their long-suffering children has reached an all-time high.

The greatest hero to emerge from this mess is David Eason's daughter Maryssa, who's been standing up to her (allegedly) abusive father for the sake of both herself and her siblings.

Now, Maryssa's stepfather, Shane Rich, has spoken out for the first time in an exclusive interview with The Ashley's Reality Roundup.

And you'll be glad to know that Shane basically confirms what we've all known about David for years -- that he's pretty much always sucked.

Take a look at what Rich had to say:


1. One Bad Dad

One Bad Dad
David struggled for years to create the impression that he was a decent father, but the public always knew otherwise ... and it seems his children did, as well.

2. Maryssa Explains It All

Maryssa Explains It All
No one has made that more clear in recent weeks than Maryssa Eason, who has reportedly refused to meet with her father during scheduled visitation sessions.

3. Sharing Her Story

Sharing Her Story
Not only that, Maryssa has been speaking the truth about David and Jenelle in court hearings -- we know this because David and Jenelle claim she's lying.

4. Classic Jenelle and David

Classic Jenelle and David
"Jenelle and David are saying Maryssa is a liar," a source close to the situation tells Radar Online. A second insider, "She had an attitude during the visit."

5. Sounds About Right

Sounds About Right
"The judge heard testimony that David and Jenelle were constantly screaming and arguing, and the children were terrified," the source claimed.

6. David Eason: Always Angry

David Eason: Always Angry
We don't know for sure that Maryssa was the one to deliver that testimony, but we do know that she's engaged in other actions that have outraged David.

7. Makes Sense to Us!

Makes Sense to Us!
Recounting the events of a recent supervised visit, a source tells The Ashley's Reality Roundup, “Jace and Ensley were there, as was Kaiser. Maryssa came but refused to see David so he left," the insider added.

8. Shane Speaks Out

Shane Speaks Out
Shane Rich is the husband of Maryssa's mother, Whitney Johnson. And now, he's speaking out for the first time about the latest developments in his stepdaughter's custody situation.

9. Optimistic Outlook

Optimistic Outlook
“We feel sorry for all the kids involved in all of this and we hope Jenelle and David can get their life straightened out,” Shane told The Ashley. “If you set your mind to being better, you will be.”

10. Where It All Went Wrong

Where It All Went Wrong
Shane went on to make some revealing comments about why Whitney and David called it quits.

11. Some Things Never Change

Some Things Never Change
“She divorced David because he wouldn’t work and stayed gone all the time,” Shane stated.

12. A Shocking Accusation

A Shocking Accusation
“She got in a car wreck once when Maryssa was two and David left the next day, leaving Whitney to tend to a toddler all by herself, while Whitney could hardly walk," Rich added. "They eventually got back together, but his patterns stayed the same.”

13. Nothing He Does Surprises Us

Nothing He Does Surprises Us
“He was still trying to get back with her until he got with Jenelle, but Whitney never fell for his crap and [she] was left to raise Maryssa by herself,” Shane continued.

14. Lingering Damage

Lingering Damage
Shane says that after her separation from David, Whitney entered another abusive relationship. This time, the man beat her severely and plied her with painkillers, resulting in an addiction she has since overcome.

15. Life After David

Life After David
“Whitney has been clean going on three years,” he said. “I’m very proud of her and she’s proud of that also.

16. Better Days

Better Days
“My wife and I have an 8 month old son and a daughter on the way,” Rich said of Maryssa's mom. “She is the sweetest, most gentle soul I know. A man couldn’t ask for a better wife, or mother, to their children, and we have a wonderful marriage."

17. Always Available

Always Available
Rich said that while he and Whitney do not currently live with Maryssa (She's in the custody of Whitney's mother.) They have always been present in her life.

18. Moving On

Moving On
“My wife doesn’t stay with Maryssa’s grandma,” he said. “We have our own house. Maryssa looks at me like a father and I treat her like my daughter. My wife is clean and is doing very well. She talks to Maryssa every day and has kept her numerous times, unsupervised.”

19. Shady Dave

Shady Dave
Shane added that David acquired custody of Maryssa under shady circumstances. “My wife had custody from the time her and David separated until the day he came and took her and got legal custody,” he said. “Maryssa wants to be with us and we want her here with us.”

20. Kicking Her While She's Down

Kicking Her While She's Down
“David only got custody because Whitney didn’t have the money, at the time, to fight him for custody, and didn’t want to deal with the public humiliation of her previous substance abuse,” Rich added. “She also was in the process of getting her life on track, and was actually clean at the time Maryssa was taken from her.”

21. The Tables Have Turned

The Tables Have Turned
Shane said he and Whitney are now fighting for full custody of Maryssa, stating, “My wife has a lawyer now, and things went too far, so now we are fighting for Maryssa. No child should have to live in fear,”

22. Being the Bigger Person

Being the Bigger Person
Despite everything, Shane says he harbors no ill will toward David or Jenelle.

23. We'd ALL Like to See That!

We'd ALL Like to See That!
“We would like to see David get some help and get straightened out and back on track,” he said.

24. Undeserved Sympathy

Undeserved Sympathy
“We’re not mean people and believe that everyone deserves a second chance, so we wouldn’t keep [Maryssa] from her daddy if that’s what she decides, if she comes here," Rich continued.

25. Can't Buy Love

Can't Buy Love
Asked if he had anything favorable to say about Maryssa's time with Jenelle and David, Shane stated, “As far as the care that was provided by David and Jenelle while having Maryssa in their custody, she was able to experience numerous travels and vacations, along with the privilege of having nice things. But honestly, me and my wife believe that nurturing love, affection and proper attention means the most at the end of the day. Maryssa is an extremely smart, gifted child.” You can say that again.

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