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As you’ve likely heard by now, Jenelle Evans filed for divorce from David Eason last month.

Not only that, Evans has been granted a restraining order against Eason after accusing him of issuing threats and abusing her children.

We probably don’t need to tell you that Jenelle has never been terribly popular among Teen Mom 2 viewers, and that was especially true in the months before she was fired from the show.

She spent several years defending David and enabling his abuse of children and animals.

And, of course, Jenelle has faced countless accusations of neglect and abuse and bigotry — not the kind of behavior that tends to earn the affection of reality TV audiences.

But now, we know that Evans was a victim herself, a fact that no doubt influenced her actions, at least during her time with David.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that there’s a debate raging on social media over whether or not Jenelle is deserving of sympathy.

We’ll present both arguments, and you can decide for yourself if she’s an victim, a perpetrator, or some untidy combination of both: