Jenelle Evans Disappears From Social Media As Fans Fear For Her Safety

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On Saturday, Jenelle Evans was rushed to the hospital after being assaulted at her home in North Carolina.

While details of the incident remain scarce, it's been widely assumed that Jenelle was attacked by her husband, David Eason.

In the days since news of the altercation went public, however, Jenelle went into damage control mode and attempted to sell a version of events in which Eason is not the culprit.

Fans aren't buying it -- and it looks as though Jenelle may have decided it's easier to hide out for a while than to try and convince them:

1. Angry Eason

Angry Eason
Eason's temper is notorious, so when word got out that police and an ambulance were called to Jenelle's home in response to an assault, fans quickly jumped to the conclusion that he had attacked Jenelle.

2. Damning Evidence

Damning Evidence
It has not been confirmed that Jenelle is the victim, but according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, a woman made the 911 call and informed the operator an assault had taken place.

3. Downplaying the Severity

Downplaying the Severity
According to officials, Jenelle declined the services of EMTs, but was transported to a nearby hospital in "a private vehicle."

4. Saving David

Saving David
Shortly after news of the incident went public, Jenelle set about the business of trying to convince fans that there's no cause for concern and that David is innocent of any wrongdoing.

5. A Strange Defense

A Strange Defense
Jenelle hired someone to issue a statement claiming that her injuries are the result of an accident, and the whole thing is a big misunderstanding.

6. A Party Gone Wrong?

A Party Gone Wrong?
"Reps" for the reality star told People magazine that Jenelle and David “had friends over Saturday night and they had a bonfire on her property.”

7. An Unfortunate Accident?

An Unfortunate Accident?
“Jenelle ended up tripping and falling by the fire,” the insider continued.

8. Not Buying It

Not Buying It
As fans and media outlets have pointed out, Jenelle's excuse doesn't quite hold water for a number of reasons.

9. A Glaring Error

A Glaring Error
The statement from her reps asks fans to ignore the fact that the woman who called 911 reported that an assault had taken place.

10. Excessive Force

Excessive Force
Even in a small town such as the one that Jenelle and David live in, it seems unlikely that two cop cars and an ambulance would respond to a claim of a woman falling down at home.

11. Damage Control

Damage Control
Several media outlets have also pointed out that Jenelle does not employ professional representation. Thus, she's either misleading People, or she hired a rep in response to this latest scandal.

12. Hiding Out

Hiding Out
Evans is usually outspoken in the wake of controversy, but this time around, she's pursuing a different strategy.

13. Ghosted

Jenelle deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts shortly after news of the 911 call became public knowledge.

14. Still on the 'Gram

Still on the 'Gram
Jenelle has kept her Instagram account, but she may have decided to do so simply because sponsored content is a major source of income for her.

15. Outpouring of Support

Outpouring of Support
Jenelle's not exactly a fan favorite, but in the days since news of her latest difficulties went public, TM2 viewers have been eager to offer words of support.

16. David's In Trouble

David's In Trouble
Many have pointed out that this situation is attracting much more attention than the typical Teen Mom scandal, which could spell big trouble for David.

17. Who Else Could It Have Been?

Who Else Could It Have Been?
And the claims that it was anyone other than Jenelle who called 911 and that she was hospitalized for an accident have both been largely debunked.

18. Reaching Out

Reaching Out
Many victims of domestic violence have encouraged Jenelle to seek help and remove herself and her children from that dangerous situation by whatever means necessary.

19. A History of Violence

A History of Violence
Others have pointed out that this is not the first time David has been accused of domestic violence.

20. Bad Dad

Bad Dad
David has been arrested numerous times, and at least one of his exes received a restraining order against him.

21. Not Going Away

Not Going Away
Strangely, Eason has remained on social media in the wake of the incident. In fact, he's more active than ever.

22. Just the Worst

Just the Worst
For the most part, David has been doing what he always does -- spewing hateful rhetoric and expressing his bigoted views.

23. David In the Doghouse

David In the Doghouse
But he's also been posting about his relationship in a way that's led many fans to the conclusion that he's trying to get back into Jenelle's good graces ... in extremely awkward fashion.

24. His Way of Apologizing

His Way of Apologizing
David recently posted this photo of along with a caption reading, "I'm just sitting here drooling, my wife looks over and says 'did you hear me'?.... ummm what'd you say babe, I was preoccupied for a second!?

25. Hoping For the Best

Hoping For the Best
At the moment, Teen Mom 2 fans are eagerly awaiting word that Jenelle has finally moved on from her dysfunctional marriage. We'll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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