Jenelle Evans: Depressed Because Her Businesses Keep Failing?

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It's tough to sympathize with anyone who's been accused of rampant child abuse and countless other violent acts, and who chose to defend the man who murdered her pet dog.

But everyone once in a while, Jenelle Evans reminds us that she is, in fact, a human being.

Over the weekend, Evans revealed that she suffers from depression and will be stepping away from social media for the time being.

Fans were mostly skeptical that she'll actually be able to take a break from Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but others were more interested in speculating as to the cause of Jenelle's seemingly self-diagnosed "depression."

And many came to the conclusion that Jenelle is just pissed off her post-Teen Mom businesses keep failing, which means she might eventually be forced to get a job.

Take a look:

1. The New Face of Unemployment

The New Face of Unemployment
It's been three months since Jenelle was fired from Teen Mom 2, and it seems she has no intention of getting a "real job."

2. The Good Life

The Good Life
There was a time when Jenelle and David were both raking in six-figure incomes for their "work" on the show. No doubt those days of plenty seem like a distant memory now.

3. The First to Go

The First to Go
David was the first to get axed from the popular series when he unleashed a torrent of bigoted abuse on social media after fans urged him to show some compassion in the wake of the Parkland school shooting.

4. Messing Up the Money

Messing Up the Money
Jenelle held on considerably longer, but she was let go in May after she defended David's decision to shoot and kill her 11-pound French bulldog.

5. Justice For Nugget

Justice For Nugget
Evans probably could have saved her career if she'd held David responsible for his actions, but instead, she cost herself the job that made her famous.

6. Sponsored Content

Sponsored Content
So now, Jenelle pays the bills by posting "sponsored content," usually in the form of clickbait tabloid posts about her co-stars.

7. It's a Living

It's a Living
Of course, the gig requires Jenelle to actively participate in social media, something she claims she doesn't want to do anymore.

8. Peace Out!

Peace Out!
"Super depressed," she recently wrote on Facebook. "Thanks to the media. They just want to constantly talk about me.. hope you’re all happy. Everyone nationally hates me. Signing off social media for a while. Bye."

9. Don't Let the Door Hit You ...

Don't Let the Door Hit You ...
On Twitter, Jenelle was even more specific, writing, "Bye Twitter, everyone hates me. Depression sucks and you’ve got what you wanted. Hope you’re happy. Just keep writing about me, but I’m out."

10. Well, That Didn't Last ...

Well, That Didn't Last ...
But we have bad news for those who looking forward top social media being a Jenelle-free zone. The former reality star stuck to her self-imposed ban for about 3 hours.

11. Does She Understand What "Goodbye" Means?

Does She Understand What "Goodbye" Means?
In fact, she's been more active than ever, tweeting an astonishing 11 times since saying goodbye to her followers on Friday.

12. To Be Fair ...

To Be Fair ...
Of course, those posts were mostly the sponsored content links that keep food on Jenelle's table these days. But still ... not exactly a staunch boycott.

13. Calling BS

Calling BS
Many fans were quick to point out the hypocrisy in Jenelle's statements. Not only has she chosen to live a life in the public eye (and been very generously compensated for doing so), she continues to mine her former co-stars' lives for potentially damaging gossip, which she then posts for the public.

14. Well Said

Well Said
"Depression sucks?" reads the top reply on Evans' farewell tweet. "You’ve done absolutely nothing for yourself or to treat your mental illnesses. And you don’t get to play victim when you chose to stay with a murderous abuser who beats you, kills innocent dogs, and abuses their kids. Keep staying desperate for attention."

15. Proven Right Already

Proven Right Already
Many fans expressed doubts about Jenelle's claim, including the one who replied, "Promise you really ...really ...mean it this time! Its down right cruel to get our hopes up and then we find you haven't gone anywhere, just silently snooping...and can you take that " thing" you married with you. We cant stand him either."

16. The Real Issue

The Real Issue
Among the nay-sayers were those who wondered what set Jenelle off this time. She claims she reached her decision after clashing with fans and the media, but she's been doing that for years.

17. The Truth?

The Truth?
So what finally pushed her over the edge? Well, it seems Jenelle took issue with fans pointing out how quickly her revenue streams are drying up.

18. She's No Mogul

She's No Mogul
It all started when Jenelle failed to keep up with payments on the domain name for her makeup company's website.

19. Oh, the Irony

Oh, the Irony
The URL was purchased by an animal rights group which seeks to put an end to the sort of abuse that ended poor Nugget's life.

20. Will It Ever Happen?

Will It Ever Happen?
Evans has been promising the release of her cosmetics line for years, and at this point, even if it happens, it's too late -- she's about as marketable as syphilis these days.

21. Enter David

Enter David
Perhaps that's why David has shown a sudden interest in launching his own business.

22. More Accurately ...

More Accurately ...
To be fair, this is actually David's third attempt to make a living off Jenelle's name without getting a job.

23. Third Time's the Charm?

Third Time's the Charm?
Eason started with a boat cleaning business that tanked within weeks. After that, he attempted to launch his own monetized YouTube channel, seemingly in response to the judge in his custody case telling him he needs some sort of income.

24. Paid to Braid?

Paid to Braid?
These days, David is attempting to cash in on homemade goods, such as knives and bracelets, which he's selling under variations of the "Black River" brand name.

25. Unimpressed

As many fans have pointed out, David's stuff doesn't look like it's all that hard to make. But that's not his business' biggest problem ...

26. Whoops

It seems David just went ahead and swiped his business' name from an existing company.

27. This Freakin' Guy

This Freakin' Guy
As many fans have pointed out ... you can't do that. And as a result, the social media pages for Eason's business keep getting shut down.

28. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
Are we surprised? Not in the slightest. But it's almost impressive how these two keep finding new sand inventive ways to mess up.

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