Jenelle Evans: Everyone Hates Me and It's DEPRESSING, OK?!

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For years and years, the people who have known of Jenelle Evans have hoped and prayed that one day, against all odds, she might develop a tiny bit of self awareness.

But we didn't want it to happen like this.

As you probably know, Jenelle hasn't had an easy go of it this year.

We've learned more and more about just how abusive and awful David is, and of course she lost custody of her kids for a few weeks there.

And if she was almost anybody else, she'd take everything that's happened as a huge wake-up call and get to changing her life.

As it were, she's Jenelle.

And ... well, let's just get into her latest nonsense.

1. Hard Times

Hard Times
Yeah, so 2019 hasn't been the best year for Jenelle, huh?

2. A Whirlwind of Horrors

A Whirlwind of Horrors
Just in the past few months, her life pretty much fell apart, and it started when David, her allegedly (do we even have to say "allegedly" anymore after hearing her 911 calls?) abusive husband murdered her dog.

3. RIP Nugget

RIP Nugget
Nugget was a tiny little French bulldog, and it didn't seem like they ever bothered to try to train her or to try to teach the kids how to interact with her, but when she nipped at Ensley, David thought an appropriate reaction would be to throw her outside and shoot her with a shotgun.

4. Not So Much

Not So Much
As it turned out, it was not an appropriate reaction.

5. Send Help

Send Help
Teen Mom fans who watched things play out on social media were absolutely livid about what had happened to poor Nugget, and before too long, MTV announced that they were no longer filming Jenelle's story.

6. Also Police

Also Police
Additionally, police were tipped off, and an investigation was opened.

7. Enter CPS

Enter CPS
In the early stages of that investigation, a detective alerted CPS about the potential dangers of living in the Eason home, and Maryssa, Kaiser, and Ensley were all placed with temporary guardians.

8. Hope is Dashed

Hope is Dashed
Oddly enough, that court case didn't last nearly as long as most of us expeced, and the kids have been back home with Jenelle and David for a little over a month now.

9. Gross

The police investigation was also closed, so, you know, so much for justice.

10. What Next?

What Next?
So what's happened since then? Has Jenelle changed her ways? Has she vowed to become a better mother, or at least a better pet owner?

11. HA

LOL, no.

12. Sure Thing

Sure Thing
Instead, she went on rants about what a "damn good mom" she is, and she and David got two new puppies, so that's cool.

13. Tides are Turning

Tides are Turning
The thing is, though, that no one is having any of it. She still has a few fans somehow, but most of the people familiar with her outright despise her these days.

14. Sorry Not Sorry

Sorry Not Sorry
If you check out the comments on her Instagram or Twitter, she gets so much hate on a regular basis for what happened to Nugget and for staying with David, and honestly, that hate isn't completely unwarranted, you know?

15. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
But late last night, Jenelle got on her social media accounts to let us all know that we really, really hurt her feelings.

16. K

And we should feel terrible about ourselves.

17. So Sad

So Sad
"Super depressed," she wrote on Facebook. "Thanks to the media. They just want to constantly talk about me.. hope you’re all happy. Everyone nationally hates me. Signing off social media for a while. 👋🏼 Bye."

18. Neat

The message she left on Twitter was very similar -- it read "Bye Twitter, everyone hates me. Depression sucks and you’ve got what you wanted. Hope you’re happy. Just keep writing about me, but I’m out."

19. Real Talk

Real Talk
This is a tough situation, because depression is obviously no joke, and we know Jenelle has struggled with her mental health in the past.

20. Counterpoint

But also there's a difference between having depression and having a bad time, and we're not doctors, but we have a feeling what Jenelle is dealing with might be a bad time with all the backlash she's been getting after what happened with Nugget.

21. And This

And This
Additionally, how wild is it that she's blaming her own mental health on people who write articles about her when not only has she consistently chosen to live her life publicly, but she still shares those same articles on her social media accounts?

22. Ugh

And she keeps on saying all that "everyone hates me" nonsense like she's the victim of some massive bullying when over here in reality, people are so critical of her because of things that she's done -- or, in the case of protecting her children and her animals from David, things she hasn't done.

23. Classic

Finally, she's acting like she's logging off Facebook and Twitter permanently when everybody knows she's going to be back in a day or two to share some parenting meme or to insult one of her former costars or to try to convince everyone that David isn't as bad as he seems.

24. The Struggle

The Struggle
It's hard to see someone be so ridiculous so publicly, isn't it?

25. Followers to the Rescue

Followers to the Rescue
But don't worry -- her followers were quick to call her out on this.

26. Yup

"Depression sucks?" the top reply on her tweet reads. "You’ve done absolutely nothing for yourself or to treat your mental illnesses. And you don’t get to play victim when you chose to stay with a murderous abuser who beats you, kills innocent dogs, and abuses their kids. Keep staying desperate for attention."

27. Another Point

Another Point
Some took issue with her claims that she's leaving social media, like the person who wrote "Promise you really ...really ...mean it this time! Its down right cruel to get our hopes up and then we find you haven't gone anywhere, just silently snooping...and can you take that " thing" you married with you. We cant stand 🤮 him either."

28. GOOD

Someone else told her "Good, you need a break because you make poor choices consistently, even with your twitter acct."

29. Help

Even her fans said things like "Everyone doesn’t hate you. your decisions of the last several years have been caused by horrible pain in your soul. You need to get, sweetie, on medication and therapy as soon as possible and truly commit to it. Everyone makes mistakes everybody.They aren’t ON TV Get help ASAP."

30. Too True

Too True
Whether you love or hate Jenelle, there's definitely some truth in that comment -- it would be so interesting to see what would happen if Jenelle would open herself up to help and commit to getting it.

31. Alas ...

Alas ...
Sadly, we can't imagine that happening anytime soon, if ever, so we'll just have to deal with this kind of thing in the meantime. Possibly forever. Sorry 'bout it!

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