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If this season of The Bachelor has taught us anything, it’s that Peter Weber is not great at making decisions.

Let’s hope that the franchise’s producers are better in that department, because it’s down to the final days of casting for The Bachelorette, scheduled to return for a 16th season this spring.

With an announcement expected soon, everyone is eager – and nervous – to hear the name of the next leading lady. Will it be one of Peter’s final hopefuls, in keeping with recent tradition?

Perhaps not.

Reality Steve has reported some names to help narrow things down, and another report that caught even him by surprise has fans hopeful for season like none that we’ve seen before.

Seriously, we didn’t see this one coming.

Take a look at everything that we know and chime in: Who do you want to become the next Bachelorette?

UPDATED: Guess who got the nod?!