The Real Housewives of Orange County: Who's REALLY Coming Back for Season 15?

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The Real Housewives of Orange County is promising a season unlike any that fans have seen before.

Vicki Gunvalson will not be part of Season 15. Tamra Judge will not be part of Season 15.

But we have a whole list of stars who have confirmed that they're coming back.

We even have behind-the-scenes photos.

And reports have even shed light on the show's unofficial new "star" for the new season.

Take a look below and get hyped for Season 15!

1. Season 15 is already filming

Season 15 is already filming
And after Bravo seriously rocked the boat, The Real Housewives of Orange County fans are getting a season like they've never seen before

2. The cast lost two icons

The cast lost two icons
Vicki Gunvalson is the OG of the OC. She's been with the franchise since day one. Tamra has been part of the show for twelve years.

3. First, Vicki quit

First, Vicki quit
She had stated proudly that she would not return for Season 15 if she was only offered a "Friend" role. Well, that was her offer, and she was true to her word. Vicki announced that she had quit. Some would say that Bravo forced her hand.

4. Then, Tamra quit

Then, Tamra quit
The next day, Tamra Judge announced that she would not be returning. It turns out that she was offered an insulting 3-episode "Friend" role. She passed on it.

5. So, who IS coming back?

So, who IS coming back?
There were reports earlier this year -- reports that turned out to be in error.

6. Braunwyn Windham Burke

Braunwyn Windham Burke
Braunwyn was a newcomer to Season 14, but she was also a breath of fresh air, bringing in a new storyline that had nothing to do with feuding yet involved multiple other Housewives. She's a devoted mom, she's fun, and yes, she'll happily talk about things that some of the other Housewives would rather keep private.

7. Remember this?

Remember this?
Clearly, the network bigwigs want more of this. Just ... not with Tamra this time. Also not with Vicki's very homophobic-looking reaction.

8. Reportedly ...

Reportedly ...
Not only is Braunwyn returning, but she will be the unofficial "star" of Season 15. If that's true, we'll get to see a lot more of her, and we don't just mean her flashing her boobs at another weaning party.

9. Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd
Kelly is back! Though it will be different for her without Vicki (and Tamra) in her crosshairs, she confirmed on social media that she is returning to the show. She posted and then deleted a BTS photo of her and Braunwyn.

10. Kelly has storylines beyond feuding

Kelly has storylines beyond feuding
Kelly is engaged to Rick Leventhal. We have to wonder if any backlash over her elbow-rubbing with international supervillains because of his Fox News acquaintances will be covered on the show.

11. Elizabeth Vargas

Elizabeth Vargas
Speaking of Kelly Dodd, her close friend Elizabeth Vargas has reportedly been cast for Season 15. She's going through a divorce from her husband, who once appeared on Undercover Boss. She is the CEO of a digital music streaming label.

12. Emily Simpson

Emily Simpson
It was always kind of clear that Emily would return. Her troubled marriage to Shane, her body type, and more make her feel relatable to viewers -- even though she's a Trump supporter.

13. Shannon Beador

Shannon Beador
Shannon is the only member of the Tres Amigas to return to the show for Season 15. She is a mother of three, a longtime star of the show, and has a relatively new boyfriend. Plenty of material for storylines that have nothing to do with Vicki's feuds or Tamra's pot-stirring.

14. It'll be a big change

It'll be a big change
Shannon is so accustomed to playing with (and occassionally, against) Vicki and Tamra. Now, she'll have a very different dynamic. We're looking forward to seeing this side of her.

15. Gina Kirschenheiter

Gina Kirschenheiter
Gina seemed to be at risk for a while, but in the end, Bravo decided that they wanted her back. Not only has Tamra made reference to Gina being on Season 15, but Gina shared an unsubtle selfie confirming it.

16. She has a new boyfriend

She has a new boyfriend
Gina says that Travis Mullen doesn't know anything about reality TV or Real Housewives. We guess that he's getting a crash course right now.

17. But also ...

But also ...
Gina is also dealing with messy fallout from her ex, including his frightening arrest for domestic violence in June of 2019. Serious stuff.

18. Notice that this whole squad is intact?

Notice that this whole squad is intact?
The Tres Amigas have been scattered to the four winds, but Kelly Dodd's closest allies remain with the show. This is going to be SO different.

19. This will be so different

This will be so different
No Vicki, who just a few years ago was the center of attention. No Tamra, who is currently dealing with her ex Simon Barney's battle with Stage 3 throat cancer.

20. So many of the stars are good friends

So many of the stars are good friends
Of course, that can change. Plenty of Housewives go from friends to archrivals and back to friends over the years.

21. We can't wait!

We can't wait!
We will, of course, keep readers updated on new castmembers and "Friends" added to the rosters, and on anything else that leaks from the set.

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