Jenelle Evans: David is the BEST Dad! Nugget Asked for It!

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Jenelle Evans has been in a great big mess for over a month now.

Probably the biggest mess of her life, which is saying a lot.

Her husband killed her dog, she lost her Teen Mom 2 gig, and CPS removed all of her children from her home.

It's been rough.

But throughout the whole thing, Jenelle has been uncharacteristically quiet.

She's given statements and interviews here and there, but not much, and she hasn't addressed the situation much on social media at all.

Until now!

1. This Girl ...

This Girl ...
Jenelle ... well, she doesn't always make the best choices.

2. The Truth

The Truth
Actually, she pretty exclusively makes terrible ones.

3. Surprise!

Her worst choice? It's tough to say, but it's really looking like it's going to be getting with David Eason.

4. This Guy

This Guy
David is just the worst, but nobody has time to list every single bit of proof of that. For now, let's just stick with the fact that he murdered Nugget, the family dog, and after police began investigating him, they believed he was so dangerous that they advised CPS to remove all the children from his care.

5. Wow

It's apparently a big deal, and a very difficult thing to do, this emergency removal, but David warranted it.

6. The Kids

The Kids
And so now Kaiser is with his father, Nathan Griffith, and Ensley is with Jenelle's mother, Barbara, who already has custody of Jace.

7. Run

Maryssa is with her grandmother, and although Jenelle has denied it, reliable sources have claimed that she and David are no longer interested in regaining custody of her.

8. Yikes

And so Jenelle and David are home alone, with only themselves to care for. And it hasn't been going great.

9. Scary

Jenelle seems to be getting a bit delusional -- more than usual, even.

10. Ugh

We saw a good example of this last week when she got into a heated argument with Barbara after court.

11. No No No

No No No
It started because she wanted to hold Ensley, which isn't exactly legal right now -- she's only allowed to see her kids under CPS supervision. Barbara wasn't into it because she had to get Ensley some lunch and then get back to the courthouse in just thirty minutes, and Jenelle told her that if she had a problem she could go get an officer.

12. Why?

It was such a dumb move because Ensley has been through enough, she doesn't need to be snatched from her mother's arms by a cop, and also not one bit of this would impress the judge.

13. Well Jenelle ...

Well Jenelle ...
She ended up walking Ensley to Barbara's car, and on the way, she claimed that she'd called CPS on Barbara for having her mentally ill son watch Ensley while she took a shower. Because wouldn't it be great if CPS took Ensley again?

14. It Never Ends

It Never Ends
When they got to Barb's car, Jenelle buckled her up, and she and her mother were still bickering. At one point, she yelled at her to quit arguing in front of Ensley, which is just so rich for so many reasons.

15. Seriously?

And if that wasn't enough (it really was), that night Jenelle gave an interview about her mother in which she complained that “This isn’t a way a mother should be treating her daughter. She fights so hard for my sister and my brother when they are the ones with major issues, not me.”

16. ... Huh?

... Huh?
“I believe my mom is saying anything at this point to make herself feel better," she added. "It might all boil down to jealousy.”

17. So Strange

So Strange
We don't know what Jenelle thinks she has that Barbara would be jealous of, but, well, there's that.

18. Weird

Another thing that Jenelle has done that's been a little off is share this video on her YouTube channel of her "homestead."

19. SMH

The video features Jenelle and David with all the kids and even Nugget, pretending to be a wholesome, happy family. Given what's been happening over here in reality, it was just really strange for her to share this and act like everything is normal.

20. Here We Go

Here We Go
Jenelle's latest act of delusion happened last night -- it was also her first social media rant about all of this.

21. Sorry, But LOL

Sorry, But LOL
It happened because the ID network -- that channel that has all that delightful true crime content -- shared a video on Facebook called "Frightening Fathers," featuring five different fathers who have done horrible things.

22. Naturally

Can you guess who made the list?

23. Not Happy

Not Happy
Yep, David was one of the frightening fathers in the video, and although he's definitely earned a spot in that list, Jenelle took to Facebook to share her feelings.

24. Let the Rant Begin

Let the Rant Begin
"This channel is false and bunch of BS," she began. "You put my husband on the most frightening list when he was PROTECTING HIS CHILD FROM BEING BITTEN BY A DOG IN THE FACE."

25. So Gross

So Gross
After David killed Nugget, she'd said that she was considering divorce, but now she's defending him. And sure, beating a tiny little dog and shooting it with a shotgun is necessary to protect a kid. You couldn't just, you know, pick it up, or god forbid, teach your kids how to interact with animals.

26. OK, Jenelle

OK, Jenelle
"This is absolutely absurd," Jenelle continued. "I’ve been physically beaten by ex’s, slapped in my face, almost died, ran over by a truck from my ex .... and NONE OF THIS was while I was in a relationship with David Eason."

27. Girl, Why

Girl, Why
We know she's been in abusive relationships in the past, although we're having a tough time remembering when she was ran over by a truck, but like, she's in an abusive relationship now, too.

28. If the Shoe Fits ...

If the Shoe Fits ...
Jenelle continued her rant with "You have him on a list for SERIAL KILLERS and KIDNAPPERS AND ITS ALL UNTRUE. IF YOU WANT A STORY I CAN CERTAINLY GIVE YOU ONE. With pictures and all.... BUT THIS...."

29. Sure

"This is f-cking ridiculous. You base my husband being dangerous off of protecting his children? I’ve been through the ringer in life but one thing David has done for my family is being a GREAT FATHER."

30. Really Though?

Really Though?
"He is the best anyone can ask for," she insisted. "The children adore him and when you make some false 'special; to get your channel ratings is SICK."

31. Actually

You know what's sick? Beating and killing the family dog. But sure, Jenelle, this TV show is really the lowest humanity has to offer.

32. Another Thing

Another Thing
And we know we've been using this word a lot, but there's no better one for it -- how delusional does she have to be to call David a "great father," the "best anyone could ask for"? Even terrible fathers have custody of their kids, you know? But sure, David, who doesn't have custody of any of his kids and even had a restraining order keeping him from one of them, is the best. Right.

33. Best Interest

Best Interest
Back to Jenelle's rant, she wrote "Our children are getting old enough to see all of this and the media is cold hearted. They NEVER look out for the best interest of your family or children."

34. OMG

Yeah, Jenelle, you didn't look out for the best interest of your children either, and that's why you don't have them anymore.

35. Oof

She finished things off with "God will see your actions," which is just ... ugh.

36. Awful

This whole thing is honestly just infuriating -- can she really not see how bad she sounds?

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