Jenelle Evans: Behind the Irate Phone Call That Led to Her Dump Dave Eason

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Jenelle Evans has finally made an intelligent decision.

According to a bombshell exclusive by The Ashley's Reality Roundup, the Teen Mom terror got into an intense debate/argument with MTV producers just days before she cut her husband David Eason loose.

Following an endless array of homophobic insults by David, along with violent behavior that seemingly culminated in Eason assaulting Evans last October... she separated at last from her spuse.

She has not yet confirmed this development, but we have many reasons to believe it's the case.

We also now have new information regarding what prompted this break-up.

What was said during this phone call?

You are moment away from finding out. Read on for what went down, courtesy of The Ashley, and follow the above link for the original report.


Even Jenelle's harshest critics have been clamoring for her to dump David for months and months now, even before he seemingly assaulted her in October.

2. How Do We Know She Finally Did It?

How Do We Know She Finally Did It?
Single AF. Evans appeared to make it very clear a few days ago upon changing her profile.

3. I'm Also Single!

I'm Also Single!
Eason then followed suit, which is as close to confirmation as you can get these days of a break-up: both sides changing their statuses online.

4. Why Now?

Why Now?
Why not back when Jenelle openly said Eason broke her collarbone, you mean? Well... the latest run of Teen Mom 2 episodes have focused on this incident, specifically Jenelle's 911 call that accused Eason of attacking her. Sources say this rehashing has stirred up tension between the couple.

5. This is the 911 Call in Question

Give it a listen. It could not be more clear what Evans is saying Eason did to her.

6. But We're Gonna Talk About Another Call Now

But We're Gonna Talk About Another Call Now
The Ashley writes that Jenelle has been growing more and more anxious as these episodes have aired. She reportedly had a lengthy call with producers mere days before splitting from Eason, specifically calling out Kristen Schylinski for trying to sabotage her marriage.

7. Jenelle GOES OFF

Jenelle GOES OFF
“Jenelle was screaming at the executive that every week, her life gets worse because of the show airing and was dropping F-bombs like crazy at the producers, Kristen, and even her mom [Barbara Evans]," a source tells The Ashley.

8. This is All Your Fault!

This is All Your Fault!
Continues this insider: "She was particularly angry at Kristen during the call. She told [the exec] that she doesn’t trust Kristen, and that Kristen is fake because she tries to make it seem like she’s on Jenelle’s side when really she is trying to hurt Jenelle’s marriage."

9. This is Kristen Schylinski

This is Kristen Schylinski
She's appeared on air in the past and she serves as Jenelle's personal producer, among other roles.

10. Putting Her Producer on Blast

Putting Her Producer on Blast
“She said Kristen wants David out of [Jenelle’s] life because of the problems he causes for the crew with filming, which is obviously not true,” this source says.

11. Passing the Blame Buck

Passing the Blame Buck
“She accused Kristen, and the other producers but mostly Kristen, of manipulating scenes to make David look bad," The Ashley writes. "She said that’s why her life is in such bad shape right now and David is so mad at her."

12. Evans Did Not Tell Producers That She Was Going to Dump Eason

Evans Did Not Tell Producers That She Was Going to Dump Eason
But this call took place just days prior to her making that decision.

13. What May Have Been the Final Straw?

What May Have Been the Final Straw?
On Monday, February 12, MTV aired an episode in which Jenelle's mother expressed extreme concern over Eason.

14. What Did Barbara Say?

What Did Barbara Say?
On air, Barbara - who has always had a contentious relationship with her daughter - said she's afraid Eason will “snap in a haaaartbeat,” and that Jenelle gets “in trouble” with her husband any time she films the program.

15. Barbara Was Finally Making Sense

Barbara Was Finally Making Sense
She also stated that she thinks David “is hurting” Jenelle and there’s a “domestic violence thing” happening on The Land. Which, come on, we all know is the case.

16. More Misplaced Anger

More Misplaced Anger
The Ashley explains that Evans is upset that security guard Andre Sanders was summoned to have this chat with Barbara.

17. Huh? Why?

Huh? Why?
Jenelle thinks of Andre as a friend, hence her feeling of betrayal.

18. How Could You?!?

How Could You?!?
The Ashley’s informant went on to tell her that Evans was pissed off that the producers permitted Barbara to say such things on camera.

19. The Producers Suck

The Producers Suck
Yes, Evans maingly blames the producers for all this trouble because she believes they “coax” her mom into saying negative things about Eason.

20. Yes, She Blames Barbara, Too

Yes, She Blames Barbara, Too
Of course she does, right?

21. F-ck Everyone!

F-ck Everyone!
“She kept saying ‘f-ck you guys and f-ck my mom’ on the phone,” the source says. “She mentioned to [the exec] that she believes Kristen and her mom have worked together in the past to purposely make David look bad because they both want David out of her life.”

22. This is Really Very Sad

This is Really Very Sad
Love or hate Evans, she is showing all the signs of an abuse victim who blames everyone except the person abusing her.

23. Let's Hope It Really is Over

Let's Hope It Really is Over
"The producers and the crew are very worried for Jenelle right now and they are really, really hoping this breakup is permanent,” the source concludes. “They have had so many of these before, but this one is the longest that they know of.”

24. Any Further Word from Eason?

Any Further Word from Eason?
Not outside of his new "single" status, no. But we're sort of afraid of what he might do here.

25. Is This Really the End of the Line?

Is This Really the End of the Line?
For the sake of everyone involved, let's really hope so.

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