Jenelle Evans: I'm Single! David Eason is GONE!

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Guys ...

You know the moment we've been hoping and praying for for years now?

It just happened.

Jenelle Evans has officially declared herself single.


This is a huge moment for Teen Mom viewers, and probably for Jenelle and her family, too.

Who knows how long it will last, but for now, let's savor this messy details, OK?

1. Trouble in Paradise

Trouble in Paradise
So Jenelle and David have never had a healthy relationship. Ever.

2. Makes Sense

But we are talking about Jenelle here, so that's to be expected.

3. A Step Up?

A Step Up?
In the very beginning of their relationship, some people actually thought David was good for Jenelle. He had a good job, which was already a big step up from previous boyfriends.

4. Oh ...

Oh ...
But then we found out about his criminal history, which involves a whole bunch of arrests, some stints in jail, and a restraining order from an ex after accusations of domestic violence.

5. Sorry 'Bout It!

Sorry 'Bout It!
So yeah, not so much a fairytale.

6. Come Through, Babs

Come Through, Babs
Barbara, Jenelle's mother, said early on that David was the worst boyfriend Jenelle has ever had, and although many people couldn't believe it then ... well, we never should have doubted you, Barbara.

7. Gross

After they'd been dating for just a little while, David quit his job and gave himself the new job of running Jenelle's entire life.

8. So Sketchy

So Sketchy
He insisted that he be the one to talk to Barbara and Nathan Griffith for anything involving Kaiser and Jace, and although it was never solid to begin with, he destroyed the relationship Jenelle did have with her mom.

9. Poor Kaiser

Poor Kaiser
We saw him be especially mean to poor, precious little Kaiser -- most fans think it's because he looks so much like Nathan, who he's always been weird and jealous about.

10. So Sad

So Sad
The story about Kaiser's alleged abuse is long and sad and awful, but the gist of it is that both Nathan and his mother, Doris, have claimed that Kaiser has told them that David hits him.

11. Heartbreaking

CPS has gotten involved at least a couple of times, and there's been at least one attempt to take custody from Jenelle over this.

12. Just So Much Horror

Just So Much Horror
But, believe it or not, there's so much more about David that is just plain terrible.

13. Yikes

He's homophobic -- homophobic enough to get himself fired from Teen Mom 2, which is pretty remarkable when you consider what trashy reality show gold this guy is.

14. So Wrong

So Wrong
He's said multiple times that he wouldn't allow his children to be gay, because apparently he thinks he has a say in it, and he recently got a temporary ban from Facebook for saying that he'd beat his children if they ever told him they were transgender.

15. Ugh

He's also obsessed with the Confederate flag, so, you know, racism.


He's also so deranged that he was visited by the Secret Service after he made a video shooting an assault rifle -- a video in which he tagged Donald Trump.

17. Stop, David

Stop, David
After the visit, he started showing off all his guns and claimed that he'd shoot anyone who stepped foot on his property uninvited.

18. This Guy ...

This Guy ...
He was being investigated by the FBI for a bit afterwards, but then he got that Facebook ban, so we haven't heard anything else about it.

19. Wow

All of this would be more than enough for the average person to file for divorce, right?

20. But Wait!

But Wait!
Not so fast!

21. Oh Man

Oh Man
There's also the little matter of that 911 call Jenelle made back in the fall.

22. Hysterical

In the call, we heard Jenelle crying hysterically, telling the operator that David had knocked her to ground so hard that she thought he broke her collarbone. She sounded genuinely afraid, and she's never been a great actor.

23. Oh, Honey

Oh, Honey
In the weeks following this incident, she tried her best to convince everyone that everything was fine, that it was all a big misunderstanding.

24. ... Really?

... Really?
In a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, she claimed that they'd been drinking one night, and that he left for a while and wouldn't answer his phone, so when he came back, she ran at him then tripped and fell in a hole.

25. Not Great

Not Great
She said that she made the 911 call because she was mad at David, which wasn't super believable.

26. Good

At the time, Barbara said that she'd be ready to help Jenelle whenever she decided to leave David, and that although she wasn't happy with what was happening, she wanted to be there for her daughter.

27. It's Time

It's Time
It looks like Barbara didn't have to wait too long ... because according to both Jenelle and David, their marriage is over.

28. Fair

According to a report from The Ashley's Reality Roundup, Jenelle and David have been struggling with these last few Teen Mom episodes, the ones about the 911 call.

29. Weird!

Valentine's Day came and went without a peep from her, which is very strange because usually she takes every opportunity to try to convince everyone how great David is.

30. Uh Oh

Uh Oh
Then on Friday, David changed his relationship status on Facebook to "single." And it all fell apart from there.

31. Where, Indeed!

Where, Indeed!
On Saturday, Jenelle posted on her Instagram story, asking "Wonder where my husband went?"

32. Hooray!

We're taking that to mean that in addition to the Facebook thing, he also literally left her, which is really just amazing news.

33. Separated

She then changed her own relationship status to "separated," which is also great.

34. Oh Dang

Oh Dang
She even changed her profile picture and said she was "Single AF."

35. Awww, Sad

Awww, Sad
"Someone change my mood," she then requested.

36. Shots Fired

Shots Fired
She posted this Maury meme, apparently suggesting that David is a bad father, which is very interesting because she thinks she has room to criticize someone else's parenting.

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