Jenelle Evans at New York Fashion Week: Yeah, I'm Fat ... But I'm About to Be RICH!

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Jenelle Evans and David Eason are currently attending New York Fashion Week. 

And they have several messages that they'd like to send to their haters:

For starters, Jenelle claims that despite some major hiccups -- including a "release date" that came and went with no products appearing in stores or online -- her cosmetics line launch is still proceeding as scheduled.

More importantly, Jenelle says that despite rumors to the contrary, she's not pregnant and is not planning to become pregnant.

And as always, she says her kids her top priority.

Of course, as always, no one believes her.

Check out the latest on Evans' whirlwind Fashion Week:


1. Fat and Happy

Fat and Happy
We're not body-shaming here, folks. That's the term that Jenelle recently used to describe herself and her husband, David Eason.

2. Large and In Charge

TMZ caught up with the controversial couple while they were attending New York Fashion Week, and as you can see, the Easons were eager to put some rumors to rest.

3. NOT Knocked Up

NOT Knocked Up
For starters, Jenelle says she's not expecting a fourth child ... and won't be anytime soon.

4. Hammering the Point Home

Hammering the Point Home
"Happy and healthy in a married relationship," is the description that Evans offered to TMZ's cameraman, later describing herself and David as "fat and happy."

5. Just Sayin' ...

Just Sayin' ...
Generally, people who feel the need to constantly tell you how happy they are are holding on by a thread ... but we digress.

6. Really Hammering the Point Home

Really Hammering the Point Home
“We have custody of all our kids after the whole CPS thing was dropped, so everything’s back to normal. Kids are back in school… Nothing to worry about, we’re extremely happy with the outcome we did get," Evans told TMZ.

7. Not All People, Jenelle ...

Not All People, Jenelle ...
"And I think people gain a little weight when they’re happy so… we’re fat and happy," she continued.

8. The Easons In NYC

The Easons In NYC
Jenelle and David kept the "No, really! We're happy!" vibes going on Instagram with this photo.

9. Are You Getting That She's Happy?

Are You Getting That She's Happy?
"Happy & healthy," Evans captioned the pic, adding the hashtags, "#MarriedLife #NYFW".

10. Pointing Out the Obvious

Pointing Out the Obvious
Like pretty much everything she does, Jenelle's trip to Manhattan has been criticized by people who are flat-out begging her to focus on her kids for once.

11. Bad Optics

Bad Optics
"Girl this is NOT a good look for you," one commenter wrote. "Go Away and take care of your kids."

12. Crash Diet

Crash Diet
Some approved of Jenelle's Fashion Week attire, but not her lifestyle, like the fan who commented, "You look great. The only weight you need to lose is about 190 pounds on your left."

13. Fashion Victim

Fashion Victim
Jenelle's clothing is pretty much always criticized by her followers, but this time, she's at Fashion Week promoting her cosmetics line, so the comments might have been harsher than usual.

14. Roasted

This commenter thinks Evans' chronic lack of employment is beginning to take a toll.

15. What Was She Thinking?

What Was She Thinking?
And this one points out that Evans long history of ill-fitting clothing in public has continued unabated.

16. Bad Timing

Bad Timing
And then there are those who pointed out that this might not have been the greatest time for the Easons to abandon their kids in NC, what with Hurricane Dorian approaching the coast over the weekend.

17. The Main Event

The Main Event
Of course, Evans' primary reason for traveling to New York is not to escape inclement weather or sport a giant denim sack-dress.

18. Finally ...

Finally ...
No, after years of teasing and false starts, Evans is finally ready to launch her JE Cosmetics Line.

19. The Big Day

The Big Day
Evans' long-awaited (by her, at least) eyebrow kits are set to debut this afternoon, but the former reality star has strangely tight-lipped about the launch party.

20. Hard Times

Hard Times
This could be so that the event isn't swarmed by animal rights protestors who are still upset by Jenelle and David's senseless murder of their French bull dog, Nugget.

21. Bad Start

Bad Start
That type of negative attention has already caused one venue to cancel on the Easons, forcing them to relocate at the last minute.

22. It's Going Down

It's Going Down
Were they able to find a new spot in time? We'll continue to monitor the situation and keep you updated on the latest developments.

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