13 TV Shows That Need to Be Canceled. Like, Right NOW

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Some TV shows know when to call it quits. 

Others are dragged kicking and screaming on for season after season. 

These 13 TV shows need to be canceled with no prior announcement. 

Just end them already!

1. 13 Reasons Why - Netflix

13 Reasons Why - Netflix
The first season was a solid, but the second was laughable. The third was even worse. It doesn't even deserve a final season to wrap things up. End it NOW.

2. Fear the Walking Dead - AMC

Fear the Walking Dead - AMC
When Fear the Walking Dead debuted, it was a cut above its predecessor. But after some changes behind the scenes, the better characters were written out to make way for silly characters. The current fifth season is essentially a satire.

3. The Hills: New Beginnings - MTV

The Hills: New Beginnings - MTV
The Hills was stale long before it went off the air in 2010. This reboot is about 10 times worse. The plots are forced, and it plays out as though the cast is desperate to create drama. It's pretty sad.

4. Veronica Mars - Hulu

Veronica Mars - Hulu
Fans rejoiced when Veronica Mars returned as a series on Hulu, but then they went and killed off one of the most important characters. Now, fans really want the series to crash and burn.

5. The Affair - Showtime

The Affair - Showtime
The Affair was groundbreaking when it launched, but it's now in its fifth and final season. Absolutely nothing of note has happened, so it would be better to just cancel it without airing the rest of the episodes. It's hard to imagine them being much better than the nonsense the series has been churning out.

6. Grey's Anatomy - ABC

Grey's Anatomy - ABC
We hate to say it, but Grey's Anatomy has run its course. The show stopped being good several seasons ago. It should end while it still has decent ratings.

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