Jenelle Evans & David Eason: Did They Even Spend Christmas Together?

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For several weeks now, rumors about Jenelle Evans and David Eason getting divorced have been circulating non-stop on social media.

The couple has no one but themselves to blame for this, as the reports began when David changed his Facebook relationship status to "It's complicated." 

Shortly thereafter, he deleted his account entirely.

Jenelle swears all is well, but fans have their doubts, and not just because you can't believe much of what she says. Evidence is piling up.

Now, Mrs. Evans-Eason is taking new steps to prove to her haters that she's still very much in love. Are you buying what she's selling?

1. Christmas Morning With the Easons

Christmas Morning With the Easons
Jenelle Evans celebrated Christmas with her kids, step kids, and husband, David Eason. The couple has been the subject of rampant divorce rumors in recent weeks.

2. David and Kaiser

David and Kaiser
Jenelle's embattled husband seemed to be in the holiday spirit. Photos posted by Jenelle show him playing with Kaiser, her son from a previous relationship.

3. Jace Scores Big

Jace Scores Big
Even Jenelle's oldest son Jace was on hand for what looked to be a very merry Christmas. Jenelle's mother, Barbara Evans, still has primary custody of the boy.

4. What's Really Going On Here?

What's Really Going On Here?
Jenelle's sunny depiction of her holiday is being seriously side-eyed by many of her followers. The Christmas Day photos come on the heels of what was reportedly the most difficult rough patch she and David have encountered in their tumultuous marriage.

5. Jenelle and David On the Rocks

Jenelle and David On the Rocks
Rumors that Jenelle and David were on the verge of calling it quits began when he indicated as much with his Facebook activity. Fans pounced, and Jenelle quickly went into damage control mode.

6. The Cause Of It All

The Cause Of It All
The drama reportedly began when MTV aired a special about Jenelle's exes. David was reportedly upset by the affectionate way in which his wife described some of her past relationships.

7. Kieffer the Keeper?

Kieffer the Keeper?
It seems Eason was particularly upset by Jenelle's description of her relationship with Kieffer Delp. In narration for the special, Jenelle stated that she was genuinely in love with Delp and described him as "sweet"and "funny."

8. It's Complicated

It's Complicated
This allegedly prompted Eason to change his relationship status to "It's complicated." Shortly thereafter, he deleted his account entirely.

9. The Return of Courtland

The Return of Courtland
The revelation that Jenelle had been communicating with her ex-husband Courtland Rogers certainly didn't help the situation. “David was jealous of all of the guys talking about Jenelle. From Gary to Keiffer to Courtland, he couldn’t take the attention she still gets from them,” a source confirmed to Radar Online.

10. Damage Control

Damage Control
Jenelle is no stranger to PR crises. She immediately went into damage control mode after word got out that she and Eason were having problems.

11. It's Fine, You Guys!

It's Fine, You Guys!
"I'd appreciate it if you'd stop assuming sh-t," Evans wrote in an online message to fans. "Everyone is freaking out David deleted his Facebook account while I was sleeping. He deleted his account altogether. He told me when I woke up lol."

12. Driving the Point Home

Driving the Point Home
In the week leading up to Christmas, Jenelle went to great lengths to convince her fans that all is well in the Eason household. In fact, her Instagram page basically became a shrine to family happiness...

13. Jenelle and David: Top of the Mountain

Jenelle and David: Top of the Mountain
"'Always take the scenic route...' We made it to the top of a mountain with 3 kids and the baby!" Jenelle captioned this photo from a family hiking trip. "So happy the entire family was here this trip! #GrandfatherMountain #FamilyVacay #Goals"

14. The Easons Go Hiking

The Easons Go Hiking
Jenelle and David's blended family may have experienced some growing pains early on, but these days it looks as though they've found a measure of stability. Or at least that's what Jenelle wants us to think...

15. Conspiracy Theory

Conspiracy Theory
As many fans have pointed out, none of Jenelle's photos from Christmas show her and David in the same shot. This has led to a theory that they're not actually living together these days.

16. Too Much Credit

Too Much Credit
Jenelle is shady, yes, but she's also very lazy. Concocting and carrying out such an elaborate con is likely beyond her capabilities.

17. The Most Likely Explanation

The Most Likely Explanation
Our guess is that Jenelle and David very briefly called it quits after her MTV special aired. These two are in an intensely volatile relationship, and they've probably broken up several times in the months since they got married.

18. The Future

The Future
Sadly, despite their efforts to convince us otherwise, we have a hard time believing Jenelle and David are in this thing for the long haul. Two abusive narcissists is not a formula for a successful marriage. But no matter what happens, one thing is for sure...

19. What Really Matters

What Really Matters
Jenelle is and always will be focused on the bottom line. Conveying the image of a happy family woman is a part of her business model, and as you can see, she got back to work right after Christmas.

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